Chapter 15 - Rank 1 Strength Potion

    Chapter 15 - Rank 1 Strength Potion

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    "Ding... congratulations Host Qin Feng, you have completed the quest to subdue Zhang Biao. You have received 50 Hedonist Points."

    "Ding... congratulations Host Qin Feng, you have resolved one of Lin Bei Bei's worries. You have received 100 Hedonist Points."

    Qin Feng was overjoyed to have received 150 Hedonist Points.

    Since he had completed the quest, there was no need for Qin Feng to keep Zhang Biao hanging around. He waved his head and sent the group of people on their way.

    "Lil piggy, I haven't completed Lin Bei Bei's quest yet, so why did I receive Hedonist Points?" Qin Feng asked as he suppressed his excitement.

    "That's because of me, of course. After master bought me, quests can be separated into multiple sub-quests. Lin Bei Bei's quest has been split by me into 3 sub-quests. Every time you complete a sub-quest, you can earn Hedonist Points immediately."

    "Lil piggy, you're awesome!" Qin Feng was so excited that he almost wanted to give the little pig a big kiss.

    However, he immediately decided against this upon seeing its snotty snout.

    The little pig sniffled its snot as it proudly looked at Qin Feng. "Now do you realise? I told you ages ago that I'm the invincible little pig!"

    Qin Feng scratched his ear, pretending not to hear the little pig. He now had 150 Hedonist Points and couldn't wait to see what he could buy in the Item Exchange.

    He turned to Lin Bei Bei and said, "Bei Bei, Uncle Fu has already arranged everything for Aunty's recovery, so don't worry. As for the compensation for your home being demolished, I'll sort it out for you soon. This is the room card for Room 888 at the Royal Clubhouse. You can stay there for now."

    "I've got some other things to take care of, so I'll be leaving first!"

    It was not until Qin Feng and Uncle Fu had walked quite a distance away did Lin Bei Bei snap out of her daze. She looked at the room card in her hands, and her pure, beautiful face flushed red.

    Could it be that Qin Feng still wanted her body? Could it be that he had done all of that just because he wanted her body?

    Lin Bei Bei felt a bit worried and a disappointed, but also strangely, a bit hopeful...

    Uncle Fu drove the Mercedes Benz as Qin Feng sat at the back and relaxed while looking out of the window.

    "Uncle Fu, what did you think of that punch that I hit Zhang Biao with?" Qin Feng suddenly asked, breaking the silence.

    Although he wanted to hide his power, it was impossible for him to hide it from Uncle Fu forever. After all, Uncle Fu was acting as his bodyguard 24/7.

    Moreover, Uncle Fu was a trustworthy person, so Qin Feng decided not to hide the Thunder Tiger Fists from him.

    Uncle Fu felt slightly shocked. He had been meaning to ask Qin Feng about that external fist technique, but could never find the opportunity. Now that Qin Feng had brought it up, Uncle Fu nodded, replying, "Young master, your fist technique is excellent!

    "Vigorous and overbearing, like a ferocious tiger. It's just that..." Uncle Fu frowned and hesitated.

    "What is it? Uncle Fu, you can be honest with me!" Qin Feng suddenly sat up as he asked.

    "Young master's external fist technique is a top-class fist technique, but your power is a bit lacking. Currently, you're unable to completely wield this fist technique and unleash its true power."

    Uncle Fu's words hit home. The reason he had decided to talk to Uncle Fu about the Thunder Tiger Fists was because although he had achieved victory in these two battles, Qin Feng had found a serious problem.

    Just like Uncle Fu had said, when throwing punches, he felt that there was not enough strength behind them. Every time his fist struck something, his arm would ache terribly.

    In a battle, this would be equivalent to killing 100 enemies, but sacrificing 3,000 of one's own troops.

    "According to my analysis, young master has already fully comprehended this fist technique's styles and can freely use them. However, young master's own strength hasn't caught up. Against thugs like Zhang Biao, young master will have the advantage, but if young master runs into experts who have truly cultivated, young master will suffer loss!"

    Uncle Fu's unfathomable eyes flashed with a hint of confusion. Since Qin Feng was able to use the fist technique so freely, he must have trained for at least 10 years. If that was the case, why had he never trained his body before?

    For external techniques, strength was paramount!

    "Young master, could it be that your master only taught you the fist technique, but never taught you how to break through your limits?"

    This sort of top-class external technique was usually something that was strictly passed down within a family or sect. As such, it wasn't quite appropriate to ask about someone's master. However, Uncle Fu was simply too curious and couldn't help himself.

    "Ahem... Uncle Fu, my master said that I can't reveal too much, so I hope you can understand."

    Qin Feng gave a dry cough. Master? What master? And what was this breaking through the limits thing? Although he wanted to know what it was, he decided to act mysterious because he was afraid of revealing too much.

    "Understood, young master!" Since Qin Feng wasn't willing to say, Uncle Fu wouldn't continue to ask.

    Qin Feng was afraid that Uncle Fu would continue his questioning, so he returned to looking out of the window and feigned disengagement. The rest of the journey was spent in silence, until finally, the car stopped in front of the Royal Clubhouse.

    After entering the Royal Clubhouse, Qin Feng hurriedly rushed to Room 888 and opened the Hedonist Sovereign System as he lay on his bed.

