Chapter 19 - Talisman of Lucidity

    Chapter 19 - Talisman of Lucidity

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    "Haha, isn't this just a massage place? I don't really mind; anyone is fine," Qin Feng casually laughed, going along with Feng Tian Hua's act.

    "Young master Qin is being so humble. I heard that any one of the women you've been with is an absolute beauty. I'm not as experienced, so I'll just choose some of the best for young master Qin."

    Feng Tian Hua gave a fake smile and started to look at the long-legged beauties. They all wore revealing clothing and more than half their skin was exposed, which gave the hall an amorous feeling.

    Feng Tian Hua started to feel dizzy. They were all extremely stunning, and every one of them was an excellent beauty. He even started to feel envious of Qin Feng - why did he have to be born to such a good father? He had probably slept with all of these beauties before.

    After looking around, Feng Tian Hua gritted his teeth and chose 3 of the most beautiful ladies.

    He chose a loli, a sexy older sister, and a pure-looking maiden; there was bound to be at least one that Qin Feng was interested in.

    "Young master Qin, are these 3 suitable for your tastes?" Looking at the 3 women he chose, even he wanted to jump on them.

    "Sure, these 3 it is then." Qin Feng casually looked at the 3 women. He wasn't in the mood to do anything with them, and was instead carefully observing Feng Tian Hua.

    "Alrighty... you 3 go with young master Qin tonight then. Make sure you make him feel good tonight, got it?" The 3 chosen women couldn't hide their looks of excitement, and they all smiled as they came to Qin Feng's side.

    "You two, come with me!"

    After arranging things for Qin Feng, Feng Tian Hua evilly smirked. He didn't even look at the remaining women and just casually chose 2 as he pretended to be extremely eager. "Young master Qin, I simply can't wait anymore, so I'm going to take these girls for the night of their lives. I have already arranged Room 666 for you; when you're done, we'll meet in the sauna."

    Feng Tian Hua lewdly smiled towards Qin Feng and hurriedly took the girls and left. Qin Feng wanted to stop him, but he had already disappeared.

    Feng Tian Hua rushed to Room 665 and locked the door. However, he didn't push down the 2 women, but took out his phone and dialled it.

    Very soon, the call connected. "Young master Ma, everything has progressed smoothly. Qin Feng has been brought over and a good play is about to begin!"

    A deep voice replied, "Very good. As soon as they begin, tell your dad to make the arrest. Video evidence is the most persuasive evidence, so make sure you take care of it."

    "Don't worry, young master Ma... alright, Qin Feng entered his room!"

    Feng Tian Hua suddenly hung up and stared at the laptop on the table. The screen displayed the scene within Room 666.

    At this moment, Qin Feng walked into the room while hugging the 3 women.

    "Young master Qin, I'm called Ke'Er. I'm the best at deepthroating, and will make young master Qin feel like he's flying!"

    "Young master Qin, I'm called Nana. My service is very unique as well. Make sure you try it out, young master Qin."

    "Young master Qin, my uniform play is incredibly sexy!"

    The 3 women all fought for Qin Feng's attention, and all pretended to be extremely cute. To be able to serve Qin Feng was like winning the lottery for these women.

    What if the young master Qin took a fancy to them? They would become phoenixes!

    Qin Feng chatted and laughed with the women, and would occasionally touch them here and there as he grinned. However, his mind was furiously thinking.

    Feng Tian Hua had suddenly tried to get closer to him, causing Qin Feng to become wary. He had even arranged 3 women for him, which caused Qin Feng to further sense that something was wrong.

    After thinking for a while, Qin Feng couldn't work anything out, so he decided to talk to the little pig. "Lil piggy, do you know which room Feng Tian Hua is in and what he's doing?"

    The little pig pouted, looking as if it had just woken up as it lazily said, "Master, how am I meant to know?"

    "Goddamn, aren't you always boasting that you're an omnipotent little pig?" Qin Feng said.

    "Of course I'm the omnipotent little pig, but master doesn't have enough Hedonist Points, which has limited my abilities," the little pig said as it looked at Qin Feng scornfully.

    Qin Feng's mouth twitched, unsure of what to say.

    Luckily, the little pig continued to speak, "If you want to see which room Feng Tian Hua is in, that's simple. Master can just buy a Talisman of Lucidity that just so happens to be 50 Hedonist Points."

    "Alright, I'll buy one."

    After thinking it through, Qin Feng spent 50 Hedonist Points to buy a Talisman of Lucidity. He knew that there was something suspicious about Feng Tian Hua, and without knowing what it was, he couldn't be at ease.

