1274 Willing To Part With Your Treasured Possession?

    "That's good." Xuanyuan Mo Ze nodded as he looked at the pale-faced Scarlet Water Crown Prince on the bed: "Ninefold Mountain is the Royal Hunting Forest, I would like to invite the both of you to go hunting two days later. I wonder if the both of you are interested?"

    Princess Yingxue was a little shocked and hesitated. Hunting? Will her Crown Prince elder brother be well enough to go hunting two days later? Although she was worried, she didn't dare openly refuse the offer, therefore, she looked at her elder brother who was lying on the bed.

    "Since Xuanyuan Crown Prince has extended the invitation to us, naturally we will go together with you." Scarlet Water Crown Prince replied, still lying on the bed. He gestured to the guard by the bedside to help him sit up and leaned against the headboard. He looked at Feng Jiu dressed in a manservants uniform, who was standing beside Xuanyuan Mo Ze, and asked: "May I ask how you are related to the Crown Prince?"

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at her and replied: "He is my personal attendant."

    "I see, so he is your personal attendant. I wonder if Your Highness is willing to part with your treasured possession? I am willing to give you ten boxes of treasures in exchange for your manservant." His gaze was fixed on Feng Jiu, because he was sure that the reason he was lying here weak and barely able to speak, was all because of that manservant!

    Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze's face sank and the breath from his body was suppressed, like a lion who was about to get angry. His deep dark eyes stared coldly at the Scarlet Water Crown Prince, the pressure of his whole body was released and the weakened body of the Scarlet Water Crown Prince found it unbearable. Even the atmosphere in the room became suppressed and the air seemed to condense which made it difficult to breathe.

    Because this powerful coercion permeated from the bedroom, Scarlet Water Royal Highness' two guards, middle aged men dressed in gray, rushed inside and came to the bedside and blocked the pale-faced Scarlet Water Crown Prince from the coercion, protecting the blood flow in his body.

    "I suggest Scarlet Water Crown Prince thinks twice before he speaks next time." Xuanyuan Mo Ze stared at him coldly: "No one can covet the people around me."

    Upon hearing this, the Scarlet Water Crown Prince's expression changed slightly. His words to sound him out had made him react this way. It was obvious that this person was not as simple as a manservant or personal attendant, because in his tone, he heard the strong and overbearing possessiveness of a man.

    "Your Highness, my Imperial Brother didn't mean that." Princess Yingxue spoke in an attempt to calm the atmosphere: "It was just a joke."

    However, the Scarlet Water Crown Prince smiled and said: "No, it's not a joke, I am really interested in this manservant. However, since Your Highness refuses to part with your treasure then that's fine. I heard that there are many talented people around Xuanyuan Crown Prince, I just didn't think I would be fortunate to meet one."

    At the end of his sentence, his gaze landed firmly on Feng Jiu who was standing there quietly beside him. His words had hit a sensitive spot, that was why he was put in a difficult position.

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze stood with his hand behind his back, his eyebrows furrowed slightly showing his displeasure because he saw this Scarlet Water Crown Prince staring at his woman. Even though Feng Jiu was disguised as a manservant, he still found another man's eyes staring at her unsightly.

    "Since there is no major problem with Scarlet Water Crown Prince then I shall take my leave. Two days later I will wait for the both of you to go hunting at Ninefold Mountains." As soon as his voice fell, he stepped outside.

    When she saw this, Feng Jiu followed him outside. Soon, they had left the North Courtyard and were headed towards the Main Courtyard.

    "Crown Prince elder brother." In the North Courtyard, Princess Yingxue looked at him with worry in her eyes.
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