Chapter 10 - The Talking Pig

    Chapter 10 - The Talking Pig

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: resolve Lin Bei Bei's worries and make Lin Bei Bei the Host's girlfriend!"

    "Quest time limit: 30 days."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 300 Hedonist Points; failing will result in the Host not coming into contact with any females for 3 years!"


    Qin Feng was feeling a bit down and drinking wine on the bed, but he leapt to his feet after hearing this. The punishment for this quest was simply too outrageous.

    He would be better off just dying!

    Qin Feng immediately took out his phone and made a call.

    "Uncle Fu, please make sure you pay attention. My classmate Lin Bei Bei is about to go out. Yes, yes, make sure she gets home safely; don't let anything happen to her. Also, help me get some information on her," Qin Feng said hurriedly.

    "Roger, young master!"

    Uncle Fu frowned slightly. Qin Feng had been acting quite strangely recently. First, he had used a top-quality external fist technique, and then had gotten involved in the trifling matters of two women, Yun Xiao and Lin Bei Bei.

    This was completely different to the Qin Feng that Uncle Fu had known for over 10 years. Before, he wouldn't have cared so much about a woman. He would do the deed with them, then say goodbye, usually forever.

    However, this was Qin Feng's personal life. Uncle Fu shook his head and didn't dwell on it. He calmly replied, "Young master, there will be a cocktail party at the Royal Hotel tomorrow. Many of Acropolis City's young masters will be there. Do you want to go as well?"

    "Can't be bothered!" Qin Feng immediately replied. He had no interest in going to those pretentious gatherings.

    "The Zhao family's heiress, Ling Xian, will be there tomorrow," Uncle Fu reminded.

    "Hmm... in that case, remind me when it's time and take me by car."

    Qin Feng's decision immediately changed. When he thought to the quest regarding Zhao Ling Xian, which was to make her have a favourable impression of him, he couldn't help but agree to go.

    After hanging up, Qin Feng sent a photo of Lin Bei Bei that he had secretly taken during class. She looked extremely cute and pure, as well as strikingly beautiful.

    Qin Feng felt that they were two different people after thinking about her tearful expression from the night before in comparison to this smiling photo.

    Uncle Fu received the photo and memorised Lin Bei Bei's face. He couldn't help but sigh in awe. The women Qin Feng were interested were all amazing and unique, and were all simply exquisite.

    Qin Feng threw his phone to the side, and lay on his large bed. He couldn't cast away Lin Bei Bei's figure from his mind, and he sighed. He couldn't really express how he was feeling.

    He had actually acted like an upright gentleman!

    "Master, master, this little pink piggy is hungry!"

    What the frick?

    Suddenly, a childish voice sounded out in Qin Feng's mind, almost causing him to fall to the ground.

    Qin Feng stared, dumbfounded at the little pig that was rolling around in his mind and trying to act cute.

    This pig could talk!

    "Hmph, master, don't look down on me. I'm an omnipotent and intelligent pig!" the little piggy retorted as it pouted.

    Qin Feng became more and more shocked. He hadn't said anything out loud - could it be that this little piggy could hear his thoughts?

    This was simply too terrifying. What if it decided to watch all of Qin Feng's sensualistic experiences?! There was enough to make thousands of AV films.

    "Little piggy, you can speak to me telepathically?" Qin Feng asked in surprise.

    "Of course. I already said that I'm omnipotent," said the little pig as it proudly raised its head and front hooves. Its actions were incredibly simple and cute, causing Qin Feng to laugh.

    "So I bought you for 50 Hedonist Points. What can you do?"

    "Master, I can do so, so much."

    The little pig became excited and started to ramble, "After buying me, master can now receive multiple quests. Moreover, most quests won't be forced on master anymore. Instead, master will have the right to choose.

    "The severity of the punishments will also be reduced by half, and I can provide reasonable and realistic plans for master to level up. When I awaken and grow up, I can even fight by master's side.

    "Tell me, I'm really powerful, aren't I?" the little pig proudly said as it raised its head.

    Qin Feng became incredibly excited. He thought that he had just thrown away the 50 Hedonist Points, but it was so worth it!

    "Little piggy, what exactly is this system? Where did it come from?"

    "The system is an advanced technique that combined a game with reality, allowing the Host to play out a game in real life. The system allows the Host to continuously improve and enhance his body, becoming peerless and unrivalled... as for where this system came from, master, your level is too low, so you can't have that information.

    Qin Feng raised his eyebrows, asking, "My level is too low? I can level up?"

    The little pig lightly hopped onto Qin Feng's body and lay down in a comfortable position. It seemed that it was going to talk for a long time.

    Qin Feng even began to consider whether he should call over a masseuse or two, and listen to the little pig's story while receiving a massage and drinking some wine.
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