Chapter 16 - Banquet of the Rich and Powerful

    Chapter 16 - Banquet of the Rich and Powerful

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    Editor: Master Shadow

    "Master, the Truesteel Sword is worth 1,000 Hedonist Points. If you return it to the system, you will receive half of its selling price. You can store and retrieve items for free in the system, but this is limited to items from the system. You won't be able to store things from the outside world," the little pig lazily said.

    Qin Feng was incredibly excited. Indeed, the sword was much more precious than the Elementary Thunder Tiger Fists. It was worth 1,000 Hedonist Points and he could store it in the system, which was perfect for him. This system was like a spatial ring, which was incredibly convenient.

    Qin Feng waved his hand and the Truesteel Sword disappeared as it was stored into the system.

    Qin Feng then looked through the system again, seeing if he could spend the remaining 50 Hedonist Points he had. However, after looking through everything, he couldn't find anything worth buying.

    "Young master, the Royal Hotel's cocktail party is about to begin." Uncle Fu had called to remind Qin Feng about the cocktail party.

    As soon as Qin Feng thought about Zhao Ling Xian, he could feel a headache coming on. However, upon thinking about the punishment of losing 3 years from his lifespan, he immediately changed into a stylish white suit and walked out of his room looking like Prince Charming.

    Uncle Fu drove Qin Feng in the Mercedes Benz to the Royal Hotel.

    The Royal Hotel was the largest 5-star hotel in Acropolis City and was also the property of Qin Huang, Qin Feng's father. It was the second most frequented place by Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng walked into the Royal Hotel by himself. Because he had Zhao Ling Xian's quest to complete, he didn't ask Uncle Fu to come with him, in case he discovered something.

    "Young master Qin, the banquet's at the top floor. I'll take you there!"

    Qin Feng's face was like a banknote in the upper-class society - everyone recognised him. He was led by two bellboys to the top floor of the hotel.

    "Young master Qin, you've come!"

    As the elevator opened, a tall beauty wearing a black uniform came over. It was the beautiful manageress, Bai Qing.

    "Manager Bai, you're looking more and more stunning!" Qin Feng unscrupulously looked up and down Bai Qing's body, burning with the desire to grope her sexy body. This caused Bai Qing's eyes to flash with a hint of coldness, but she soon recovered. Putting her hand over her seductive, red lips, she laughed, "Young master Qin, don't joke around. Miss Zhao is already here."

    A week after Qin Feng had rescinded the marriage between the Zhao family and himself, the news had spread throughout the entire upper-class society of Acropolis City. Despite this, only members of the upper-class society had knowledge of this. A manager like Bai Qing had no idea about it, which was why she had said such a thing.

    "Take me to see Miss Zhao!" Upon hearing Bai Qing mention Zhao Ling Xian, Qin Feng's mood quickly soured and he did not continue to flirt with her.

    "This way please, young master Qin!"

    Bai Qing led Qin Feng to one of the banquet halls on the top floor. Seeing Qin Feng walk into the room, Bai Qing's coquettish look disappeared and her face became icy cold, as a glimmer of killing-intent flashed in her eyes.

    As soon as Qin Feng walked in, he saw Zhao Ling Xian sitting at the piano, in front of large, French window.

    She was wearing a sexy, white bouffant gown, with the V extending down to her chest and revealing her perky, snow-white cleavage. Her skirt extended to her knees, revealing a pair of long and slim legs.

    She was like a noble princess and had long since been surrounded by men, but she wasn't affected at all. Under the moonlight and candlelight, she gently played the piano with her sleek fingers. Her eyes were lowered, highlighting how long her eyelashes were and her dark hair fell on her shoulders as she played a beautiful melody.

    Clap clap clap!

    Her performance of Kiss the Rain won the applause from all the males present, and some took this opportunity to offer flattery and compliments.

    Because Qin Feng had rescinded the marriage between Zhao Ling Xian and himself, she was now a single goddess again. The reason most people had come to this banquet of the rich and powerful tonight was to win Zhao Ling Xian's affections and increase their connections with the Zhao family.

    Zhao Ling Xian was the only daughter of the Chairman of the Hong Medical Group, Zhao Da Hai. The person who married her would one day own the property of the Zhao family's medical group.

