1271 Declaration

    Not long afterwards, a kitchen staff followed a man who was carrying a small table and they came to Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu's table: "Your Highness, this is the last dish, Golden Crispy Rolls." the manager said.

    "Roast duck?" Feng Jiu was slightly startled as she looked at the golden roasted duck and the side dishes and couldn't help but raise her eyebrows.

    "This is the Three Colour Spirit Duck, it's the Signature Dish here. You can see that Spirit Duck only has a thin layer of meat under its skin. The skin is crispy and juicy, it's fat but not greasy, once in your mouth, the aroma is unique and flavourful." As Xuanyuan Mo Ze spoke, a smile appeared in his eyes because he saw the greedy look of the person sitting opposite him.

    Feng Jiu stared at the knife in the chef's hand, with a few strokes, he had cut off all the skin from the duck and each piece of skin only had a thin layer of meat. She had wanted to say that she had eaten this dish in the past, but the taste would probably be different.

    "Please enjoy." After he had placed the plate of sliced up Golden Crispy Rolls with the accompanying thick sauce on the table in front of them, he retreated.

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze picked up a piece for her: "Try it."

    "Well, you eat too! Don't stare at me eating all the time, you've not been eating much." She also picked up a piece for him.

    "Okay." He responded, and ate with her. When he saw her eating happily, he felt content.

    After the two of them had finished eating and drank some tea leisurely, they then left to go into the city for a walk. At the same time, in the Palace, the Country Ruler had already learned that Xuanyuan Mo Ze had not accompanied the Third Princess from Scarlet Water Country but instead had accompanied a manservant to go for a walk outside.

    "Who is that manservant?" He asked in a deep voice as he stared at the secret guard below.

    "He is apparently the distant nephew of the steward in charge of the outer courtyards. He had pleased His Highness only after entering the residence for a few days." The secret guard reported truthfully.

    "Why would he accompany an irrelevant person to go out for a walk and eat and drink? Find out! Find out the background of that person!"

    "Yes!" The secret guard responded and left quickly.

    In the evening, Yang Yong who had returned to the residence came to the main courtyard.

    "My Lord." He saluted at once, he glanced at Feng Jiu and nodded with a smile.

    Feng Jiu acknowledged him and when she saw that they had something to discuss, she said: "I will go out for a walk, you two talk."

    Seeing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at Yang Yong and asked: "What's the matter?"

    "A secret letter came from the Palace, it said the Country Ruler is furious."

    Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze frowned slightly and waited for him to continue.

    "When the Country Ruler heard that My Lord didn't accompany the Third Princess of Scarlet Water Country but instead went out for a walk with a manservant from the residence to eat and drink, he was extremely unhappy, I'm worried..." He was worried that as the Ghost Doctor's identity was unknown, the Country Ruler would make a move on her.

    "Moreover, the Country Ruler has sent someone to summon My Lord to go to the Palace at once."

    When he heard this, a glare of light flashed across Xuanyuan Mo Ze's deep dark pupils. "Well, have someone prepare the carriage. I also want to go into the Palace to make it clear to him lest he think that I will join in marriage with Scarlet Water."

    Yang Yong hesitated and said: "My Lord, although the Ghost Doctor's identity is the Princess of Phoenix Dynasty, but a Six Grade Country is no comparison to an Eight Great Empire Country. The Country Ruler is also an extremely important person, I'm afraid he won't recognise the Ghost Doctor easily."

    His eyes narrowed, his deep voice was majestic as he spoke: "Why should my woman need approval from anyone else?"

    Upon hearing his domineering and overbearing words, he smiled: "Yes, I will go and arrange the horse carriage immediately."
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