Not Quite Righ

    "Hiss Hiss Hiss..."

    "Hiss Hiss Hiss..."

    In the woods, a faint rustling sound was heard. It was not loud at all, especially since the sound was obscured by people cursing and running.

    However, Feng Jiu heard it immediately. Since she had been chased by the snakes day and night, she was very familiar with the snakes' hiss. Once she heard the sound, she knew it was the nest of snakes.

    But, she had managed to shake them off with great efforts. How did they show up in this vicinity?

    She was puzzled. She looked around anxiously but still didn't see the Snake King. Also, if she saw it, what should she do? It must have been somewhere nearby.

    So, it seems, there were only little snakes around here, while the Snake King wasn't present?

    The thought of thousands upon thousands of snakes, one of which was a saint beast, made her very scared. Compared to the fierce beasts and the like, she didn't like this kind of soft and legless snake.

    She had no idea how the snakes digested that piece of medicinal pill. After ingesting it, they didn't become unwell. They turned so much stronger instead. The Snake King's bloodthirsty and violent aura became more and more intense, not only in its venom attacks but also its hard-as-iron skin. An ordinary blade could not hurt it even a bit. It's not so easy to fight such a huge snake.


    Her eyes flickered, she glanced at the people behind and a strange smile emerged. These people shouldn't be weak in combat. She could kill two birds with one stone - removing the Snake King with their assistance.

    Her mind made up, she slowed down and began to probe with her divine sense. After a while, she found the snakes some distance away. There were about five or six hundred snakes in the group, with no Snake King in sight.

    Wondering, she thought to herself: Is the Snake King not in this area? Perhaps it has gone back to the place where she dug the spirit bottle tree out. While scheming, she listened to the voices behind her. She sped up and shook them off.

    Seeing the red figure getting farther away, the distance which previously was only several dozen meters grew into hundreds of meters, all the evil cultivators were palpitating inwardly. But at the same time, they were also unwilling and angry, so they accelerated the speed of their pursuit.

    However, even after speeding up, the distance widened between them and the boy in red in front. They were shocked and indignant to see the red figure vanished from view and disappeared into the forest.

    They were astonished that they couldn't keep up with that young man, considering their cultivation strength. They were furious that their cosmos sacks were seized by the boy in red. Moreover, the treasures they collected were all inside those bags.

    "Damn it! He's gone!"

    One evil cultivator cursed out. He stopped the chase and looked around. He did not see the boy in red.

    "He's not far off. He should be in this area. Let's search!"

    "Find him. Let's flay him and pull out his tendons!"

    Each and every one of the evil cultivators was filled with fury. It is really abhorrent that these many people let a boy escape under their noses!

    And as they said, Feng Jiu didn't go far. She was hiding in the lush trees and watching those who are looking for her. She took the opportunity to take a rest and replenish her energy.

    But at this moment, while standing at a high altitude, she suddenly felt something wasn't quite right...
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