Chapter 25 - Breaking through his limits

    Chapter 25 - Breaking through his limits

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    Editor: Phoobiee

    "Second young master, how should this person be disposed of?"

    A young and arrogant-looking man wearing elegant clothes was comfortably lying on a sofa within a luxurious villa in the Acropolis City. His pair of sharp and cold eyes fell on Ma De Hu's body on the ground.

    Because he had died for quite a while, the blood on his body had already solidified.

    "A piece of trash, he deserved his death!" The man didn't sympathise with Ma De Hu at all, and didn't even bother looking for him for longer than necessary.

    It was this piece of trash who had caused his plot against the Qin family to fail. Even if Ma De Hu hadn't died, this second young master would have personally disposed of him.

    The masked person in front of this second young master was called Uncle Ghost. He came and left without a trace, and was extremely fast. That was why he was referred to as such.

    He was the expert who had killed Ma De Hu with the throwing knife in the abandoned factory. He waved his hand and 2 of his subordinates came over and dragged Ma De Hu's body away.

    In those 2 peoples' eyes, Ma De Hu's life was worth less than even that of an ant's. Before, the second young master was absolutely confident that his operation would cause the Qin family father and son to take a massive blow. He had first bribed a high-ranking employee at the Royal Hotel to video Qin Feng's actions, then kidnapped Qin Feng to force Qin Huang to give up his shares. Finally, he would have constructed some illegal structures using the Royal Group's businesses and taken down the Acropolis City's Qin family.

    However, things had not gone as planned, and everything was now a mess.

    "Second young master, the intelligence on that brat, Qin Feng, was incorrect. He wasn't a weak and useless hedonist young master. Instead, his martial arts were quite good and he had a crafty mind. We've underestimated our enemies. Moreover, Yuan Fu was always guarding him from the shadows, so I didn't have any opportunity to kill him."

    Yuan Fu was Uncle Fu's real name. 20 years ago, this name that had incomparable power and could shake the martial arts world, had disappeared, and very few people knew what happened to him. The only reason the masked man had not acted against Qin Feng was because he had discovered Uncle Fu's presence.

    The fact that Qin Feng knew martial arts was something that the second young master didn't expect. None of the intelligence he had gathered had mentioned this. However, from what Uncle Ghost said, Qin Feng had just reached the strength of a Stage 2 expert. To the young man, this was nothing.

    "Hmph... so what if he knows martial arts? They're still too tender to fight against this young master!" The young man's eyes flashed with a crafty look as he laughed, "Uncle Ghost, leak to Ma Da Long that Ma De Hu was killed by Qin Feng. We can throw this chess piece away now. He won't be able to deal any fatal blows to Qin Feng. Go to the Acropolis City and find a few more people to work with, using criteria to choose powerful people. Right now, we still have 2 important chess pieces; it's time to use 1 of them."

    "Haha... the Qin family is bound to fall at this young master's hands, sooner or later."


    By the time Qin Feng arrived at the Royal Hotel, it was already around 10pm. Zhang Biao was still waiting at Room 665. He was standing at the door, keeping watch with a savage glare towards the 3 women and 1 man. His natural demonic demeanour scared Feng Tian Hua and the others into trembling.

    "Young master Qin, you're back!" Seeing Qin Feng walk in, Zhang Biao quickly withdrew his furious gaze and he walked over while smiling.

    Qin Feng glanced at the 3 people in the room and waved his hand, chasing them away.

    Since Feng Da Wei had already been removed from his position, Feng Tian Hua's life was going to fall from heaven to hell. This sort of punishment was even worse than beating him a hundred times.

    "Ah Biao, did anyone go to Room 666?" Qin Feng asked once only Zhang Biao and himself were left in the room.

    Before he left, he considered that the mole in the Royal Hotel would return to Room 666 to dispose of the camera. It was impossible for that camera to remain in the room forever with how the Royal Hotel was managed.

    As such, he arranged for Zhang Biao to stand guard here and monitor the situation.

    Zhang Biao didn't dare to neglect the duties given to him by Qin Feng in the slightest, and had continuously stood guard at the door. He had carefully observed the scene outside, and had actually discovered something.

    "Young master, ever since you left until now, only a woman wearing the hotel's uniform entered. I saw that her name badge said 'Bai Qing'," Zhang Biao respectfully replied.

    Bai Qing?

    Qin Feng raised his eyebrows. He never would have thought that the mole would have been that woman. She hadn't entered the Royal Hotel for very long, but had proved to be very capable. As such, she had quickly climbed up to the position of Manager in the hotel. He never thought that Ma De Hu would have placed her here as a mole.

    "Ding... congratulations Host Qin Feng for identifying the mole in the Royal Hotel. You have received 100 Hedonist Points."

    The cold electronic voice confirmed that Bai Qing was definitely the mole.

    After confirming Bai Qing's identity, Qin Feng wasn't in a hurry to expose her. Right now, there was someone trying to take down the Qin family. The Qin family was in the light, while they were in the darkness. Now that he had lost Ma De Hu, he wanted to use Bai Qing to uncover their identity.

    Qin Feng gave Zhang Biao some instructions then allowed him to leave. Qin Feng was completely spent. He had used the Thunder Tiger Fist and the Truesteel Sword to defeat 4 retired veterans, expending all of the energy he had. Right now, all he wanted to do was sleep.

    He lay on the soft bed in Room 665 and prepared to sleep there for the night.

    After this crisis, Qin Huang did a sweep of all employees. Currently, the security at the Royal Hotel was abnormally strict. He was no longer worried about anyone coming in to plot against him.

    Qin Feng lay on the big bed and opened the Hedonist Sovereign System. There was still half of the Rank 2 Strength Potion that he had not absorbed, and how much he had absorbed didn't seem to have increased any further from there.

    "Lil piggy, what's going on?" Qin Feng asked in confusion.

    "Master's body is too weak and can't withstand the increase in power the Rank 2 Strength Potion would bring. Only by breaking through your limits can you completely absorb the potion." The little pig had run out from the system and was currently lying on Qin Feng's stomach, naughtily tickling him with its hooves.

    "Break through the limit? How do I do that?"

    Qin Feng froze for a second. He remembered that back when he had asked Uncle Fu about the weakness of the Thunder Tiger Fists, Uncle Fu had mentioned breaking through the limit. However, because he was worried that he would expose something, he didn't ask anything about it. And now, his body was limited and couldn't fully absorb the Strength Potion, so Qin Feng once again had to return to this question.

    "Humans are a mysterious type of being. There are tens of thousands of elements that can be awoken. Once they break out, unimaginable power can be released."

    The little pig looked quite proud of its immense knowledge and raised its chubby little head as it said, "I'm sure master has seen on the news situations where a father has saved his child from under a car by lifting up a car that weighs thousands of kilograms; also, after some people's bodies broke through their limits, their brain's reaction became incredibly fast. Some can add, minus, multiply, and divide five-figure numbers in their heads incredibly quickly. These are all signs of breaking through the limit."

    After hearing what the little pig said, Qin Feng suddenly thought of the female hero, Huang Rong, from The Legend of the Condor Heroes. She was able to calculate the cube root of numbers that were in the ten millions, and could solve a simultaneous equation with 19 variables instantly.

    Although she was a figure from a wuxia novel, there were people like this in real life as well. There were probably a small handful of people whose brains had broken through the limit to such an extent.
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