Chapter 13 - Accepting A Quest (1)

    Chapter 13 - Accepting A Quest (1)

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    "Hmph! We'll let you be arrogant for a while. When big brother Biao comes, you won't even have the chance to cry," the afro-head coldly said.

    At this moment, a white-haired, elderly man hurried over to Qin Feng's side. He was the First Hopsital's Director, Fang Wen Tian.

    "Young master Qin, it's a misunderstanding, a simple misunderstanding. This was our hospital's fault and as the Director of the First Hospital, I'll take responsibility!"

    Fang Wen Tian would never have imagined that Qin Feng would personally come to the hospital for a girl who couldn't afford the fees. His father, Qin Huang, donated much of the First Hospital's medical equipment every year and had invested more than $100 million over the past few years. Even Director Fang didn't dare to offend him.

    "Director Fang's being too serious. Thanks for taking the trouble to come all the way here for something small like this."

    Seeing that Qin Feng wasn't angry, Fang Wen Tian inwardly released the breath he was holding as he quickly replied, "No, no, it's the right thing to do! Don't worry, young master Qin; I've personally arranged everything. I'm sure you'll be satisfied."

    At this moment, Uncle Fu calmly returned to Qin Feng's side and said, "Young master, everything's been taken care of."

    Upon seeing Uncle Fu, Fang Wen Tian's body slightly trembled, his heart full of shock. As someone from the older generation, he had heard much of Uncle Fu during his glory days.

    For such a legendary figure to be willing to serve Qin Huang and act as a bodyguard, it showed just how powerful and influential the Qin family was in the Acropolis City.

    Afro-head, who was still lying on the ground and unable to get up, suddenly felt a sense of regret.

    Less than ten minutes after Qin Feng had arrived, the Director had personally rushed over with a big smile on his face. The power he wielded was simply shocking.

    He had already regretted angering Qin Feng, but since things had turned out like this, he could only pray that big brother Biao would quickly bring people over. That way, there would still be room for negotiation. The one who was the most shocked was Lin Bei Bei, who was still in Qin Feng's embrace. The moment she saw Qin Feng, she felt as if she was dreaming an incredibly long and realistic dream.

    Although Lin Bei Bei had long since known of Qin Feng's background, this was the first time she had witnessed the power that it carried. After seeing the Director of the First Hospital act so courteously, she felt incredibly shocked and grateful towards Qin Feng.

    Not only did he allow her to preserve her purity, he had even ordered someone to drive her to the hospital the previous night, in addition to paying the $100,000 operation fee. Today, he had personally come here and organised the procedures for her mother's recovery.

    Lin Bei Bei now felt quite confused. If Qin Feng didn't like her, why was he doing all of this?

    If he just wanted her body, he could have already taken it, as he had already paid the $100,000. He didn't need to go so far.

    "Uncle Fu, what's this 'big brother Biao' thing?"

    Qin Feng nodded his head, satisfied that the matter with Lin Bei Bei's mother had been resolved. He then remembered the person that the afro-head had mentioned and casually questioned Uncle Fu.

    "Young master should be referring to Zhang Biao. He's a hoodlum from the Acropolis City, and isn't too influential, but he's no small fry either. He's a good fighter, but his personality is too frank and he has a fiery temper. He doesn't understand how to manage relationships with others, so he's never been able to make it big."

    As Uncle Fu gave Qin Feng a rundown about Zhang Biao, a fierce tiger-like roar sounded out from the corridor.

    "Blacky, who the frick's acting up here?!"

    A colossal, muscular man with eight lackeys following behind him strode in. A fierce tiger was tattooed on his arm and his veins bulged on his furious-looking face. His entire body exuded the aura of a bandit.

    If this man had lived in the Japanese-resistance period, he would definitely be a king of bandits. His aura was simply too frightening.

    The people in his way obediently cleared a path for him, afraid that they would bring trouble on themselves.

    Lin Bei Bei, who was leaning against Qin Feng, was so scared that she started to tremble. She hurriedly grabbed on to him and worriedly said, "Qin Feng, you'd better go. There's so many of them, so you'll definitely be in trouble if you don't leave."

    Director Fang frowned. This was a sacred hospital, and yet there were hooligans coming in to make trouble. It seemed that they were here for Qin Feng.

    He inwardly groaned, cursing his bad luck for something so troublesome to happen so early on in the day. "Young master Qin, I'll immediately call the hospital's security."

    Qin Feng glanced at the Director and gently shook his head, then turned his attention back to Lin Bei Bei. Seeing how pitiful and weak she looked, he warmly smiled, feeling a sense of care for her. He lovingly stroked her hair as he calmly said, "Don't worry, I can handle a small matter like this!"

    "Young master, this person is Zhang Biao," Uncle Fu said in a composed manner to Qin Feng.

    Evidently, Uncle Fu was unfazed by Zhang Biao's aura.

    Qin Feng sized up Zhang Biao. He was quite muscular and well-built, and his very presence would make anyone feel pressured. He indeed had the potential to become a big figure in the underworld.

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest, subdue Zhang Biao!"

    "Quest time limit: 3 days."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 50 Hedonist Points. Failing will result in the Host not being able to use the Thunder Tiger Fists for 1 month."

    "Lil piggy, this is also a quest from the system? I thought all of the quests were related to women!?" Qin Feng asked mentally in surprise.

    "That's right, the quests from the system are all related to women, but after master bought me, I can choose some quests for you to do. These quests can be accepted or rejected by master."

    At this moment, Qin Feng realised just how useful this little pig was. It could actually give him extra quests! This way, it would be much easier for him to earn Hedonist Points, which was fantastic.

    "I'll accept it!" Qin Feng didn't even need to think as he unhesitatingly accepted the quest.
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