1268 Homme fatale

    "The two countries of Scarlet Water and Xuanyuan wish to establish alliance through marriage. Don't you know this, Crown Prince?" She looked up and asked with a gentle and charming voice, as melodious as the burble of flowing water.

    On one side, Feng Jiu's eyes moved toward the Princess.

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze picked up his cup and took a sip of wine. His deep and magnetic voice came out unhurriedly. "Has Princess set her heart on my Xuanyuan Empire's prince?"

    Hearing this, Princess Yingxue's smile bloomed in an instant like a delicate flower. It was very captivating. "I know that in the Xuanyuan Empire, in addition to the Crown Prince, there are several other Imperial Princes. However, if Yingxue is to be bound in a marriage alliance, Yingxue will only marry you."

    Was she confessing on the spot?

    Feng Jiu looked at Princess Yingxue strangely. The Princess was so daring to declare this on the spot, she's really shrewd! Any other man would probably have passed out with excitement at this, but the one she had her eye on was not easily swept off his feet.

    So, she wanted to tell her: Princess Yingxue, I'm sorry that you're too late, this person has already been reserved by me.

    "This Prince isn't interested in you."

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze spoke ruthlessly in his deep voice. There was not even a trace of tenderness. As soon as he opened his mouth, he divulged his intention straightforwardly, ignoring Princess Yingxue's complexion that immediately turned pale.

    "Since Scarlet Water Crown Prince is not feeling well, Princess should go back and take care of him first. If he really doesn't get any better, I can send you back to your country first, so as not to delay the Crown Prince's treatment. "

    Listening to his impolite words, Princess Yingxue looked up and fixed her gaze on him. "Is this how Your Highness is supposed to act as a host? Is this the way the Xuanyuan Empire treats its guests?"

    "No, Princess misunderstood. This is the hospitality in my mansion. For Princess and Scarlet Water Crown Prince, I've been generous enough."

    He paused and looked at her coldly. "If others dare to attack my people in this mansion, I will certainly order them to be cut down and killed on the spot!"

    With a low and imposing voice that carried a chilling aura, he was telling her that if they were not the Scarlet Water Empire's Crown Prince and Princess, he wouldn't let them off easily like yesterday.

    Being stared at by his pair of deep black eyes, Yingxue's heart trembled. She could see clearly the ruthlessness in his eyes and she also understood that he was not talking casually, but really meant it!

    She was frightened at this moment. Xuanyuan Mo Ze once again gave her a shock that she had never experienced before.

    It would have been impossible for other people to say such a thing, no matter how much they had to be considerate of the diplomatic relations between the two countries. By saying so, he was clearly telling them that he dared do what others did not dare. What others took seriously, he would not!

    After a good while, she stood up and bowed slightly. "Yingxue withdraws first."

    She turned around and went out. As she stepped out of the doorsill, she paused and looked back at the seated man. "One day, I will make you marry me willingly." As soon as she finished speaking, she moved away.

    Feng Jiu curled her lips and looked askance at the man who was looking her way. "Homme fatale[1]."

    Xuan Yuan Mo Ze chuckled. "Even if it is a disaster, I will only harm you."

    [1] A seductive man that brings disaster
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