1270 His tenderness is only for her

    At the restaurant

    The shopkeeper saw that the person who came in was His Highness the Crown Prince and hurriedly went to salute him. "This insignificant one has seen His Highness the Crown Prince."

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze waved and did not speak, just glancing around.

    Shadow One came forward and ordered, "Prepare a private room for His Highness."

    "This..." The shopkeeper was embarrassed.

    "What's the matter? You don't have a private room available?" Shadow One asked.

    "Today, all the private rooms are occupied. But, it's all right. This insignificant one will go up and discuss with them to make room for Your Highness. Please sit in a booth on the second floor first."

    He invited him upstairs and went personally, intending to talk it over with the men in the private room. After all, it was His Highness the Crown Prince whose prestige was far-reaching. It's just a matter of one sentence for him to ask for a private room. He believed that the men in the private room would concede once they knew that it was His Highness the Crown Prince.

    "Since there are people in the private room, it's fine. Let's find a window seat on the second floor." Xuanyuan Mo Ze told Feng Jiu. "The sight from the window seat on the second floor is better. You can see the busy scene on the street."

    "Mm, let's just take that then." Feng Jiu nodded.

    The shopkeeper looked at the boy dressed like a servant. When he heard them say that a window seat would be fine, he hastened forward to show them the way. "Your Highness, take this table! It has the best view."

    When the shopkeeper saw Xuanyuan Mo Ze sitting down and the servant boy actually took a seat in front of His Highness, his eyelids jumped. Seeing guard in black standing behind His Highness, he asked with a smile, "Your Highness, Young Master, what would you like to eat?"

    Having seen all kinds of people, if he did not know at this moment that the servant boy was not actually a servant boy, he would have lived in vain. Looking at the whole Xuanyuan Empire, there were probably not many who would dare to sit and eat with His Highness the Crown Prince, right?

    "Give me all your signature dishes as well as one portion of the golden crispy roll."

    "Alright, I'll get it ready right away." The shopkeeper responded and stepped away quickly.

    All kinds of delicacies and gourmet dishes were placed on the table. Their savoury fragrance spread everywhere. Even before tasting it, Feng Jiu couldn't help drooling with just a whiff."They look very delicious."

    He chuckled and picked up some of the dishes with his chopsticks. "Eat while it's still piping hot! Take more if you like, you're too thin."

    "Where am I thin? I still look the same, not thin."

    "Not thin? But, why do I see you so thin? " His eyes were fixed on her flat chest, with a trace of teasing on his handsome and resolute face.

    Feng Jiu looked up and spat indignant words out at his pointed gaze. "What are you looking at? Why don't you eat the food?"

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze curved his lips joyfully. When he saw her eating like a greedy cat, he put more food on her plate while saying, "Eat slowly, we have plenty of time."

    People at the other tables on the second floor couldn't help but stare. They thought that there was something wrong with their eyes, so they rubbed their eyes and took another look. They saw His Highness the Crown Prince placing food affectionately for a servant boy. They thought to themselves, Who was this servant boy?

    Some were guessing. Reportedly, the crown prince was not close to women. So, he.. he likes men? Their expressions turned strange at this thought. It's not easy to stare at their table, but those people still couldn't help but peep from the corner of their eyes.
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