Chapter 4 - Misunderstood

    Chapter 4 - Misunderstood

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    When they arrived at Room 1201, Qin Feng lifted up his right hand, and the 6 security officers behind him hurriedly stopped. Manager Liu wiped the sweat off his forehead as he understood Qin Feng's intention and came up to press on the doorbell.

    Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!

    The doorbell rang a few times, but there was no sound from within the room. Qin Feng raised his eyebrows and felt a bit frustrated. He was just about to order the 6 security officers to barge in when an annoyed voice sounded out, "Who is it? So noisy! Do you have to repeatedly press the doorbell? This room doesn't need any service, so go away!"

    Manager Liu saw Qin Feng's eyebrows rise, and silently cursed the brat in the room for being so obnoxious. He maintained the smile on his face as he courteously said, "I'm the Royal Clubhouse's Manager Liu - please open the door so we can do our routine inspection!"

    Anyone who came to the Royal Clubhouse regularly would know that there were no routine inspections. After all, with Qin Huang's power and background, neither officials nor gangsters would dare to make trouble for him.


    The room fell silent for a while and Room 1201's door was suddenly opened. A young man wearing a suit and formal clothing came out - it was Ma De Hu.

    He glanced at Manager Liu and the security officers, and then at Qin Feng. A look of suspicion and anxiety appeared on his face, but he quickly recovered.

    "Haha, if it isn't young master Qin. I'm honoured that you would personally come to do a routine inspection. Please quickly come in!" Ma De Hu smiled and stood aside.

    Qin Feng couldn't care less about the act Ma De Hu was putting on. He strode in and sat down on a sofa in the living room. He put his feet on the coffee table as he looked around.

    The 3 muscular men from the Santana stood outside the door to the main bedroom, looking at Qin Feng in displeasure.

    "Young master Qin, there's really nothing to inspect here. This is your father's territory, and I naturally wouldn't dare to make any trouble here. I'm a bit tired today, so if young master Qin doesn't have any matters, I'll be retiring to the bedroom to get some rest," Ma De Hu said as he smiled, making his intention clear.

    He wanted to chase them out!

    "Haha, then go and sleep, young master Ma. Manager Liu, start the inspection. Young master Ma is staying here for the night, so you have to make sure that this room is absolutely secure. I want you to inspect every corner of this place to make sure that everything is fine."

    Qin Feng glanced at Ma De Hu, then looked down and started to play on his phone.

    Ma De Hu's expression changed; a savage look flashed in his eyes, then disappeared. "Young master Qin, what's the meaning of this?"

    Qin Feng slapped his legs and stood up. He couldn't be bothered wasting words with Ma De Hu. After all, he just wanted to quickly finish the quest and receive rewards.

    "Young master Ma, our Royal Clubhouse has always acted with integrity and won't allow any criminal acts to happen within its premises. Kidnap and rape are things that I, young master Qin, hate the most."

    "Young master Ma, do you understand what I'm saying?" Qin Feng said as he looked into Ma De Hu's eyes.

    Fudge! The Royal Clubhouse used to be a place to discuss business matters, but because of your hedonistic habits, bringing girls back all the time, it became a place for sensual pleasures!

    Ma De Hu's face darkened and silently cursed. He began to panic as he tried to think of why Qin Feng was determined to make him his enemy.

    Could it be that he had discovered his secret?

    Ma De Hu shook his head. He didn't believe that the plot had been exposed. Perhaps this was just a coincidence. He adopted a stronger tone as he looked right back at Qin Feng, "Young master Qin, are you sure you want to get involved in this?"

    "Young master Ma, surely you're not threatening me, right?" Qin Feng calmly looked at Ma De Hu who laughed and said, "This young master is determined to get involved in this!"

    Ma De Hu cursed inwardly once again. He had wanted Yun Xiao's body for a long time, and had finally obtained her. Just as he was about to begin, he had been interrupted by Qin Feng.

    The two of them stared at each other, their cold gazes colliding in the air. The 3 muscular men came behind Ma De Hu, looking furiously at Qin Feng and the people behind him.

    It was as if the room was filled with gunpowder and could explode at any time!

    "Haha, young master Qin, I just remembered that I have some important matters to attend to. I'll be leaving first, so you enjoy yourself here!"

    After the scene was frozen for half a minute, Ma De Hu suddenly smiled, looked at the 3 people behind him, and walked out of Room 1201.

    He couldn't afford to make mistakes at such a crucial time, and Qin Feng didn't show any signs of backing down at all.

    "Haha, I thought a fight was going to break out, and yet he just left like that? So lame," Qin Feng said as he shook his head and watched as Ma De Hu and the others left. Inwardly, he was elated. He quickly rushed into the bedroom, and the scene that greeted him almost caused his eyeballs to fall out.

    Goddamn, bondage!

    Yun Xiao was wearing black stockings and had been tied up with red rope. She was currently struggling as hard as she could, and looked absolutely stunning.

    The allure that she gave off was simply mesmerising!

    Qin Feng had long since imagined this scene, and couldn't help but leap on her.

    "Qin Feng, it's you!"

    Qin Feng hugged her and took out the white cloth in her mouth that was used as a gag. Just as he was about to kiss her, a wave of pain tore through his arm.

    "Ah... you dog!!"

    Yun Xiao was given a big fright, and savagely bit onto his arm. Qin Feng leapt off the bed in pain and cursed as he looked at the bite marks on his arm.

    "Qin Feng, you monster, you actually dared to kidnap me. You rapist, I'm going to report you to the police!"

    "Rapist... me?"

    Qin Feng pointed at himself and almost felt like crying. This young master came here to save you out of the kindness in his heart. Not only did you not weep tears of joy, but you actually bit me.

    And it was a savage bite at that.

    However, Qin Feng quickly realised that he had been misunderstood by Yun Xiao. She definitely thought that it was him who had ordered those men to kidnap her so he could rape her.

    Even though Qin Feng loved to play around with women, he disdained doing anything that would go against their will.

    "You're so damn ungrateful! Screw it all!"

    Looking at the beautiful teacher who had almost lost all rationality, Qin Feng's anger receded, but he couldn't be bothered to explain the truth. He told Manager Liu to untie her and take care of everything else.

    "Eh? I completed the quest, so why hasn't the system given an announcement?"

    Qin Feng frowned as he lay on the sofa. After a while, there was still no response from the system. He looked at the quest, and confirmed that it was just to save Yun Xiao. He had evidently saved her, so why was there still nothing?

    Could it be... that he really had gone crazy?

    After playing on his phone on the sofa for a while, Qin Feng suddenly thought of something. It was possible that Ma De Hu still hadn't given up and was thinking of kidnapping Yun Xiao again after she left the Royal Clubhouse.

    That was definitely it!

    After thinking, Qin Feng rushed out of the clubhouse and got into his black Lamborghini Batmobile, just in time to see Ma De Hu's 3 thugs drag Yun Xiao into a van.

    What an unlucky woman!

    Qin Feng shook his head in awe and his gaze became cold. This Ma De Hu was quite brave, to be daring to do such a thing. Qin Feng could feel his rage building up.

    He had nearly destroyed an entire family group before for a woman. This sort of provocation exceeded his limits.

    He followed behind the van and came to the suburban region of the Acropolis City. They finally stopped near an abandoned factory.
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