Chapter 24 - Qin Residence

    Chapter 24 - Qin Residence

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    Before Ma De Hu could finish his sentence, Qin Feng suddenly felt a cold aura behind him that made it hard for him to breathe. He hurriedly turned around and saw a black shadow disappear like a ghost.

    He looked back at Ma De Hu and found that a throwing knife was buried in between his eyebrows. The throwing knife was buried deep into his head, and his eyes were wide with a look of confusion and reluctance. Ma De Hu was dead.

    Killing to silence him - the mastermind was quite vicious!

    Since Ma De Hu was already dead, Qin Feng didn't plan to continue to stay there. The main reason was because that person in black had been too strong, and it made Qin Feng feel like he was facing death. He quickly picked up Yun Xiao and left.

    They left the abandoned factory and Qin Feng drove in the Lamborghini with Yun Xiao. Neither of them said anything.

    Yun Xiao's gaze was erratic, and her voluptuous body couldn't help but shiver. Evidently, she had been deeply frightened by the scene of Qin Feng killing people with his sword.

    However, Qin Feng didn't know how to comfort Yun Xiao. The appearance of that person in black had also disorientated him. He was already lucky to make it out alive.

    Qin Feng was currently wondering which side that person in black stood on, and why they hadn't attacked him...

    After taking Yun Xiao home, Qin Feng drove quickly to the Royal Hotel. On the way, he had given Uncle Fu a call, and as soon as he got out of the car, he saw Uncle Fu waiting for him outside the entrance.

    "Young master, are you alright?" Uncle Fu asked with concern as he saw Qin Feng.

    In actuality, Uncle Fu didn't even need to ask. After all, he had always been protecting Qin Feng from the shadows.

    "I'm fine, Uncle Fu. Have you investigated Ma Da Long for me?"

    10 minutes ago, Uncle Fu had already collected all information on Ma Da Long. From the records of when he started kindergarten to what he had been doing the previous day, there was nothing missing.

    This was the terrifying might of the Acropolis City's Qin family!

    "Young master, let us talk in the car. Mr Qin found out what happened, and is very worried about you. He asked that you go see him," Uncle Fu replied.

    The 2 of them came to the Mercedes Benz. Uncle Fu drove while Qin Feng sat at the back.

    "Ma De Hu, male, 47 years old, the gang leader of the Acropolis City's south-east Flying Dragon Gang. Recently he's been busy with the Dragon Security Company's development, so there have not been any abnormal movements from him in his private life," Uncle Fu spoke as he drove.

    "Could it be that even Ma De Hu's dad didn't know about him going against the Qin family?" Qin Feng wondered.

    "I've also investigated Ma De Hu, but didn't find anything suspicious either. The mastermind has hidden themselves quite deeply, and they are quite powerful as well. It seems that the Qin family is going to go through a crisis. In future, please be careful when going out, young master!" He couldn't help but frown as he thought back to that masked person's throwing knife.

    That person was just as strong as him, and was a rare expert.

    For the mastermind to have such an expert as a subordinate, how could they not be powerful?

    After quickly driving for a while, the Mercedes Benz arrived at the northwest of the Acropolis City at the base of the massive walls. 2 giant words were written on the walls:

    Qin Residence!

    A large mountainous area was within the walls, which took up a large portion of the northwest region of the Acropolis City. The Qin family's foundation was located here.

    It was located against a large mountain, with an endless view of forest on either side. The security there was absolute first-rate as well.

    On the high walls were a row of muscular men wearing suits. After confirming the car with binoculars, they hurriedly opened the gates and allowed them in.

    As they drove in, they drove past a small forest before coming to the inner region of the Qin Residence. In front of them was a luxurious-looking villa.

    "Feng'Er, Uncle Fu, you're here!" As Qin Feng and Uncle Fu got out of the car, a man wearing a white Tang suit walked over.

    He was tall and burly with a stalwart face. It was the richest man in the Acropolis City, Qin Huang.

    "Dad!" Qin Feng bowed towards Qin Huang. This was one of the traditions passed down in their family.

    "Feng'Er, you're back." Qin Huang's sharp and black eyes looked up and down Qin Feng. Seeing that he was uninjured, he felt incredibly relieved.

    "Dad, there's something I want to talk to you about. Let's go upstairs."

    "Okay, let's go. Dad also has something he wants to talk to you about."

    Uncle Fu stood guard at the villa's entrance. The father and son came to the top floor of the villa, where there was a terrace. At the centre of the terrace was a place for barbecues and to the right was a reasonably-sized open-air swimming pool.

    Qin Feng was sweaty from his battle, so he took off his clothes and jumped into the pool. After swimming a lap, he stuck his head out as he took in a deep breath and said, "Dad, there's someone who wants to take down our Qin family. They seem to have a powerful background."

    Qin Huang was sitting under an umbrella as he drank red wine. His unfathomable eyes gazed into the distance. From here, one could see nearly half of the Acropolis City, and even the southeast nightlights could be seen from there.

    "Feng'Er, it must have been hard on you. You've indeed grown up." Qin Huang suddenly looked at Qin Feng as he said seriously, "Uncle Fu has already spoken to me about this. This enemy won't be easy to deal with, but our Qin family isn't easily bullied either."

