1266 Huangfu Yingxue

    Yang Yong came to have a look and asked about the Scarlet Water Crown Prince. Knowing that he could not attend, Yang Yong led the way for the Third Princess and took her to the front courtyard.

    In addition to her two servant girls, Third Princes also brought two cultivators in grey clothes. They came to the front courtyard together and took seats in the front hall as arranged by Yang Yong.

    "Third Princess, please wait a moment. I'll invite my Lord." He rose slightly and walked out.

    After a while, when she got a little impatient, she saw a figure in black coming steadily towards her side. The man had his back against the light, so she could not see his face clearly. However, that person's powerful aura impressed her. His momentum alone had surpassed her imperial elder brother. It was no wonder that this person would be listed as the head among all crowns princes of the Eight Supreme Empires.

    "Third Princess, this is our Lord." Yang Yong introduced him and then stepped aside.

    The Third Princess saw clearly the person who had come to her seat. With just a glimpse, her heart palpitated violently. She was nervous, expectant, joyful and tense all in one swoop. She fell into the enemy's hands with just one look.

    She saw a handsome and resolute-looking man. His suave feature was well-defined as if it was moulded by god. With his pair of deep black eyes that seemed to suck one into a bottomless abyss was imposing and domineering. His lips below his tall nose were slightly pursed, all of which attracted her gaze.

    In particular, he wore a black robe embroidered with dark cloud patterns and a jade belt around his waist. He exuded a fierce and reserved regal bearing, coupled with a temperament which was not inferior to her Imperial Father's. Her heart was stirred.

    It was no wonder that this man was listed as the top amongst the Crown Princes of the Eight Supreme Empires. His excellence was superior to everyone else. No matter what it was, he was incomparable to others. In the past, she thought that her elder Imperial Brother was already a very outstanding person, but today, as soon as she saw him, Xuanyuan Mo Ze, she knew that this was the definition of a real man!

    She wondered how there was such an excellent man in the world. All the best that heaven had to offer was on him. Majestically domineering, incomparably magnificent, dazzling as the stars in the highest heavens. People couldn't help lay prostrate at his feet to worship him.

    Feng Jiu, who came in after him, saw that the Third Princess was staring at Xuanyuan Mo Ze with an infatuated face. She curled her lips and glanced at the man who was sitting there expressionlessly.

    Sure enough, this man's face brought calamity to women. Why was this big man so good-looking? This woman was mesmerized by the sight.

    After a long while, seeing the starry-eyed princess had not yet recovered, she coughed and said loudly, "Third Princess, this is my Lord."

    Several people in the hall were taken by surprise.

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked up slightly and glanced at her. A smile crossed his deep black eyes. Yang Yong's face was originally wreathed with a gentle and polite smile. When he heard this, the smile on his face deepened.

    Being unexpectedly called out like this, the Third Princess was frightened. Her delicate body trembled, and she hurriedly regained her mind. After settling down, she took a look at the servant boy walking towards Xuanyuan Mo Ze and recognized that he was the person from yesterday.

    Her eyebrows were knitted slightly. She didn't say anything but returned to her usual elegant and charming posture. She stepped forward, slightly bent her knee to salute, and greeted with a gentle and coquettish voice, "Yingxue has seen Crown Prince Xuanyuan."
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