Chapter 7 - A Great Injustice

    Chapter 7 - A Great Injustice

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee


    Qin Feng didn't know of the things Uncle Fu had done in the shadows. A cold gust blew past and he couldn't resist sneezing.

    This wasn't a good place to stay!

    He smirked as he looked at the 3 thugs on the ground who were in too much pain to get up. He looked around at his surroundings, but didn't find Ma De Hu. It seemed that he needed to find that guy to 'drink some tea' sometime!

    "Beautiful teacher, let's go!" Qin Feng looked at Yun Xiao in glee. He was sure that after saving her twice, she would definitely leap into his arms.

    Since it was so cold here, this young master would deign to hug her.

    "Piss off by yourself. I definitely won't leave with you." Not only did she not throw herself at him, she actually coldly cursed at him.

    "Are you leaving or not? I'll really leave without you," Qin Feng replied unenthusiastically, his excitement immediately extinguished.

    In the end, Yun Xiao didn't reply to him as she turned and ran. She was certain that Qin Feng was a shameless sexual predator - how could she leave with him?

    Qin Feng couldn't help but inwardly complain. Why did these quests have to mess with him so much?

    Looking at Yun Xiao gradually getting further away, Qin Feng quickly chased after her. By this point, Yun Xiao completely hated Qin Feng and wouldn't get into his car no matter what. After struggling for a bit, Qin Feng became annoyed and picked her up and put her into the Lamborghini.

    "Qin Feng, you beast. I want to get off! Let me get off!!"

    After getting in the car, Yun Xiao became even more enraged. She continuously hit Qin Feng, causing him to almost drive into a ditch several times.

    "I say, teacher Yun, I risked my life to save you from those 3 beasts. Not only did you not throw yourself to me in thanksgiving or give me a kiss, why do you have to make such an unreasonable scene?" In the end, Qin Feng was still a spoilt young master, and couldn't stand Yun Xiao making a ruckus like this.

    "Hmph! Throw myself to you in thanksgiving? I'd rather die," Yun Xiao said as she coldly harrumphed, leaning towards the door so she could avoid Qin Feng. Her eyes were filled with scorn and disgust as she said, "Young master Qin, you don't need to act. Weren't those 3 thugs your henchmen? Next time, if you want to put on the act of a hero saving a beauty, try to be a bit more convincing, alright? You want me to kiss you? I'd rather kiss a pig."

    "You think I'm an idiot? When you first came in, you said you wanted to join those bastards and toy with me as well. You're all a bunch of beasts!"

    Join them, my ass!

    Qin Feng repeatedly cursed inwardly. If I wasn't so magnanimous and forgiving, I'd just throw you out in some deserted place so a drunkard could carry you home.

    He really wanted to open up Yun Xiao's head to see if there was something wrong with her brain. Could it be that a woman's beauty and her intelligence were really inversely proportionate? After all, he had only said those things to make those thugs let down their guard.

    Moreover, risking his life to act out a hero saving a beauty? What a joke!

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, I said that I wanted to join them so I could trick them. Did you really believe that?" At this point, Qin Feng simply wanted to laugh and cry. He felt that a great injustice had been done to him!

    "Of course I believed it. I don't trust a single word from your lips, but I wholeheartedly believe that you meant those words. I'll say it again: let me out of the car or I'll call the police."

    If Qin Feng wasn't driving so fast, Yun Xiao probably would have opened the door and jumped out. "Stop hitting me! Where do you live? I just want to safely send you home; is that not alright?" Qin Feng drove with one hand as he fended Yun Xiao off with his other hand.

    Yun Xiao suddenly stopped hitting him as she looked at him in surprise. She fell silent for a moment before coldly replying, "Skyscene Park. I don't believe that you're so good-natured to take me home. I can't believe that you're so shameless that you'd lay your hand on your teacher! You'll definitely receive punishment!"

    Hearing Yun Xiao's words, Qin Feng became annoyed again. Just as he was about to angrily retort back, a cold electronic voice sounded out in his mind.

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: make teacher Yun Xiao have a favourable impression of you!"

    "Quest time limit: 10 days."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 100 Hedonist Points; failing will cause all of the girls around the Host to despise him for 1 year."

    Qin Feng trembled and almost crashed into another car. Before he had completed the quest to rescue Yun Xiao, he had received an even more difficult quest.

    She thought that he wanted to rape her, and yet he was still expected to make her have a favourable impression of him?!

    Qin Feng almost wept.

    On the way back to her house, neither of them were in the mood to talk. Qin Feng drove as quickly as possible, and half an hour later, the Lamborghini Batmobile stopped outside Skyscene Park.

    Yun Xiao looked at the familiar scenery outside, then looked at Qin Feng's smiling and handsome face. She fell into a bit of a daze!

    This guy had really brought her home? He didn't try to make a move on her?

    She simply couldn't believe what was happening until she had left the car. She walked as fast as possible in her high heels towards the district's gates.

    Gazing at Yun Xiao who looked like a frightened rabbit running away, Qin Feng smiled and shook his head, then started to drive towards the Royal Clubhouse.
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