Chapter 6 - The Fight That Finished Before It Began

    Chapter 6 - The Fight That Finished Before It Began

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    "Hmph! You think your elder is an idiot and really believed that you would crawl between my legs? Don't even try to play any tricks in front of your elder." Just as Qin Feng started to walk forwards again, the baldy erupted in fury and roared out while swinging his fist towards Qin Feng.

    "Fudge! What are you screaming about in the middle of the night?"

    This was the first time Qin Feng had personally taken part in a fight, and he was facing off against 3 large, muscular brutes. He couldn't help but feel nervous, and because the baldy had moved so suddenly, Qin Feng received a bit of a fright.

    His fist contained immense power, and if it really hit Qin Feng's face, it would completely destroy his looks.

    However, Qin Feng quickly calmed down. Perhaps it was because he had the Elementary Thunder Tiger Fists, Qin Feng found that although the chubby baldy looked quite ferocious and seemed quite confident, he was quite slow and his punch lacked any form or technique to speak of.

    In other words, he was full of openings.

    After all, Qin Feng had seen much in the world, and was able to quickly steel himself. He stood his ground, and just as the baldy's fist was about to hit him, his eyes lit up and he twisted his body and struck out.

    A muffled bang sounded out in the quiet factory.

    Qin Feng maintained his stance after striking with his fist, while the baldy doubled over.

    At first, he had forgotten about the immense pain in his abdomen and looked at Qin Feng in fear and shock.

    Who could have thought that this guy would be so strong?! He stood there without moving, and yet had taken him down with a single hit?

    The baldy definitely wouldn't have believed that something like that was possible if he hadn't personally seen and experienced what had just happened. The person in front of him and the useless young master Qin he had heard about seemed like 2 completely different people.

    The scarface and the blondie stared with wide eyes, looking at this scene in shock. They were so dumbfounded that their jaws almost dropped to the ground.

    That strike had been clean and fast, vigorous and mighty!

    That was the evaluation the scarface and the blondie gave Qin Feng's attack. Who would have thought that this brat was hiding his strength this entire time!

    This punch caused the scarface and the blondie to raise their alertness against Qin Feng. The gazes they cast him no longer carried condescension, and they became serious. The scarface hurriedly gave the blondie a meaningful look, indicating that they would go together and kill this brat.

    The scarface and the blondie were like 2 starving wolves, and they howled as they sprang at Qin Feng.

    After seeing the effects of his punch, Qin Feng felt much more confident. Looking at the 2 people leaping towards him, he calmly smiled and suddenly sped up as he also leapt towards them.

    Bang bang!

    As the 3 people collided, 2 sounds rang out.

    In the next second, Qin Feng landed and stood straight as a javelin.

    Scarface and the other brute had each taken a punch from Qin Feng and fell to the ground. The Thunder Tiger Fists were incredibly overbearing and powerful, and the 2 of them felt as if their inner organs had all shifted from the impact of that punch.

    It was simply a fight that had finished before it began!

    "Fudge, this lil grandson's been pretending to be weak. Who would have thought he was hiding such power? No wonder the higher-ups haven't been doing anything. Even they aren't entirely confident they can deal with Qin Feng."

    Seeing this, Ma De Hu, who had been hiding in the shadows the whole time, felt incredibly flabbergasted.

    His expression darkened. Could it really be that he wouldn't have an opportunity to ravage Yun Xiao tonight? However, when he thought of Yun Xiao's sexy figure, he simply wasn't willing to give up this opportunity.

    "You're good at fighting, huh? I, your elder, will execute you with a bullet, and I'll be able to complete my task early."

    After going through some internal conflict, a cold smile appeared on Ma De Hu's savage face. A silver pistol appeared in his hand with the barrel pointing towards Qin Feng's back.

    Suddenly, a dart flew towards him like a bolt of lightning.

    Before Ma De Hu could pull the trigger, the dart pierced through his wrist. He dropped the pistol in pain and hurriedly scrambled away.

    A man in his fifties stood in a shadowy corner. The hairs at his temples were white, and he had extraordinarily sharp eyes with a sombre expression. He was Uncle Fu, the bodyguard that Qin Huang had arranged for to protect Qin Feng. He had always been protecting Qin Feng from the shadows.

    Luckily he reacted in time and was able to save Qin Feng's life. If anything happened to Qin Feng, Uncle Fu simply didn't know how he could face Qin Huang.

    After inwardly breathing out a sigh of relief, Uncle Fu's eyes lit up. He had seen Qin Feng fight with the 3 thugs, and felt incomparably shocked.

    Even Uncle Fu, who had been protecting Qin Feng for more than 10 years, didn't know when he had learned such a powerful external fighting technique. Moreover, from the moves Qin Feng had executed, it seemed that he had been training for at least 10 years.

    This was completely incomprehensible!

    After hesitating for a moment, he took out his phone and made a call.

    "Uncle Fu, did something happen to Feng'Er?"

    As the call connected, a strong and solid voice sounded out. After receiving a call from Uncle Fu so late in the night, Qin Huang was worried that Feng'Er had landed in trouble again.

    "Mr Qin, don't worry, the young master is fine. However, Uncle Fu has something important to report to Mr Qin."

    Hearing that Qin Feng was fine, Qin Huang felt relieved and he replied with a loud and clear voice, "Speak."

    "Mr Qin, the young master seems to have secretly learned an external fighting technique. It seems to be a top-quality external fist technique."


    As the richest man in the Acropolis City, Qin Huang had experienced many storms before. He didn't even blink when conducting transactions worth tens of millions of dollars, but currently, he felt as if he had been struck by thunder. He leapt up from the sofa in excitement, exclaiming, "Feng'Er learned an external fist technique?"

    However, Qin Huang's face quickly fell, saying in a low voice, "Impossible, when Feng'Er was born, I asked someone to check. It's impossible for him to train in martial arts!"

    "Mr Qin, if I didn't see it myself, I wouldn't have believed it either. However, he really has trained to a satisfactory level in an external fist technique and defeated 3 thugs in just a single breath. I judged that he has been training for at least 10 years from his movements."

    Shock! Complete and utter shock!

    Qin Huang knew that Uncle Fu wouldn't casually lie, and there was no reason for him to lie about such a thing. Since he had seen it with his own eyes, then this matter was most likely true. In his joy and excitement, Qin Huang almost forgot to breathe.

    After remaining silent for a few moments, he resolutely said, "Uncle Fu, from today onwards, I want you to be following and protecting Feng'Er 24/7. If any new situation arises, let me know immediately!"

    After hanging up, Qin Huang wasn't able to calm himself down for a long time. Whenever he thought to Feng'Er secretly learning an external fist technique - and to a satisfactory level - he almost wept tears of joy.

    He stood with his hands behind his back in front of the French window of the penthouse apartment. From here, he could see almost half of the night scenery of the Acropolis City.

    "Su Su, our son Feng'Er can practice martial arts now, and has learned an external fist technique. I knew that our child was like you and inherited your genes... Su Su, are you doing well over there?"

    Teardrops gathered in Qin Huang's eyes, and his voice was filled with happiness as well as a tinge of melancholy.

    Originally, Qin Huang had given up on helping Feng'Er take the position of the junior patriarch at the Qin Family's Clan Gathering in a year. However, he had now seen new hope.
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