1504 Alerted The Entire Sec

    At that moment, the Sect Master and the rest had rushed to Third Sun Peak on their flying swords. At the same time, Third Sun Peak's Ruan Changchun started rushing back to Third Sun Peak when he saw the distress signal.

    It wasn't because he was eager to save his Master, but he had a hunch that someone had come to save his Junior Sister!

    But, who could this person be? What great courage he must have to dare mess around within the Sect of the Eight Supreme Empires, to cause the multiple fires within the entire Sect and throw the entire Sect into chaos and panic. What utter chaos!

    Even if he was trying to save someone, he needn't resort to this. Even if he did manage to rescue Junior Sister, the Sect would never let things go. Moreover, now that his Master's distress signal had been sent out, no doubt the Sect Masters and the others would already be on their way to aid him. If that person had managed to rescue his Junior Sister but was unable to escape, then....

    At the same time, on Third Sun Peak, Feng Jiu looked at the distress signal that was released and her eyes flashed with a cold glint as she considered her options. The other people in the Sect would no doubt rush to his rescue when they saw his distress signal, but before that, the two Nascent Soul cultivators who were standing guard would be the first to arrive.

    If they did come, it would not be absolutely impossible for her to kill them and Master Third Sun then take her mother away.

    Therefore, she shouted immediately: "Cloud Devouring, take my mother and leave first!"

    "Yes, be careful Master."

    Cloud Devouring replied and leaned over and leapt to Shangguan Wanrong's side to carry her and take her away through the back mountain. Only then would its Master be able to have no worry and concentrate on battling.

    However, at this moment, Shangguan Wanrong who had been unconscious was slowly waking up after taking Feng Jiu's pill and she had vaguely heard Feng Jiu's words.

    "No, we leave together or not at all." She struggled to stand up. Her legs buckled and she fell back down. Fortunately, Cloud Devouring had caught her and gently lowered her to the ground.

    "Mother, you leave first. Only if you leave will I have no worries!" Feng Jiu looked back and said, determination in her voice: "Only if you leave now will I have a chance of leaving this mountain alive. Hurry up and leave with Cloud Devouring!"


    How could a mother leave her daughter behind to face such a dangerous battle? She felt uneasy about it.

    "Don't worry! Master will be fine. I will escort you to leave first and I might be able to come back to assist Master." Cloud Devouring said and put her on its back: "Grab the fur on my back so you won't fall off."

    After hearing what her daughter and Cloud Devouring had to say, she knew that she wouldn't be of much help at the moment and she was more likely to drag her down. Hence, she lay on Cloud Devouring's back and grabbed on to its fur and said to Feng Jiu: "You must live, mother will wait for you at home."

    "I will." Feng Jiu gestured and watched Cloud Devouring leave with her mother through the back mountain.

    When Master Third Sun saw Shangguan Wanrong leave with that beast, his expression changed and he chased after them: "You don't run away! Wanrong! Come back to me! Come back!"

    That was his medicine to prolong his life! That was the human furnace that he had been searching for such a long time! How could she run away like that? Without her, how would he refine his life-sustaining pill? How could he survive without her?

    "Don't run away! Come back..."


    The swift and fierce current from the sword came down in front of Master Third Sun. The vibrating airflow and the sharpness of the hilt of the sword startled him and he fell backwards.

    "Peak Master!"

    The two Nascent Soul cultivators who were not too far away exclaimed.
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