Chapter 9 - The Sorrowful Little Sister Lin

    Chapter 9 - The Sorrowful Little Sister Lin

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    "No! Let me go! Please, let me go... I want to go home, let me go!" Lin Bei Bei tearfully pleaded.

    Qin Feng's body stiffened. Why did this voice sound so familiar?

    There were a few decent beauties at the Acropolis University, and he had taken notice of most of them. He definitely knew this person, so he hurriedly turned on the bedside light and looked to see who it was.

    He wondered which beauty had come to the Royal Clubhouse to sell her virginity.

    When he saw the girl's beautiful face and the tears in her eyes, Qin Feng's mouth violently twitched and he almost fell off the bed!

    "Lin Bei Bei?"

    "Qin Feng?"

    Under the gentle light, the two pairs of eyes stared at each other in shock. It was as if time had stopped, creating a strange scene.

    Qin Feng never would have thought that the beauty who had come to the Royal Clubhouse to sell her virginity was actually his beautiful desk-mate, Lin Bei Bei.

    His impression of her was that she was someone who was not interested in wealth or power, so how could she sell herself here? Although Qin Feng was a hedonistic sensualist, he only ever engaged in consensual 'exchanges'.

    Lin Bei Bei was even more surprised to find that the person who was going to pay $100,000 for her virginity was Qin Feng. However, after thinking about his reputation, Lin Bei Bei did not feel as shocked.

    "Lin Bei Bei... what are you doing here?"

    The fiery passion in Qin Feng's body disappeared, and he frowned as he asked her in a serious tone.

    Although he was a loose sensualist, he still wasn't willing to see such a pure girl like Lin Bei Bei come to this sort of place to sell herself.

    Lin Bei Bei's sexy lips opened and closed, but she didn't manage to say anything. Everything had happened too suddenly, and she had not been prepared.

    Qin Feng was hedonist, but deep down, he was a kind person. Although he was infatuated with beauties, he had never forced anyone to do anything against their will.

    Compared to those chubby, lascivious, middle-aged men, Qin Feng seemed much more appealing with his sword-like eyebrows, aura of a noble, and his angular, handsome face.

    Lin Bei Bei suddenly found that he didn't seem as vile as he once did.

    What did it matter who took her virginity? Giving it to Qin Feng was much better than a strange, middle-aged man.

    Thinking to her mother's operation, Lin Bei Bei gritted her teeth, made up her mind and shyly looked at Qin Feng as she playfully pouted, "Qin Feng, can you please be gentle? It's my first time, and I'm afraid it might hurt."

    Before Qin Feng could react in time, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her soft and damp lips against his mouth. Their bodies pressed together tightly, causing Qin Feng's breathing to become ragged.

    However, from Lin Bei Bei's stiff kiss, it was evident that this was the first time she had done this.

    Qin Feng's body immediately reacted to this beauty who was seducing him. However, within his heart, he felt extremely uncomfortable. Why was it that when he wanted her, he couldn't have her, and when she was finally giving herself to him, he couldn't go through with it?

    Qin Feng suddenly felt that the heavens must be toying around with him. This was simply unfair.

    "Lin Bei Bei, do you know what you're doing?" Qin Feng suppressed the fire burning within him and pushed aside Lin Bei Bei as he got off the bed.

    He loved beauties, but even an idiot could tell that Lin Bei Bei wasn't completely willing to go through with this. She was probably having some secret issues.

    Standing at the side of the bed, Qin Feng faced away from Lin Bei Bei as he coldly said, "Hurry up and put your clothes on, or I might regret my decision."

    Lin Bei Bei felt shocked, and looked at Qin Feng's back with misty eyes. She simply didn't know what he was thinking. Could it be that she wasn't pretty or sexy enough?

    Large teardrops began to pitifully fall onto the bed sheets.

    Before she had come here, she had imagined all sorts of scenarios about her body being defiled. However, she never thought that she would be rejected like this.

    "Qin Feng, today you announced that you were going to chase me; is that still true?" Lin Bei Bei was not in a hurry to put on her clothes as her eyes sparkled with teardrops. Even she didn't believe that Qin Feng's confession had been sincere.

    However, she could only thicken her skin and bet on it.

    If Qin Feng truly felt that way towards her, she was willing to wholeheartedly follow Qin Feng and become his woman. It was the only way she would be willing to forgive herself for tonight's conduct.

    Qin Feng wasn't quite sure how to answer that question. He awkwardly turned around to look at Lin Bei Bei. It wasn't that she wasn't good enough, but that he had become used to his sensualistic lifestyle. He had never thought about sincerely dating someone before.

    "Ah? I... was joking, please don't take it seriously. A sensualistic hedonist like me isn't good enough for you."

    Qin Feng didn't want to lie to the pure Lin Bei Bei, so he could only tell the truth.


    More crystalline teardrops fell on the bedsheet, covering it with flowers of tears. Lin Bei Bei was biting her lips so hard that they almost began to bleed, and she twisted her nails into her palms.

    She simply couldn't understand why Qin Feng had rejected her. Could it be that his confession to her was just some game that these rich princelings liked to play?

    The room lapsed into silence, and a cold, emotionless voice sounded out, "Young master Qin, I'm leaving."

    Lin Bei Bei got off the bed, exposing her body fully to Qin Feng. However, she didn't care at all. Her eyes had become dim, and she looked like a soulless puppet as she slowly put on her clothes.

    After putting on her clothes, Lin Bei Bei trudged out of the room with her head lowered, not even looking at Qin Feng.

    After seeing this, Qin Feng felt quite uncomfortable. For him, who was so unrestrained in his pleasures, he simply couldn't accept these feelings from Lin Bei Bei.
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