Chapter 20 - Feigning Ignorance

    Chapter 20 - Feigning Ignorance

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    As he spoke, an evil smile appeared on Qin Feng's face. After he had finished speaking, he leapt into Feng Tian Hua's room.

    Feng Tian Hua was still moaning on the ground, but when he saw this, he almost crapped himself. He ignored the pain and hurriedly crawled up as he ran into the room.

    As soon as he entered the room, Feng Tian Hua rushed to the laptop and used his body to prevent Qin Feng from seeing it. If Qin Feng saw this, then he was screwed. The Qin family could send people over in just minutes to destroy him.

    Qin Feng knew exactly what Feng Tian Hua was thinking. So what if he was blocking the laptop? Qin Feng could still see through him. He smiled at Feng Tian Hua, saying, "Lil Feng, why haven't you started yet? Alright, let's go together. The more the merrier, eh?"

    "Young master Qin, don't, please don't. My tastes aren't as heavy as yours, and I simply can't do such a thing." As Qin Feng walked over, Feng Tian Hua erupted into a cold sweat and hurriedly stopped him, terrified he would discover what he had been doing.

    "Lil Feng, don't be shy, we're both men. Alright, I'll go first so you feel better." Qin Feng was done toying with Feng Tian Hua and suddenly pulled him aside. His gaze landed on the laptop as he feigned shock, saying, "Lil Feng, so you like taking videos of these things... eh? Wait a second, this scene on your laptop looks so familiar. Isn't this my room?

    "Lil Feng, what are you doing?" Qin Feng's amicable smile disappeared, and his face darkened as he stared at Feng Tian Hua.

    Feng Tian Hua could feel the hairs on his body standing on end. His legs became soft and he was so frightened that he fell to the ground. He didn't even have the strength to make excuses.

    Seeing how terrified Feng Tian Hua was, Qin Feng inwardly laughed. He had feigned ignorance for such a long time because he was worried that his Talisman of Lucidity would be exposed; he could only 'coincidentally' find out about Feng Tian Hua's plan. Even if there were other people spying, Qin Feng had nothing to worry about.

    "Lil Feng, were you trying to toy with me? I actually treated you as close as my hands and feet and wanted to become friends with you, but you actually did such a thing behind my back. Since you've been so heartless, don't accuse me of being unjust."

    As he spoke, he slapped out with his hand. Feng Tian Hua was just about to beg for mercy, but it was too late.

    His skinny frame was sent flying.

    "Lil Feng, you've truly disappointed me. You know, although I hit your face, I feel the pain inside my heart."

    Before Feng Tian Hua could spit out the blood in his mouth, Qin Feng slapped him again, this time sending 2 of his front teeth flying. At this moment, Feng Tian Hua felt like dying. Inwardly, he screamed, "Goddamn, you're saying how your heart aches, and yet you're still hitting me so hard?! That slap would have crushed your heart!"

    After being slapped twice, Feng Tian Hua's handsome face became incredibly swollen, making him look like a pig. Qin Feng let out a breath and sat down on the sofa. It wasn't that he was tired, but that his hand ached after hitting Feng Tian Hua so hard.

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: intimidate Feng Tian Hua and find out who is the mastermind behind him!"

    "Quest time limit: 3 days."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 100 Hedonist Points; failing will result in the Host being sent to jail."

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: identify the mole in the Royal Hotel."

    "Quest time limit: 7 days."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 100 Hedonist Points; failing will result in the Host losing his shares in the Royal Hotel."

    Shares in the Royal Hotel?

    The second quest issued by the Hedonist Sovereign System puzzled Qin Feng. If he remembered correctly, he didn't own any shares.

    After pondering about it for a while, Qin Feng took out his phone and called Uncle Fu, asking, "Uncle Fu, did my dad transfer some shares in the Royal Hotel to me?"

    When Uncle Fu heard this question, a look of surprise flitted across his eyes. He knew Qin Feng owned shares in the Royal Hotel, and that wasn't all. Recently, Mr Qin had secretly transferred a large number of shares to Qin Feng.

    Only he and Mr Qin knew about this - how did the young master find out about it?

    "That's right, young master! Mr Qin has already transferred all of his shares in the Royal Hotel to young master." After hesitating for a moment, Uncle Fu decided to tell Qin Feng the truth.

    "Alright, I got it." Qin Feng hung up and thought for a moment, but couldn't work out what his father was thinking. However, his main focus wasn't on the shares, but on the 2 quests the system had just issued.

    These 2 quests could only be completed through severe interrogation. Qin Feng went through his call logs and called a number.

    "Looks like this young master needs to find a helper to interrogate people for him."

    He simply wasn't cut out for this since his hand hurt after hitting people.

    "Young master Qin, do you have any orders?" Zhang Biao was currently drinking at a bar. Seeing that Qin Feng had called him, he quickly ducked over to a quiet place before answering.

    "Come to Room 665 at the Royal Hotel alone. Be as quick as possible!"

    Qin Feng ended the call and smiled as he looked at Feng Tian Hua, which caused goose bumps to erupt along Fend Tian Hua's skin.

    10 minutes later, Zhang Biao rushed over.

    Seeing the scene in the room with the 2 men and 2 women, he felt a bit shocked and couldn't understand what was going on.

    During this period of time, Feng Tian Hua had continuously tried to sweettalk Qin Feng, begging him to let him go.

    However, Qin Feng completely ignored him and didn't even bother speaking to Feng Tian Hua. When Zhang Biao arrived, he stood up and asked, "Zhang Biao, how many people have you killed before?"

    Zhang Biao's mouth twitched, and almost fell over in shock. He never thought that as soon as he entered the room, before he even had the opportunity to breathe, Qin Feng would directly ask such a question.

    After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Biao gritted his teeth and truthfully replied, "3!"

    When Zhang Biao spoke, the 2 women were scared stiff. They generally knew what sort of person Zhang Biao was. After hearing that he had already killed 3 people, could it be that Qin Feng wanted to silence them all?

    Wasn't that how all the TV shows played out?

    "Y-Young master Qin and this muscular brother, we didn't hear anything. Our ears suddenly started buzzing just then and we suddenly couldn't hear anything." The two women hurriedly spoke, and they were no less scared than Feng Tian Hua.

    Qin Feng was quite amused by the reactions of the 2 women, and Zhang Biao had no idea what they were on about. Finally, Qin Feng waved, saying, "You 2 can go out. As long as you don't say anything silly, you'll be fine."

    "Thank you young master Qin! Thank you muscular brother!" Having regained their freedom, the 2 women ran for their lives. There were now 3 people left in Room 665.

    "Very good."

    After the 2 women left, Qin Feng came to Zhang Biao's side. He had long since asked Uncle Fu to investigate Zhang Biao, and already knew all of this. Seeing that Zhang Biao hadn't lied, he smiled and patted his shoulder, asking, "So do you mind adding on another one to that?"
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