    "Miss Zhao is both beautiful and talented. I'm simply in awe, in awe!"

    A pretty boy suddenly strutted over. He looked quite handsome and was wearing a custom-tailored suit which showed-off his wealth. Just by walking over, he caused more than half of the males around Zhao Ling Xian to walk off on their own accord.

    This person was called Feng Tian Hua. His father was the Bureau Chief of the Acropolis City's police force, so generally, no one dared to offend him.

    Zhao Ling Xian only glanced at Feng Tian Hua before once again lowering her head to play the piano again. However, she caught sight of Qin Feng standing at the entrance, which caused her eyes to burn with fire as she gnashed her teeth.

    What made her even more furious was that after seeing her, Qin Feng actually smiled and swaggered towards her.

    "Aiya! Miss Zhao's hands are as beautiful and delicate as flowers, and can play the piano so well. It would be a great melody in heaven and a grand performance on earth. I can't help but be in awe, in awe!"

    Qin Feng came over to Zhao Ling Xian and acted extremely admiringly, as he continuously clapped and smiled. This sort of shallow flattery made Qin Feng want to vomit.

    However, he was determined to complete the quest!

    Zhao Ling Xian stared at him in a daze. What the hell was Qin Feng doing?

    She even began to wonder if he really had publicly rescinded the marriage between them. Could that have just been a dream?

    Why else would he come over and say such things?

    However, the surprised look on Zhao Ling Xian's face soon disappeared and was replaced by a frigid expression. She was certain that the humiliation of being thrown away by Qin Feng publicly definitely wasn't a dream, but a reality.

    She looked at him furiously, wanting to dice this hedonistic young master into a thousand pieces, as she gritted her teeth and said, "Young master Qin, it seems that your mental illness is acting up again. Do you want to have your medicine first, then come back?"


    There were quite a few people gathered around Zhao Ling Xian and they were all sons of aristocracy and nobility. Qin Feng couldn't help but feel a bit awkward after being called mentally unwell by Zhao Ling Xian in front of so many people.

    After dry-coughing, Qin Feng looked at Feng Tian Hua, who was evilly grinning, and quickly walked over, using him to change the topic.

    "Hoh, isn't this lil' Feng? You're here as well? How's your father been these days? He hasn't been taken away by someone from above?"

    "Oh, it's good that he wasn't arrested, that's good!"

    Qin Feng laughed as he patted Feng Tian Hua's shoulder, as if he didn't see the other person's darkening face. He didn't even give Feng Tian Hua a chance to speak as he continued to ramble on.

    Zhao Ling Xian, who had been stony-faced, suddenly smiled. She had been annoyed by Feng Tian Hua the moment she had stepped into the banquet hall and she inwardly despised him. Seeing Qin Feng mock him like this made her mysteriously feel happier.

    She never knew Qin Feng had such an interesting side before.

    "Hmph! Who cares if you can be funny. Since you humiliated this lady in public, I'll definitely make you regret it!"

    Qin Feng's looseness and sensualism was something that almost everyone in the Acropolis City knew about and was a topic that was often talked about. People often said that whoever married him must have sinned for eight lifetimes.

    It was evident just how loose and unbridled Qin Feng was.

    Zhao Ling Xian should have felt fortunate to have avoided that marriage with Qin Feng. However, she was incredibly displeased that Qin Feng had publicly rescinded the marriage.

    She inwardly vowed that she would make Qin Feng heavily pay!

    The other young masters all gave up on chasing Zhao Ling Xian as they saw Qin Feng and Feng Tian Hua jab at each other because of her. They simply couldn't afford to offend these two people.

    At this moment, a woman walked in wearing a flame-red qipao, with breasts so full that they were almost bursting through it. Her cleavage seemed almost endless and her legs were long and flawless. Anyone who saw her almost had a nose-bleed.

    The woman had golden, curled hair, a round face, high eyebrows, delicate, beautiful facial features and shining skin. She emitted an air of irresistibility.

    As she walked in, she immediately attracted everyone's attention.

    "Jincheng City's Number 1 beauty, Han Ying Ying is here!"
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