Chapter 23 - When this sword is out, what can compare to its sharpness?

    Chapter 23 - When this sword is out, what can compare to its sharpness?

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    "Qin Feng, your elder's going to screw this sexy teacher of yours right in front of you, then make you watch as the Qin family's empire collapses. I'm going to make sure you see your dad get sent into jail and turn you from an invincible, hedonistic young master into a penniless beggar.

    "Haha, that feeling of falling from heaven into hell will definitely feel great. Make sure you savour it well!"

    Before Qin Huang had picked up, Ma De Hu was already acting extremely confidently, as if he had already grasped success in his hands. He looked at Yun Xiao lasciviously as he evilly grinned and walked towards her.

    Seeing Ma De Hu's wicked and ugly expression, Yun Xiao was so scared that she curled up into a ball and desperately screamed, "You beast, piss off! Get away from me!"

    A trace of a cold smile appeared on Qin Feng's face as he did his best to stall for time and absorb the effects of the Rank 2 Strength Potion. However, when he had absorbed half of it, his body stopped reacting and absorbing it.

    Qin Feng couldn't wait anymore after seeing Ma De Hu's evil look on his face; his eyes were red with lust as he looked at Yun Xiao and was about to pull off her clothing. Qin Feng gave a low shout as he sprang over.

    This shout came too suddenly; it was shocking and sounded like a furious lion that had just woken up. Ma De Hu was so scared that he fell to the ground.

    Qin Feng exerted his strength and broke the rope tying his body into pieces, escaping from his bondage.

    "You little scumbag, before you toy with this young master, your granddaddy's going to give you a big gift. Make sure your hands don't shake and that you receive this gift properly!"

    Qin Feng grinned as he rushed towards Ma De Hu. His supposed big gift scared Ma De Hu into trembling. He truly didn't dare to casually receive this gift.

    This was a goddamn sharp sword that was 1 metre long. He had no idea where Qin Feng had gotten it out from!

    The 4 bodyguards were indeed retired veterans who had experienced hundreds of battles. They were able to immediately react, and they sprang towards Qin Feng. Qin Feng had no choice but to change the direction of his sword and swung it towards the 2 people in front.


    The sound of a blade cutting through flesh sounded out, and the air around him slightly trembled and hummed. A sharp aura shot out and filled the entire room.

    The Truesteel Sword in his hands radiated a faint yellow light and could cut through iron like mud. As Qin Feng slashed out, he instantly chopped through the 2 peoples' waists, splitting them in half.

    Their blood furiously spurted out without stopping.

    This was the might of the Truesteel Sword, ranked last out of Yue Wang's 8 legendary swords.

    When this sword is out, what can compare to its sharpness?

    Even Qin Feng was inwardly greatly shocked. This was the first time he had used the Truesteel Sword to fight, and he never would have thought that this ancient sword would still be so sharp.

    This scene came too suddenly, and looked incredibly shocking. The remaining 2 people abruptly stopped and stared in shock at Qin Feng holding the sword. It was as if they had seen a ghost.

    After a moment, the 2 people came back to their senses, but the surprise within their eyes remained. Despite being so close, neither of them had seen where Qin Feng had taken out this sharp sword from.

    "Qin Feng, you... you're goddamn mad!" Seeing the bloody scene, Ma De Hu was dumbfounded. He was marvelling at how lucky he had been that he hadn't tried to do anything stupid like catching the sword as they did on TV.

    Otherwise he would have been split in half!

    Just thinking of that, Ma De Hu uncontrollably trembled.

    The remaining 2 people looked at Qin Feng alertly, and their might disappeared. Neither of them dared to take the initiative to attack Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng swung the sword around, producing a humming sound. Since he had started killing, he was going to kill until he was satisfied.

    His feet lightly tapped the ground as he sped towards the 2 people. He quickly arrived before them and slashed out. In an instant, blood splattered all over the ground as the Truesteel Sword cleft them into two.

    The entire room was now filled with the strong stench of blood!

    In just a few breaths, the entire situation had been overturned. Ma De Hu was so frightened and couldn't stand it anymore, so he tried to turn and flee. He never would have thought that after so much plotting, Qin Feng had destroyed his plans just like that.

    However, just as he stood up, Ma De Hu crashed back down to the ground. His legs had long since lost all strength, and wouldn't listen to him. He could only watch as Qin Feng, holding his metre-long sword, walked towards him like a demon, step by step.

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: investigate the contact person behind Ma De Hu and his father!"

    "Quest time limit: 1 month."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 500 Hedonist Points; failing will result in the Host suffering a bloody catastrophe."

    "What... What do you want?" Seeing the sword that had killed 4 people in a row land on his shoulders, Ma De Hu felt a warmth in his pants and found that he had wet his pants.

    "Tell me, who gave you the gall to oppose my Qin family?" Qin Feng stared at Ma De Hu coldly as he inwardly cheered. This quest had come just at the right time... heheh! Qin Feng was already excited about the 500 Hedonist Points.


    Qin Feng did not hesitate at all. He lowered the sword and one of Ma De Hu's arms flew out.

    The pain of losing an arm caused Ma De Hu to scream horrifically. "Arghhh... it hurts, I'm going to die... Qin Feng, you're fricking crazy; you're a goddamn demon."

    Qin Feng's expression remained calm and cool, as if he was a cold god of death standing straight in front of Ma De Hu. He wasn't sure why, but when he held the Truesteel Sword, he felt as if his entire aura had changed. Ma De Hu, an ordinary person who couldn't fight at all, was just like a mosquito to him.

    Qin Feng turned the sword as he said in a low voice, "I'll give you one last chance. Who gave you the guts to oppose my Qin family?"

    "I, I..."

    Before Ma De Hu finished speaking, Qin Feng cut him off. Qin Feng could already tell that Ma De Hu still wanted to lie because his eyes were rapidly glancing around.

    Qin Feng put a bit more strength into the Truesteel Sword, causing the sword to slightly sink into Ma De Hu's flesh and bones. The pain caused his face to become even paler.

    "Before you speak again, think about the feeling in your right arm. It's not worth it for you to become a cripple to cover for someone else! Save an arm for yourself so you can at least masturbate in the future."

    Qin Feng's words cut into Ma De Hu's heart. It simply wasn't worth it to give up his life to help someone else deal with Qin Feng.

    Plus, what Qin Feng said about masturbation was quite true. After all, he couldn't use his feet. If his feet odour spread to his privates, that would be troublesome.

    "Spare me... Young master Qin, spare this little one. I'll tell you, I'll tell you everything."

    Ma De Hu simply couldn't hold on anymore. He was like a deflated ball as he trembled and spoke, "This, all of this was because of..."
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