1273 Hunting

    "I think you should make it stronger, and leave a strong impression on them." His low voice had a hint of smile as he held her by his side and said: "My Imperial Father said we will be going hunting two days later and I have to take the two of them sightseeing. I on the other hand think that if they can't get out of bed by that time, then this matter can be avoided."

    "Hunting, I want to go too." She said excitedly: "After all, he is the Crown Prince of Scarlet Water Country, we can't make him stay in bed this whole time. This is fine, besides, my anger has subsided. If he dares to do anything to me again, I can teach him another lesson."

    "The Crown Prince is a first level Nascent Soul cultivator, his cultivation level was cultivated from a pile of heaven and earth treasures. Your cultivation has also entered the Nascent Soul stage, however, the difference is you reached the level by yourself. If we compare fighting strength, I believe you won't lose to him."

    After she heard this, she said: "After I came here, I noticed that there are quite a few Nascent Soul cultivators, some of them are actually shopkeepers in treasure shops. You know that kind of strength is only something our ancestors have on our side. Even a staff member at an inn is actually a Foundation Formation cultivator."

    "Every place is the same, there are strong exponents and weak exponents. Over here, people who are too weak are unable to survive, even ordinary people here are Spirit Masters. Spirit Masters here are considered too low in strength who can't even compare to Foundation Formation cultivators. They can only do menial labour jobs."

    As Xuanyuan Mo Ze spoke, he saw that they were approaching the North Courtyard. He stopped walking and looked at Feng Jiu: "My Imperial Father asked about you today. I only said you saved my life once and he wants me to take you into the palace one day."

    As he spoke, he lifted a stray strand of hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear: "Though he didn't say it, he was secretive, but I still felt his killing intention. Therefore, I don't plan to take you to him now."

    When she heard this, she blinked. She smiled and said: "Don't worry! Since I have affirmed myself with you, I won't change my mind for any reason, even if you Imperial Father objects I will make sure he nods and gives his blessing one day."

    She chuckled lightly and gestured: "We've arrived, let's go!"

    "Hmm." He pursed his lips, his deep eyes moved away from her with a softness as he walked towards the North Courtyard.

    When she saw that Xuanyuan Mo Ze had come to visit her Crown Prince elder brother, Princess Yingxue was a little surprised. However, after she had curtsied to him, she invited him to the bedroom suite at the back. Before she entered the bedroom suite, she looked at the manservant beside Xuanyuan Mo Ze and felt a little unhappy.

    It's him again.

    This young boy was obviously dressed in a manservant's clothes but there was not a hint of humbleness from him at all, nor did he know what respect was at all. If people didn't know otherwise they would have thought he was someone important! When he entered he didn't even salute and ignored her, a Princess, and followed behind Xuanyuan Crown Prince into the bedroom.

    She remembered that her Crown Prince elder brother had fallen ill after making a move on this young boy and couldn't help but wondered, did her Crown Prince Elder brother's current situation have something to do with this young boy?

    "Is Scarlet Water Crown Prince's health any better?" In the bedroom, Xuanyuan Mo Ze had walked over to the bed. He looked at the weak figure lying in bed and asked.

    Scarlet Water Crown Prince answered in a weak voice: "Thank you Xuanyuan Crown Prince for your concern, I am feeling much better."
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