    "I've already dealt with Feng Da Wei. A few minutes ago, he was taken away by people from above him and will be punished accordingly. As for the Ma family's father and son, I'll get someone to make them disappear."

    "Dad, have you found anything? Do you know who's behind this?" Qin Feng swept his head back as he earnestly asked his father.

    Finding out who was behind Ma De Hu was a quest from the Hedonist Sovereign System. Qin Feng couldn't not place importance on it.

    Qin Huang's eyes flashed with a poisonous look, comparable to that of a snake. He was full of anger thinking about the fact that someone was plotting against the Qin family and had even nearly harmed Feng'Er.

    20 years ago, he had brought the newly-born Qin Feng to Acropolis City.

    After 20 years of struggling and building up from nothing, he had finally arrived to where he was. During this period of time, there had been countless enemies in the open and in the shadows, and he had experienced many storms. This man, who was as grand and imposing as a mountain, had never frowned because of these things before.

    However, this time, after thinking for a while, Qin Huang felt quite disappointed and showed a hint of worry as he said, "We couldn't find anything useful. The enemy this time is quite powerful, so Feng'Er, you have to be especially careful from now on. Make sure you take Uncle Fu with you wherever you go. I'm just worried that this time it's those people from the capital..."

    "Ai... let's not talk about this." Qin Huang suddenly stopped speaking and didn't say what he had been suspecting. He felt that it wasn't the right time to talk to Qin Feng about these things yet.

    He breathed in deeply and the heavy look on his face disappeared, replaced with a warm smile as he said, "You stinking brat, I heard from Uncle Fu that you secretly learned an external fist technique."

    "Ahaha, not at all, I was just playing around and learned some tricks." Qin Feng was afraid that his father would investigate his Thunder Tiger Fists skill, so he awkwardly scratched his head as he tried to play it down.

    It wasn't that he didn't trust his father, but this system was simply too incomprehensible. Even if he told his dad, he doubted that he would believe him.

    "Don't try to pretend in front of your ol' dad. Uncle Fu said that your fist technique is vigorous and mighty and is definitely top-class. Apparently you must have trained for at least 10 years. Boy, you've hidden it quite well - even your ol' dad didn't notice anything."

    Qin Huang laughed as he patted Qin Feng's shoulder, "This is good news for you, so I won't ask where you learned it from. As long as you like it, you should continue to wholeheartedly train."

    Hearing this, Qin Feng inwardly let out a sigh of relief. Qin Huang continued to speak, "That's right, I recently transferred some of my shares to you. Next month, I want you to start working at the Royal Group. I'll get someone to teach you how to manage the group."

    Work? Manage the group?

    Qin Feng's mouth twitched and felt his dad was quite brave. Was he not afraid that he would run the company to the ground in 3 days?

    Qin Huang wanted him, a hedonistic young master, to go to work and manage the company? Qin Feng almost laughed out loud.

    "What are you smirking about? Stop mucking around and get serious. You're already 20-years-old - when your dad was 20-years-old, I just arrived at the Acropolis City with you. By that age, I experienced every sort of hardship. You on the other hand, have lived such a good life and only know how to leech off your ol' dad."

    Qin Huang suddenly became strict, and Qin Feng didn't dare to quibble with him. He put on an act of eagerly listening, and Qin Huang continued to speak, "There's one more thing: I've arranged a marriage for you in the capital."


    Although he was in front of Qin Huang, Qin Feng couldn't help but curse out loud.

    This piece of news left him completely flabbergasted.

    He even completely forgot about the matter about going to work. He looked at Qin Huang in shock and horror, and after he recovered, he hurriedly protested, "Dad, you arranged another marriage for me? Last time with the Zhao family's Zhao Ling Xian, you didn't even ask me before arranging the marriage. It was so hard for me to rescind that marriage, and yet you've done it again. Do you want to kill your child?!" At that moment, Qin Feng felt like running into a wall and dying.

    He even began to wonder if Qin Huang had picked him up from the rubbish dump.

    "Stop being so ridiculous. How is a marriage going to kill you?" This time, Qin Huang didn't go along with what Qin Feng wanted. He steeled his face as he emphatically said, "You have the face to speak like that? Do you know how much trouble you brought to the Qin family by your selfish renunciation of the marriage with the Zhao family? You do nothing all day except sleep with girls. You're truly blind not to appreciate a good girl like Ling Xian. This time, I wanted to find you a better girl to tie you up with to change your attitude. If you dare to rescind this marriage, we'll see if your ol' dad doesn't dare to break your dog legs!"

    If I have dog legs, then you also have dog legs, and your whole family have dog legs!!

    Qin Feng inwardly grumbled, but he didn't dare to say such a thing out loud. He continuously pleaded with Qin Huang about this sudden marriage, but Qin Huang didn't give in at all. Finally, he could only gloomily leave the Qin Residence.

    After today's events, Qin Feng realised that he was still quite weak. He was determined to do more quests to become stronger.

    After Qin Feng left, Qin Huang stood in front of a large French window, frowning as he looked out towards the vibrant city lights and spoke to himself, "There's still 1 year until the Qin Family's Clan Gathering. Could it be that those people couldn't resist and started to act now?"
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