1500 Heinous Killing Inten

    "Changchun, why are you standing there in a daze for? Why aren't you going to check if our Peak is on fire?"

    Master Third Sun stared at him with a solemn face as he spoke, his heart on fire. If it weren't because he couldn't leave here without worrying, he would have stepped outside of the enchantment to go and take a look for himself.

    Why would there be a fire out of the blue? And the fire was so big that it had spread to the mountain tops? If the other Peaks had also caught fire, would their Third Sun Peak catch fire too?

    "Yes, disciple will go at once." He replied. Though his eyes remained fixed on the whip in his hand, and he stood at the same spot, unable to move.

    When he saw him staring at the whip in his hand, Master Third Sun frowned and shouted in a deep voice: "Why are you still here?"

    Ruan Changchun closed his eyes and walked away. Each step he took was getting harder and heavier.

    Feng Jiu who was lurking in the shadows watched Master Third Sun take a look at his surroundings before he went back into the cave dwelling. At that moment, she was staring at his back, her eyes scarlet with killing intent. That whip, that whip!

    Her hands had twisted tightly into fists and her joints creaked from anger and killing intent. Although her aura from her body was gathered, she was unable to conceal her killing intent and it let out that moment.

    "Master, I'm back." Cloud Devouring jumped up and came to her side. When he saw her body was full of killing intent, he couldn't help but look at the cave.

    There, he saw Master Third Sun's figure walking back into the cave.

    "Stay here and stand guard, I will go inside." She said slowly, halting at every word as she tried to restrain her killing intent.

    "Yes, be careful Master." Cloud Devouring looked at her and replied.

    Feng Jiu didn't speak anymore but leapt up on her toes and walked towards the boundary barriers step by step.

    When she came to the boundary barrier, she stretched her hand out to explore it. An aura of spiritual power surged in her palm, and an enchantment that was invisible initially had now turned into a halo of airflow. At this moment, she used both hands and condensed the spiritual power then threw it into the blaze. The entire boundary barrier was broken with a loud bang.

    The airflow of the Celestial Strong Exponent dissipated into the air following the breaking of the barrier. The loud bang had alarmed Master Third Sun who was inside the cave dwelling. As for the other people on Third Sun Peak, they hadn't noticed any of the commotion on the Ninth Peak.

    They were called back to help put out the fire and check if their Peaks were on fire. The entire Sect was reverberating with loud noises no one had noticed the noises here.

    Almost at the same moment Feng Jiu had broken the boundary barrier, she stepped inside. When she smelt the strong medicine coming from inside the cave dwelling, along with the scent of blood, the killing intent and coercion of her body was released at this moment.

    Since she had chosen to make a move, then at this moment, she no longer needed to hide anything else! Master Third Sun dared to lay a hand on her mother, he dared to hurt her, she would not let him off so easily!

    Master Third Sun noticed it the moment the boundary barrier was broken. Just as he had turned around to walk back outside, before he saw anyone walk in from outside, he felt an overwhelming bloodthirsty killing aura swarming in from outside. The killing intent was cold and he felt the chill to his bones, as cold as a thousand year breeze. Although he was startled, he was also immediately vigilant.

    "Who is it? Come Out!"

    His eyes were somber and he gripped the whip in his hand tightly. A whip soaked in liquid medicine was sometimes even better than a sword.
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