Chapter 12 - People Who Must Not Be Offended

    Chapter 12 - People Who Must Not Be Offended

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    Lin Bei Bei was surrounded by a group of people in Building 3 of the Acropolis City First Hospital's Inpatient Department. She wiped the tears off her face and pleaded with the doctor next to her. "Doctor Zhang, my mother just had an operation and needs to recover. Please let her stay in the intensive care ward for now. I'll take care of the money in a few days and give it to the hospital."

    "Young lady, it's not that I'm heartless, but the hospital's rules state that without paying enough money, we simply can't give you a room," Doctor Zhang said as he pushed up his glasses, revealing an expression of helplessness. Next to Lin Bei Bei stood a row of hooligans. These people had just been in a gang fight, and had come to the hospital to be patched up. Upon seeing the pure and beautiful Lin Bei Bei, they stopped next to her.

    Their leader was a vulgar-looking man with a dyed afro, and was wearing a singlet and shorts. His triangular eyes darted up and down Lin Bei Bei's body, which made him feel quite excited.

    "Haha... beautiful girl, asking for payment for a room is right and proper. It's fine if you don't have money - big brother will lend you some as long as you come for a drink for me tonight and have some fun. That money isn't a big deal."

    The afro-head seized the opportunity. He stroked his chin as he shamelessly ogled Lin Bei Bei's body, smiling vulgarly.

    Lin Bei Bei had long since noticed this ill-intentioned man and her eyes flashed with contempt. She glared at the afro-head, ignoring him and the others, and continued to plead with Doctor Zhang.

    "Beautiful girl, no matter how much you plead, it's useless if you don't have money," the afro-head grinned as he walked in between Lin Bei Bei and Doctor Zhang, spreading out his arms to prevent her from chasing after him.

    Seeing that Doctor Zhang was about to turn the corner and disappear, Lin Bei Bei became so anxious that she began to tear up. These hooligans wouldn't leave her alone, making it difficult for her to get rid of them.

    "What do you want?"  Lin Bei Bei was usually gentle and well-natured, but she was now furious.

    The afro-head had hung around for a while, so he more or less understood the situation. This girl's mother was in hospital, but they couldn't afford to pay the hospital fees. This sort of family definitely didn't have any wealth or power, which suited his tastes.

    "Beautiful girl, how about this? This big brother will pay your mother's hospital fees, and you'll be big brother's woman. Big brother's a famous figure in the underworld. Being with me is equivalent to eight lives of fortune for you. Big brother will make you dance in ecstasy every night!

    "Beautiful girl... are you willing?"

    The afro-head's beamed, with his eyes fixed on Lin Bei Bei's chest. He looked extremely confident, as if Lin Bei Bei was already his and couldn't possibly get away.

    His pig trotter of a hand reached over, attempting to raise Lin Bei Bei's chin.

    Lin Bei Bei's face immediately darkened. She had endured much over the recent period of time, but this pushed her over the edge.

    "Piss off! All of you, piss off!"

    "Fudge, your elder has never been rejected by a woman he's taken an interest in before. Since you won't take my good intentions, I'll show you what the consequences are."

    Seeing that he had been cursed at by a girl in front of his brothers, the afro-head's smile immediately disappeared and he evilly laughed, "Brothers, this girly is quite pretty. We'll take her back and taste her together."

    His words evoked a wave of laughter. As his brothers began to make a ruckus, he walked closer to Lin Bei Bei, who hurriedly stepped back. After taking only two steps, she bumped into someone else.

    A familiar, masculine scent wafted into her nose, which she surprisingly didn't dislike.

    "Haha... so it turns out that there are also men as perfect as this young master, who never fail at getting the women they want!"

    Qin Feng, who had just arrived, laughed as he spoke.

    His eyes momentarily flashed with a murderous intent, which quickly disappeared.

    Qin Feng?

    Just as Lin Bei Bei was about to struggle out of the man's embrace, she suddenly discovered that it was Qin Feng. Her mind became blank as she exploded in frustration, but as she lay in Qin Feng's embrace, the warmth caused her frightened heart to gradually calm down.

    "Brat, which gang are you from? These big brothers have things to do, so you better quickly leave." Seeing that a busybody had barged in, the afro-head shot him a furious glare, as if he wanted to devour him.

    However, Qin Feng's clothes suggested that he was probably from a rich or powerful family. The afro-head didn't want to offend such a person, so he tried instead to quickly scare him away.

    "Haha, this young master isn't part of a gang, but there are legends of me in the underworld. I heard quite a lot of bull crap over here, so I came over to see which dog it was that was being so unruly." Qin Feng had seen and been through so much; how could he be scared by these little hooligans?

    The afro-head was mentally quite slow and only now realised what Qin Feng's words meant. This brat was insinuating that he was spouting bull crap and had insulted him by calling him a dog.

    The afro-head exploded in anger and roared as he rushed towards Qin Feng.

    "Brothers, kill this stinking brat who thinks he's hot stuff!"

    The six of them blocked the narrow corridor and the five hooligans sprang towards Qin Feng like hungry wolves. The scene looked quite terrifying.

    After receiving the Thunder Tiger Fists, he had become much more powerful. Even if he had to personally act, it would not be difficult for him to take down these five people. What was more, Uncle Fu was right behind him.

    Qin Feng didn't know that Uncle Fu was aware of him knowing martial arts. It was difficult to explain the system, so he looked towards Uncle Fu, who understood his intentions. Uncle Fu's feet lightly tapped the ground and shot towards them like a fish in water.

    Qin Feng knew just how powerful Uncle Fu was. Although Qin Feng had the Thunder Tiger Fists, even ten of him wouldn't be enough to defeat Uncle Fu. Uncle Fu was as fast as lightning and his fists were like gusts of wind. Whenever he scored a direct hit, a loud, colliding sound would ring out, as well as pitiful cries.

    In just a few breaths of time, the five thugs had all fallen to the ground, bending over as they moaned in pain.

    Uncle Fu had now returned to original position behind Qin Feng and stood as straight as a pine tree. His expression was incredibly calm, as if nothing had happened.

    "Uncle Fu, please take care of the necessary paperwork," Qin Feng said.

    Uncle Fu nodded and dialled a number, then walked out.

    The five people on the ground scowled miserably and were clearly furious. They had been thugs for a long time and often got into fights.

    Normally, they were the ones doing the bullying. When had they ever been bullied before?

    Today, they had been easily taken care of by an ordinary-looking old man, which gave them the urge to ram themselves into a wall and die. If this matter was spread, they would lose all face in the underworld.

    "Big brother Biao, it's me, Blacky. We were beaten up by someone in the First Hospital. We told them about you, but not only did they not give us face, but attacked us savagely. Big brother Biao, you have to come and teach these guys a lesson and give your subordinates justice!" After remaining silent for a while, the afro-head began to call for reinforcements.

    Perhaps it was because the 'big brother Biao' was quite powerful or important, but after hanging up, the thugs became arrogant again. They all stared fixedly at Qin Feng, as if they were afraid that he would escape.

    "Brat, you're dead this time. Big brother Biao's already heading this way. Your elder will have you know that there are people in this city who must not be offended!"

    "Is that so? Then this young master is quite interested to see who it is. Tell him to hurry up, otherwise I might leave after taking care of my matters here."

    Qin Feng coldly smiled as he looked at the afro-head and the others as if they were idiots.
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