1511 Die!


    The strong airflow was still surging on her body. At the same time, under the shocked gaze of the whole sect, a rumbling thunder came from the sky and an oppressive and gloomy aura came down from the sky and covered the whole sect.


    "Hiss! What's going on? What happened?"

    "How can it thunder on a sunny day?"

    "What's the matter with the breath on Feng Jiu's body? The surging airflow on her was so violent, as if, as if she's about to advance?"

    "She seemed to have taken something before! I saw that after she raised her hand and ate something, then the breath all-over her body became like that."

    "She's advancing? Impossible! She is just a Nascent Soul mid-stage cultivator. It's impossible for her to advance at that stage. The breath and pressure on her body rose sharply and inspired the power of heaven and earth. She should have taken some medicinal pills to enhance her strength!"

    "Medicinal pills? How is that possible? What kind of medicinal pill can bring out such formidable airflow and pressure? What kind of medicinal pill can create such a dramatic change in one's strength and breath in an instant?"

    "She killed Master Third Sun. Did she, perhaps, snatch a supernatural medicinal pill refined by Master Third Sun?"

    Chen Dao only felt the roar in his ears and his whole mind went blank amidst the startled exclamations and discussions around. He stared bewilderedly at the evilly uninhibited figure standing in the air in a fluttering red robe.

    That person, that person was Feng Jiu? Was Feng Jiu a woman? How could he be a woman? He was obviously a young man! How could he turn in the blink of an eye from a 'he' into a 'she'?

    Luo Heng, at the peak below, was also dumbstruck. The young man he called affectionately as a brother turned into a woman in a flash? Just as he was staring foolishly at the figure in red, he saw that in the night, that figure flashed like a demon and attacked the Nascent Soul cultivator who had previously stabbed her with the sword suffused in blue light in her hand.

    Her speed increased several times over at this moment. As she slashed the blue sword, that Nascent Soul cultivator had no time to dodge and blood seeping from his neck. His eyes suddenly opened wide with reluctance and disbelief.

    Seeing that Nascent Soul cultivator lost his centre of gravity and fell down, the blood shocked the other three people and raised a fright in their hearts.

    Too fast! It was simply too fast!

    It was too fast for them to see clearly. Her speed had increased so much!

    However, while they were still in a state of shock, a gloomy and cold breath suddenly hit them in their faces. When another Nascent Soul cultivator suddenly came to his senses, a sword gleaming with blue ray stabbed his chest. The blow destroyed his Nascent Soul and cut off his life force!

    "Ah! You..."

    He gripped the Qingfeng sword piercing his heart with unwillingness. His hands grasping the blade were dripping with blood. His eyes were fixed on Feng Jiu as if wanting to drag her to death with him.

    The two Celestial Strong Exponents recovered from the shock and saw that the Nascent Soul had died grasping the sword while holding down the woman in red. Then they shouted loudly while raising their palms to attack her.

    "Die!" At this moment, they thought that they should kill her first! This person was too dangerous!

    A dim light flashed in Feng Jiu's eyes. She stared at the Nascent Soul cultivator and at the next moment, with the turn of her hand, she drew the Qingfeng sword out from the man's grip.
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