Chapter 2 - System

    Chapter 2 - Hedonist Sovereign System

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee


    Just as Qin Feng spoke, the lecture hall with 100 or so people exploded into a frenzy. Everyone howled inwardly and countless stares were directed towards him.

    Many of them were filled with dangerous messages!

    The most savage gaze came from Yun Xiao. Just as she had settled down the class, Qin Feng, that bastard, had ruined everything again.

    In that moment, she even felt like killing him.

    Lin Bei Bei was the number 2 beauty in the Acropolis University's Arts Department, but she came from a poor family and didn't have a noble background like Zhao Ling Xian. However, every single guy still desired her.

    In fact, she probably had more admirers at the Acropolis University than Zhao Ling Xian.

    One of them was an unattainable empress!

    The other was a celestial beauty living in the mortal realm!

    When Qin Feng declared in front of everyone that he was going to chase Lin Bei Bei, all of her admirers were filled with hate, to the point that they wanted to go and defile his ancestors' graves.

    Qin Feng wasn't good for much, but he was called Seducer Sage. He would sleep with any woman that caught his eye.

    It looked like the pure goddess Lin Bei Bei would also fall into his demonic hands...

    After sighing, the crowd thought of something more interesting, and looked towards the other side of the lecture hall.

    The beautiful woman coldly sat there, like a crane in a flock of chickens.

    Her perfect face seemed to be layered with frost, but her clear eyes burned with fire. She glared at Qin Feng, who was laughing and joking around, and bit her lips as if she wanted to bite him to death.

    The woman was the iceberg goddess, the number 1 beauty of the Arts Department. Zhao Ling Xian had renounced her marriage with Qin Feng.


    The bell signalling the end of the lesson rang out, breaking the strange scene in the lecture hall.

    Lin Bei Bei hated standing out, and simply could not remain calm. She hurriedly packed her things like a drowning man clutching at a straw, and rushed off as soon as she heard the bell.

    She never thought that Qin Feng would confess to her in public. Did he eat the wrong medicine today?

    The instigator of this incident, Qin Feng, calmly sat down. He simply didn't care about the stares everyone was shooting him given his confident and relaxed personality.

    Of course, he was currently flabbergasted. Completely and utterly flabbergasted.

    "Ding... congratulations Host Qin Feng, you have completed the quest to declare your intentions to chase after Lin Bei Bei in public. You have successfully opened the Hedonist Sovereign System."

    His mind was suddenly filled with darkness, and all of his thoughts disappeared. All that remained was a dark, spiralling hole.

    "Are you the number 1 hedonist young master?"

    Qin Feng narrowed his eyes, as if someone had stolen his soul. However, he unhesitatingly nodded, replying, "I am!"

    In the Acropolis City, if Qin Feng said he was the number 1 hedonist young master, no one else would dare to claim this title.

    "Then do you wish to be the number 1 hedonist young master in the universe?"

    "I do!" Qin Feng nodded resolutely without even thinking.

    "Very good... in the world of sensual pleasures, danger lurks around every corner. Life is a game, and the game is life!"

    The voice that came from the hole suddenly disappeared, and a cold electronic voice spoke, "Ding... congratulations to Host Qin Feng for opening the Hedonist Sovereign System. The system will issue quests, creating a universe!"

    "The system currently has 3 free Lottery chances, would you like to use them?"

    When the ancient, magical voice disappeared, the dark hole in Qin Feng's mind spun, turning into a large crystal screen. There was a large spinning wheel on the screen, filled with various prizes: weapons, skills, potions, pets, and so on.

    The reason Qin Feng had stood up to publicly confess to Lin Bei Bei was to see if he had been possessed by an evil spirit. However, after hearing that ancient voice and seeing the spinning wheel in front of him, he started to wonder if he had gone crazy.

    "What the hell, I don't believe it. Give this young master a spin!"

    After thinking about it, Qin Feng decided that he hadn't been possessed by an evil spirit. It must have been that he was too weary, and everything that had happened was a hallucination.

    He was now trying to prove his hypothesis.

    As he gave the command, the spinning wheel started to rotate, faster and faster... until he couldn't see the words on there anymore, only a wheel of spinning light. After nearly half a minute, it started to slow down.

    "Ding... congratulations Host, you have drawn Elementary Piano Skills!"

    Qin Feng nearly spat out blood. This hallucination was quite realistic. He furiously shook his head and gritted his teeth as he yelled, "Give this young master another spin!"

    "Ding... congratulations Host, you have drawn Elementary Calligraphy Skills!"

    "Fudge, it's still here? I don't believe it... again!!"

    "Ding... congratulations Host, you have drawn Elementary Thunder Tiger Fists Skill!"

    The crystal screen in his mind disappeared, as did the cold electronic voice. Everything became silent again.

    Everything had happened so quickly that it seemed like it was just his imagination.


    Qin Feng wiped the sweat off his forehead and let out a long breath. The noises in his head were gone and everything had returned to normal.

    If this went on, Qin Feng believed that he would go insane.

    Just as he had let out half of his breath, his expression changed, as if he had seen a ghost. He was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out and fell to the ground.

    A wave of pain swept through his brain and within his memories, unfamiliar yet familiar - it was knowledge from the 3 skills he had just obtained: piano, calligraphy and the fighting technique.

    No way? Could all of that have been real?

    Qin Feng couldn't help but shiver, and couldn't sit still. He thought for a long time, and decided to try out these 3 skills to see if he had really gone crazy or not.

    By the time he stood up, he was the only person left in the lecture hall; everyone else had already gone home.

    He couldn't find a writing brush, so he just used a gel pen instead. He started to quickly write on paper, and a standard-looking, beautifully-written character appeared on the piece of paper.

    He had lived for 20 years, but had never learned calligraphy before. In fact, he didn't even know how to hold a writing brush properly. However, now, whenever he thought of a writing brush, he had the urge and knowledge to pick it up and write.

    Qin Feng shook himself out of his daze and suddenly looked at his fists, and started to use the fighting technique that he had just learned.

    The Thunder Tiger Fists were vigorous and mighty, causing wind to be kicked up by his movements. Qin Feng executed the moves like flowing water, as if he had trained for 10 or so years.

    This was simply incomprehensible to the young master Qin, who had never really even exercised before in his life!

    At this moment, Qin Feng was certain that he hadn't been possessed by an evil spirit, much less gone crazy. He had, out of the blue, received some sort of mysterious system.

    An incredibly awesome system! One that would carry him to new heights!"

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: make Zhao Ling Xian have a favourable impression of you!"

    "Quest time limit: 3 months; 7 days have passed."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 200 Hedonist Points as a reward; failing will reduce the Host's lifespan by 3 years!"


    The incredibly excited Qin Feng felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on him. Only after confirming the existence of the system did he realise how difficult this quest was.

    Make Zhao Ling Xian have a favourable impression of him? That was pretty much impossible!

    If he failed this quest, he would lose 3 years of his lifespan. He felt like running into a wall and dying.

    After a while, Qin Feng gradually calmed down and accepted the reality of the system.

    After doing some investigating, he found that apart from the free Lottery chances, he could also use his Hedonist Points to buy Lottery chances, items, skills and the like, as well as level up skills and activate powers. In order to obtain Hedonist Points, he needed to do quests.

    After thinking about the heaven-defying skills and equipment on offer in the Hedonist Sovereign System, Qin Feng's eyes became red. He inwardly yelled, "Quests! Quests! This young master wants quests!!"
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