1502 Payback


    He exclaimed, and at that moment, the breath of death had enveloped him and the cold killing intent had penetrated his bones. A chill rushed from the soles of his feet to his heart and caused fear and panic to rise in his heart.


    Feng Jiu had dragged him back and threw him on the ground. She watched him collide with an object with a bang before he fell to the ground awkwardly. When he wanted to stand up, a fierce air current shot him back down.



    The sharp air blade slashed through the air, it was the sound of the whip. It had landed on the body of Master Third Sun who was trying to stand up. Suddenly, his grey clothes were torn apart by the whip and his flesh was split open with blood oozing out.


    A sorrowful scream had escaped his mouth. At this moment, he had personally felt the heart-piercing pain of the medicated whip splitting open his flesh. The sharp pain that felt worse than death caused him to nearly faint.

    "Swish! Swish swish swish!"

    "Crack! Crack crack crack!"

    "Ah.... don't.... don't hit me anymore.... don't.... I will die...."

    Every whip contained hidden energy and Master Third Sun was curled up on the floor hugging his head tightly as his body was being hit by the whips. The pain was too hard to express.

    He could feel the anger from the boy in azure robes, every whip carried his anger and killing intent, he wanted to kill him! Therefore, every whip that landed on him carried dark energy and every whip tore his skin and flesh open!

    "You can't bear it anymore? Aren't you very good at bullying people? Don't you like to beat people with whips?" Feng Jiu said in a cold voice. The movements in her hand hadn't stopped, and every whip was lashed fiercely, each contained hidden energy which was enough to rip open his flesh but not fatal.

    "Don't don't hit me anymore..."

    Master Third Sun's voice was weak as he lay on the ground, the scent of blood from his injuries was diffused in the air. Feng Jiu watched the man on the ground as he lay dying, unable to stand, and gave him a cold glance then threw the whip aside and ran to her mother's side.

    "Mother? Mother?"

    She called in a low voice but saw that she had no reaction at all. Almost no part of her tattered and bloodied dress was intact and clean. It was torn by the whip or stained with blood. She was starting to feel worried.

    The badly beaten Master Third Sun hugged his head with both hands and when he saw Feng Jiu as she ran to Shangguan Wanrong, he took a pill out quietly and took it to relieve the pain in his body.

    He was sure that if he had not taken that pill, he would have been killed by the scorching pain!

    Mother? Did he hear her correctly? This young boy who had appeared from nowhere called Shangguan Wanrong mother? She was his mother?

    When he looked back quietly and saw the young boy tugging the black iron shackles, he knew in his heart that it was bad news for him. Hence, he lightly patted his chest and once he felt the effects of the medicine, he gritted his teeth and jumped up to flee outside.

    "Swish swish!"

    Two silver needles had shot out and penetrated his body. Because the silver needles had appeared so quickly, and Master Third Sun was unable to flee quick enough, he snorted and his body fell forward as he felt the two silver needles enter his body and move around....
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