    "Master, you've finally come. This little pig was nearly bored to death!"

    The little, pink pig lightly jumped onto Qin Feng's shoulder and affectionately patted his face with its front hooves.

    Qin Feng patted the little pig back as he smiled and said, "Lil piggy, I have 150 Hedonist Points now. What's the most efficient way I can spend them?"

    Just as Qin Feng spoke, 10 or so items appeared on the blue screen in his mind. They were all worth 150 Hedonist Points or less.

    "Goddamn! Elementary Piano Skills and Elementary Calligraphy Skill cost 100 Hedonist Points?" Qin Feng was flabbergasted when he saw the skills that he had already obtained.

    These two completely useless skills costed even more than the little pig!

    "Master, don't make such a big fuss about it. Half of the time, the Lottery doesn't give anything. Also, the Thunder Tiger Fists that you drew are worth 500 Hedonist Points."

    Qin Feng's mouth twitched. Only now did he realise how lucky he had been with those draws. He quickly calmed himself down and looked through the shop, until his gaze finally fell on a green Elementary Strength Potion.

    "Master, you have comprehension of the Thunder Tiger Fists, but your strength isn't enough. I recommend that you spend 100 Hedonist Points to buy this Elementary Strength Potion to increase your strength."

    [Elementary Strength Potion]: After consumption, the Host's Strength will be raised to 2.

    [Notice]: A normal human's Strength is 1.

    If he drank this Elementary Strength Potion, his strength would be double that of a normal human's.

    "So such a magical potion exists. I want to try 100 bottles!" Qin Feng yelled.

    "Apologies, the Host does not have sufficient Hedonist Points and can only purchase one bottle of Elementary Strength Potion. Would you like to purchase one?" the cold electronic voice replied.

    Qin Feng awkwardly scratched his head, laughing, "This system doesn't have any sense of humour. I was just making a joke... but alright, I'll buy one for now."

    Just as he spoke, a bottle about as tall as a key and that held a green liquid appeared in his hand.

    When Qin Feng quickly took the cap off a faint, medicinal aroma wafted through air. He tilted his head back and drank all of the green liquid in one gulp.

    A wave of warmth flowed through his stomach, passing through all of his veins and arteries. Qin Feng could feel his muscles growing and his bones strengthening. He felt as if he was a tiny sapling bursting out of the soil.

    The sense of warmth became hotter and hotter, until it felt as if there was a powerful ball of air within him, which made it difficult for him to breathe. He roared out, wanting to release whatever was inside him and struck out his fist against the wall.

    A muffled bang sounded out and a small crater appeared in the wall, causing Qin Feng to feel quite shocked.

    "Master, you've completely absorbed the Elementary Strength Potion. Your Strength has risen to 2. Combined with the Thunder Tiger Fists, your Strength is equivalent to 3."

    "3 times' a normal person's strength - that's about 150 kilograms. No wonder it's so powerful." Qin Feng shook his head in awe.

    He felt overjoyed. If he concentrated all of his strength into his fists, hitting an enemy would definitely feel incredibly satisfying!

    "Ding... congratulations Host Qin Feng for spending 100 Hedonist Points in total and becoming a Rank 3 Hedonist Mortal. The system has awarded you with 3 Lottery chances."

    Thinking back to the fact that he had won the Thunder Tiger Fists worth 500 Hedonist Points from the Lottery, Qin Feng felt incredibly thrilled and immediately yelled out, "Draw!"

    "You have not won anything from this Lottery chance, please try again next time!"

    "Again!" Qin Feng exclaimed as he grimaced.

    "You have not won anything from this Lottery chance, please try again next time!"

    "Fudge, this young master doesn't believe that he won't get anything from 3 draws! One more time!" Qin Feng felt a bit nervous. Could it be that he had used all of his luck last time when he drew 3 prizes? Would he draw nothing from these 3 chances?

    Just the mere thought of this was terrifying, more terrifying than seeing a ghost.

    "Congratulations Host, you have drawn a Truesteel Sword!"

    On the screen, an ancient sword spun as it emitted a faint yellow light, causing Qin Feng to feel dumbfounded!

    The Truesteel Sword was one of Yue Wang's 8 legendary swords. It had survived through many millennia and was a priceless item.

    With a slight thought from Qin Feng, the Truesteel Sword from the system appeared in his hands.

    "This sort of top-class sword actually ended up in this young master's hands. Heheh... I like it!"

    With the Truesteel Sword in his hands, Qin Feng couldn't help but swing it around. However, he could only do so randomly, as he didn't know any sword techniques.

    The sword buzzed as it slashed through the air, leaving afterimages in its path. Although it was an ancient sword, its sharpness had not decreased over the ages and it could cut through iron like mud...

    "Lil piggy, how much is this Truesteel Sword worth in the system? And also, where do I keep it?"

    Qin Feng was too attached to the Truesteel Sword to let it go. He was certain that this sword was much more expensive than the Elementary Thunder Tiger Fists.

    It was just that the Truesteel Sword was too sharp and he didn't know how to use it, so he was afraid of hurting himself. Moreover, in the current technologically-advanced day and age, he couldn't just carry around a sword on him.

    Even he would look down on himself if he did that, being a romantic and casual young master Qin.
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