    Qin Feng's heart ached as he watched his Hedonist Points fall to 0. A yellow talisman suddenly appeared in his hand; there seemed to be a line of ancient characters written with red cinnabar on it.

    Qin Feng looked at it and found that he didn't recognise a single character.

    "Master, as long as you silently say that you're using the Talisman of Lucidity, the talisman will activate, allowing you to see through things for half an hour," the little pig said as it rolled its eyes. It looked quite proud of itself, which made Qin Feng want to beat it up.

    If he could enter the Hedonist Sovereign System, he would smack its butt until it flowered up.

    "Why didn't you say so earlier?" While he complained, his heart dripped blood.

    Spending 50 Hedonist Points to see through things for half an hour seemed like a massive waste. However, since things were already like this, he could only silently say that he was using the Talisman of Lucidity, and the talisman in his hand disappeared.

    When Qin Feng looked up, he found that the revealing clothes on the 3 women had become transparent as air.

    Those fiery and curvy bodies caused a flame to burn within Qin Feng's heart.

    "No, no, this young master is on serious business," Qin Feng said as he quickly suppressed the fire burning within him and looked away towards the wall. The thick walls all became transparent, as if he was looking through a clear frame.

    From their room, he could even see the place he had been before on the top floor.

    After doing some practice, Qin Feng could easily control the transparency and range of his sight and he could see whatever he wanted.

    However, he didn't feel pleased at all, because after looking around for a long time, he still couldn't find Feng Tian Hua. Instead, he had looked at almost every person's naked figure in every room.

    However, the feeling of being able to see but not being able to touch was both delightful and painful.

    "This young master doesn't believe he can't find him. Where did that lil scumbag go?"

    Qin Feng felt quite annoyed, and started to look around again. This time, he looked through every single room carefully.

    Finally, he found that he was actually right next to him in Room 665. He was eating melon seeds as he looked at a laptop screen with great interest.

    On the laptop screen was himself.

    A rush of killing intent spread through Qin Feng's body.

    His expression darkened and he could roughly guess Feng Tian Hua's goal. He probably wanted to secretly record footage of him to use as blackmail.

    It seemed that this brat was seeking death - he actually dared to try such a thing on him! Qin Feng could already see the scene of Feng Tian Hua bloodied and bruised while kneeling and begging for forgiveness in front of him.

    Wait! This was the Royal Hotel. How could there be a secret camera in his room?

    Suddenly, Qin Feng realised that there was a serious issue, which was that the Royal Hotel had employed a mole who was helping Feng Tian Hua. That person must have installed the camera in Room 666, and from Feng Tian Hua's actions, they seem to have prepared for a long time.

    Qin Feng never would have thought that Feng Tian Hua would be able to bribe a high-ranking employee of the Royal Hotel. After all, it would be impossible for a normal employee to install a camera in this room.

    "This young master has some things to take care of. You 3 stay in here and don't run off," Qin Feng said as he grinned and walked out of the room.

    He was going to have some tea with Feng Tian Hua.

    After walking out, he stood with his back leaning against the door of Room 665. He couldn't open the door without the room card, but with the Talisman of Lucidity, he could see what was going on inside the room.

    Feng Tian Hua looked extremely worried, because on the laptop, Qin Feng had walked out the door. Feng Tian Hua had no idea where he went, and after enduring it for a few minutes, he couldn't sit still anymore. He was afraid that something would go wrong with the plan, and hurriedly opened the door to go out and find Qin Feng. Just as he stepped out, he heard a laugh, which frightened him and caused him to fall flat on his face.

    "Yoh, young master Feng, it turns out you were having fun in the room next to mine."

    "Heh... what are you doing? Why are you kneeling as soon as you see this young master? It's not Chinese New Year yet, so even if you kneel for me, I won't give you any celebratory money." Qin Feng laughed and felt delighted as he looked at Feng Tian Hua rolling around on the ground.

    Feng Tian Hua smashed into the ground, and he felt as if his face was going to open up. He gritted his teeth to endure the pain.

    He quickly calmed himself down, believing that Qin Feng was here out of coincidence. It was impossible for him to find out about his plot.

    Unless... he could see through walls.

    "Young master Qin, please don't joke like that. You came out of nowhere, and gave me a big fright. That's right... why are you here and not enjoying those 3 beauties?" Feng Tian Hua asked.

    "Haha, I thought that there aren't enough people, so it's not very exciting. I'm thinking of bringing them to your room. 2 men and 5 women, isn't that stimulating?"

    Brat, you're a pretty good actor. This young master wants to see how long you can act for.
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