Chapter 8 - Little Pink Piggy

    Chapter 8 - Little Pink Piggy

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Lin Bei Bei was wearing a pristine, white bathrobe as she walked out of the bathroom. A complicated look surfaced in her eyes as she looked around the empty Room 888.

    The bathrobe only covered the most intimate areas of her body while her white legs, neck, and shoulders were exposed. Her skin was rosy white without blemish, and any man who saw so much of her skin exposed would not be able to resist becoming excited.

    Lin Bei Bei stepped on the snow-white wool carpet and sat down on the bed. She lowered her head onto her shoulder as her eyes became misty.


    A clear teardrop fell onto the wool carpet, creating a small wet patch.

    Lin Bei Bei bit her red lips and gripped the bedsheets as a feeling of self-loathing came over her. From tonight onwards, she would no longer be a pure girl.

    However, her mother was in hospital and in dire need of an operation. The money that was promised for the demolition of their home had never come in. The manager in charge of the development wanted to take advantage of her, deliberately making things difficult for the mother and daughter. After thinking about it, the look in Lin Bei Bei's eyes became resolute.

    A single transaction would earn her $100,000, which was enough to bring back her mother's health and for them to rent a good home. It was worth it!

    After thinking about this, Lin Bei Bei gritted her teeth and untied the bathrobe belt.


    The white bathrobe fell to the ground, causing her petite, yet curvaceous body to be exposed.

    Lin Bei Bei turned off the lights and silently lay on one side of the bed. Within the darkness and silence of the room, she felt perturbed as she waited for the man who would take away her purity.

    "Young master Qin, you've come!"

    Half an hour later, Qin Feng's Batmobile stopped outside of the Royal Clubhouse. He casually handed the keys to the smiling bellboy and walked into the clubhouse.

    The Royal Clubhouse was one of the places that Qin Feng frequented. He had his own, personal room, Room 888, which was a presidential suite.

    He took the familiar route to Room 888, swiped his room card and opened the door.

    As Qin Feng walked in, he kicked off his leather shoes and took off his shirt and pants. He was left in his boxers as he excitedly sprang towards the bed.

    On the way back, the system had announced that he had completed the quest to rescue Yun Xiao, and had rewarded him 50 Hedonist Points, making him feel very excited.

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has been opened!"

    Just as Qin Feng began to think, the cold electronic voice sounded in his head, and a light blue crystal screen appeared in his mind.

    Looking at the number of Hedonist Points he had, Qin Feng felt absolutely delighted.

    Could it be... that this young master's new heaven-defying life was about to begin tonight?

    Qin Feng started to hurriedly look through the Item Exchange. However, as soon as he started to look at the cost of all of the items, his excitement instantly disappeared.

    There were 6 grades of items that could be exchanged from the Item Exchange: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, King, Emperor, and God.

    Qin Feng only looked at the Elementary grade items, but already felt like smashing his head into a wall. Even a normal Strength Potion costed 100 Hedonist Points, and Elementary techniques, weapons, and skills costed hundreds of Hedonist Points. Some of them were in the thousands range, and most Intermediate grade items were in the ten thousands.

    As for the items above King grade, the number of 0s in their prices caused Qin Feng to feel dizzy. It was difficult to even count them.

    "Goddamn, after all that effort, I can only buy a pig? This system has been screwing me over for a while now."

    Could it be that the system wanted him to have a barbecue?

    After looking through the Elementary items, the only thing that Qin Feng found could be bought with 50 Hedonist Points was a pet. The description was as follows:

    System Pet: Pink Piggy

    HP: 1

    Battle Power: 0

    Agility: 0

    Skills: Unknown

    Intelligence: Currently none

    Grade: Elementary Unawakened Pet combined with Hedonist Sovereign System NPC function

    Seeing his hard-earned 50 Hedonist points exchanged for a cute, pink pig the size of a palm, Qin Feng almost fainted in anger.

    What was even worse was that this pig's stats were 0 in almost everything, and looked quite useless...

    Just as he was about to explode in anger, something cool and soft suddenly pressed up against his body, causing the fury in his heart to instantly disperse. Instead, a fire began to burn within the lower half of his body.

    As the hedonist young master Qin Feng, he immediately realised that what was pressing up against him was a girl. What's more, she was completely naked, had flawless skin, as well as a great figure.

    Qin Feng suddenly remembered Manager Liu's words. Manager Liu had mentioned that one of the beauties of the Acropolis University was waiting in his room, but because Qin Feng had been preoccupied with the matter with Yun Xiao, he had forgotten about this.

    "Beautiful girl... let this young master taste you!"

    Qin Feng suddenly laughed lewdly and felt the suppleness of the girl against him. He unhesitatingly flipped himself on top of her and prepared to do some relaxing.

    Lin Bei Bei cried out in shock as a multitude of different emotions rose up within her.

    She had seen the man enter the room and get into the bed. However, after seeing that he wasn't doing anything, she gritted her teeth and pushed herself against him, wanting to get this over and done with.

    However, this had caused this stranger to become excited. He had flipped himself on top of her, and started to touch her body.

    Lin Bei Bei's beautiful eyes started to tear up. She thought that she had been prepared, but the instant the man touched her, she regretted her decision.
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