1269 Jealousy

    On the other side, Yang Yong took a look at the two, smiled, and retreated silently.

    Feng Jiu sat at the table, propped his chin in one hand and stared at him. Suddenly, she had an uncanny smile. "I'll tell you something!"

    He raised his brows slightly. "What's the matter?"

    "in the few years you've been away, I've been walking around dressed as a man. I've also fascinated many outstanding boys and girls. People threw fruits at me to express their love when I was walking down the street."

    With a smile, he nodded."Mm, I believe that."

    "And you know Mo Chen, right? He said that he was the disciple of Old Man Tianji and that he would wait for me here."

    After saying this, he saw the man with a smile in his eyes turned gloomy. He knitted his attractive eyebrows tightly and pursed his thin lips. He spoke in a grave and sour tone, "What is he waiting for you for? That man just has a pretty little face. If you want something refreshing, don't think that he is harmless when he looks like an immortal. Such a person is even more dangerous. You should know an adage: knowing people doesn't mean knowing his heart. This adage talks about a person like him "

    "Oh? Really? But I think he's fine. He's also not close to women."

    Hearing her speech, he hurriedly declared his position. "I'm also not close to any women, only to you."

    "Not close to women?"

    She said with a strained smile. "But, I remember that you still have a Beauty Pavilion in the Hell Palace? There are pure ones, enchanting ones, plump ones and petite ones, all kinds of flowers with their own characteristics. And once, you asked two women to come over? "

    "The women of the Beauty Pavilion have their use. You know that, too. Didn't you go there? You should know I didn't do anything wrong. It wasn't me, it was Gray Wolf."

    He directly pushed the matter to Gray Wolf. Watching her snorting coldly with arms folded across her chest, he started to talk in a hurry. "There is a restaurant in the city with exquisite and delicious dishes. Should I take you to taste it?"

    She smiled and asked, "You're not taking the first beauty who confessed her love to you, Princess Yingxue?"

    "If she wants to go out, Yang Yong will take her with him. I'll only have you by my side."

    She felt relieved to hear this. "Alright! I'll accompany you."

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze shook his head with a smile. After standing up, he took her hand and went out. Their good mood was not destroyed by the appearance of Princess Yingxue. Even if Feng Jiu spoke jealous words, her heart burst with joy.

    Leaving the mansion, the two sat in a carriage followed by Shadow One. The three of them went towards the restaurant in the city...

    In the north courtyard, Princess Yingxue listened to a report from a man in grey and learned that Xuanyuan Mo Ze unexpectedly went out with the servant boy. She frowned. "Who is this servant boy? How could he fancy a boy like that?"

    "Reportedly, he is a distant nephew of the mansion's outer courtyard's steward and his name is Li Daniu." The man in grey answered.

    "Li Daniu, a distant nephew of the outer courtyard's steward?" She sneered. "That young man is nothing special to look at, but he has extraordinary skills. How can he be Li Daniu?"

    The man in grey bowed his head and said nothing. As this wasn't their place, it wasn't very convenient to find things. It was even more difficult to investigate a person in this Xuanyuan mansion.
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