1505 Purely Unintentional

    When he heard the voices, Master Third Sun looked back and was overjoyed when he saw that it was the two of them. He pointed to Feng Jiu and shouted: "Kill him! Kill him for me!"

    As soon as he had shouted his orders, he had intended to chase after Shangguan Wanrong who had been carried away by the beast. That was his medicine for living, how could he just watch her run away from him like this?

    If he had really allowed her to escape, he was afraid that it would not be so easy to capture her again in the future.

    "You should think about yourself first!"

    Feng Jiu slid forwards as she spoke in her icy cold voice and her hand grasped his throat with ghostly fast speed. She then stuffed a strange red pill into Master Third Sun's mouth.

    She whispered in a low voice by Master Third Sun's ear: "You dare hurt my mother, killing you with a single blow is too easy a punishment for you! Before you die, I will let you experience pain that is worse than death!"

    "Let go!"

    Master Third Sun struggled, but the pill dissolved in his throat and he felt it spread directly into his body. He could feel it. As the pill dissolved, he felt an itchiness and a tingling sensation appear on his body.

    It was so quick, the itchiness and tingling sensation was quickly replaced by a severe pain to his heart, as if thousands of insects were eating his internal organs. The pain made him drop to the ground and roll around in agony.

    "Ah! Damn you! What did you give me? What did you give me? Give me an antidote quickly, give me an antidote!"

    His hands clasped his clothes tightly and his face turned pale and red as he rolled around on the ground and screamed. The two Nascent Soul cultivators couldn't help but felt shocked when they saw him like this.

    Especially so when they saw him take out his own pills and took them randomly but was still unable to relieve the symptoms. Instead, they only accelerated the speed of the symptoms. Although the sky was dark, there was a light on top of the peak and they could see something creeping under his flesh. It was truly frightening.

    The expressions of the two Nascent Soul cultivators changed slightly, surprise appeared in their eyes and they stepped forward quickly to help lift their Master up. However, unexpectedly, he grabbed one of their arms and opened his mouth and bit that person.


    The Nascent Soul cultivator who had been bitten cried out and instinctively raised his hand and knocked him into the air. However, after he had hit him, he appeared stunned. He looked at his hand that had hit Master Third Sun, then his bloodied hand that had been bitten and said to the other person in a slight panic: "It was unintentional, it was just an instinctive reaction."

    The other person hadn't expected Master Third Sun to bite his companion, nor had he expected his companion to hit Master Third Sun either. He calmed down and said: "Let's not worry about anything else, let's carry out Master's order and kill this person first."

    Almost immediately, he lifted his breath and the sharp sword in his hand turned and the murderous blade attacked Feng Jiu. The two of them attacked in tandem with fierce killing moves each step of the way to kill Feng Jiu.

    However, after they had exchanged blows with Feng Jiu, did they then discover that the strength of this young boy was extremely strong. He had already reached the cultivation stage of a Nascent Soul level at such a young age and he wasn't inferior to either of them while they exchanged blows with each other.

    Further behind, Ruan Changchun who had been watching everything that had happened for a while, looked in the direction of the back mountain and breathed a sigh of relief. Little Junior Sister was rescued after all, at least she was safe. However, if Master were to reveal the truth, then...
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