Chapter 21 - So It Was Him

    Chapter 21 - So It Was Him

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Even if Zhang Biao was an idiot, he would have realised that Qin Feng had called him over to express his determination.

    Once he did this for Qin Feng, he would become trusted by Qin Feng and would truly follow him. He would unswervingly serve Qin Feng from that point onwards.

    It was just that when he saw Feng Tian Hua pitifully kneeling on the ground, the muscles on his face twitched.

    Having mixed in the underworld for so long, he recognised most of the Acropolis City's bureaucrats. In front of him was the only son of the Bureau Chief of the police force, Feng Da Wei. If Qin Feng wanted him to kill this person, Zhang Biao really wasn't sure if he could do it.

    "Young master Qin, please speak!" Zhang Biao hesitantly said.

    "You should know Feng Tian Hua, so I won't bother with introductions. This little scoundrel wanted to plot against this young master. Luckily, I discovered his plot. I want you to finish him off and unswervingly follow me from now on. I guarantee that you'll be treated well!"

    What he had dreaded now became a reality. Zhang Biao felt that this was the most difficult decision he had made in his life, and simply couldn't decide.

    On one side was young master Qin, and on the other was the son of the Bureau Chief of the police force.

    Zhang Biao's head almost exploded from thinking.

    After going through some intense but necessary internal conflict in which he compared Qin Feng and Feng Tian Hua's backgrounds, Zhang Biao gritted his teeth and came before Feng Tian Hua.

    "You little scoundrel, are you blind? You dared to offend young master Qin, so you deserve to die!" Zhang Biao's large hands gripped Feng Tian Hua's neck, and his expression became savage. He expressed his decision through his actions.

    He was large and muscular, whereas Feng Tian Hua was like a skinny monkey. In Zhang Biao's hands, he seemed like a baby chick as he struggled.

    "Goddamn, Zhang Biao, you're friggin' crazy. I'm the only son of your elder Feng Da Wei. If you dare to do anything to me, I'll get my dad to destroy your gang."

    Feng Tian Hua was utterly terrified. Usually, Feng Tian Hua would run away as fast as possible from a thug like Zhang Biao, like a mouse seeing a cat.

    However, he knew that once this sort of person made up their mind, they would do everything in their power to fulfil their mission.

    At this moment, Feng Tian Hua could already see himself strangled to death by Zhang Biao.

    "Wait!" Seeing that the whites of Feng Tian Hua's eyes were showing, and that he couldn't even speak, Qin Feng calmly spoke.

    Zhang Biao quickly let go, and he sat on the ground heavily, breathing raggedly. He was already covered in cold sweat.

    This was what someone from an upper-class family was like - a single word could decide someone's life or death!

    "Lil Feng, it doesn't seem like you're someone who would dare to plot against me. Was there anyone directing you? As long as you tell me, I can consider forgiving you," Qin Feng said as he smiled and walked over to Feng Tian Hua.

    Feng Tian Hua knew just how close he had been to death, and his mental defences had all fallen apart. He was just operating under someone else's orders, and definitely didn't want to give up his life for such a thing.

    Moreover, if he truly angered Qin Feng, it would be difficult for his Feng family to continue existing in the Acropolis City.

    Without hesitating at all, Feng Tian Hua started to spit out words, "Young master Qin, please be magnanimous and spare this little one. This little one had eyes but did not recognise Mount Tai, and was stupid enough to easily believe other people. I don't have the guts to plot against you - it was all that Ma De Hu, that bastard, who told me to do all of this. Everything was under his orders. Young master Qin, please forgive me..."

    Haha! So it was him!

    Hearing Ma De Hu's name, Qin Feng coldly smiled.

    Last time, in order to complete the quest to save Yun Xiao, he had become enemies with Ma De Hu. Qin Feng had ignored him after that, but it seemed that that guy had started to make trouble for him.

    "Very good. Tell me the name of the mole who put the camera in the Royal Hotel, and you can leave!"

    After he heard the system announcement that he had completed the quest, Qin Feng knew that Feng Tian Hua wasn't lying. As such, he decided to see if he could complete the second quest as well.

    "Young master Qin, that, I really don't know. Ma De Hu planted the mole, and I was only in charge of bringing you over. This Royal Hotel belongs to your dad, and I definitely don't have the ability to bribe such a high-ranking employee."

    Feng Tian Hua was so scared that he continuously kowtowed. From how terrified he looked, it didn't seem like he was lying.

    Although he hadn't been able to expose the mole, Qin Feng wasn't worried. Since that person was planted by Ma De Hu, he could just find him and get the answer from his own mouth.

    Since he obtained the information that he wanted, Qin Feng shot Zhang Biao a glance. Zhang Biao immediately understood and punched Feng Tian Hua in the head, knocking him out.

    Of course, Qin Feng wouldn't let Feng Tian Hua off so easily - this was what it meant to 'cut weeds and eliminate the roots'.

    Qin Feng's personality was one where if a person left him alone, he would leave them alone. However, if they conspired against him, he would pull up the roots of their entire family!

    Qin Feng pulled out his phone and called Uncle Fu, asking him to make arrangements for Feng Tian Hua. Afterwards, he gave Zhang Biao some things to do and swaggered out of the Royal Hotel.

    It was time to find Ma De Hu for some tea!

    What sort of tea should he give him? Chrysanthemum tea, Qin Feng thought as he evilly laughed. [TLN: 'chrysanthemum' is sometimes used as slang for 'anus']

    "Uncle Fu, have you traced the phone number that I sent to you?" Qin Feng asked in his black Batmobile as he drove like a hurricane. He had sent Ma De Hu's phone number to Uncle Fu so he could track him down.

    Uncle Fu felt a bit complicated. He had always been protecting Qin Feng from the shadows, and he already knew what had happened at the Royal Hotel.

    Before Qin Feng had done anything, he had already secretly sent a message to Qin Huang and started to collect black evidence against Feng Da Wei so he could report him and get him removed.

    However, he never would have thought that Qin Feng already had a plan, and had used this event to force Zhang Biao to follow him unreservedly.

    Even Uncle Fu was surprised to see such a resourceful, collected, and murderously decisive Qin Feng. Was this still that good-for-nothing young master who only knew how to sleep with girls?

    "Young master, it will take around 10 minutes to accurately pinpoint his location," Uncle Fu replied.

    "That's fine. Make sure you let me know as soon as you've found it." Just as Qin Feng ended his call with Uncle Fu, his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and felt quite shocked.

    It was Ma De Hu.

    After hesitating for a moment, he picked up the call. "Hello?"

    Just as he was feeling annoyed about not being able to find Ma De Hu, that guy had actually delivered himself up. He was quite a bold one.

    "Hahaha, young master Qin, are you trying to look for your elder right now?" Ma De Hu's cold laugh came through the phone. "Feng Tian Hua... that idiot was just a chess piece; so what if you saw through his plot? Your elder's at the factory on Metro Road 83, as well as that sexy teacher of yours, Yun Xiao. If you don't get here within 20 minutes, your elder won't be able to stop himself from jumping on her, hahaha!"
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