Chapter 26 - Crazily Refining His Body

    Chapter 26 - Crazily Refining His Body

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    The little pig continued to speak, "According to the Hedonist Sovereign System's accurate calculations, a human's body can break through the limit 9 times. The further you go, the more difficult it becomes. After breaking through, your body will become stronger and will be able to store more power. Your abilities in various areas will also become more powerful. This process is called 'body refining'.

    "As long as master continuously tempers his body, perseveres and grasps the opportunity to break through, breaking through the limits will actually be quite simple!" The little pig shook its tail, annoyingly.

    Qin Feng rolled his eyes in frustration. It's not like you're the one that has to break through - of course it would seem like that to you.

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: break through the first layer of your body's limit!"

    "Quest time limit: 15 days."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 200 Hedonist Points; failing will result in the Host's body never being able to break through."

    This quest's punishment was incredibly cruel. Qin Feng spent the entire night complaining and grumbling.

    In the early morning of early May, sunshine beamed on the Acropolis University and there were quite a few people at the sports field. Some were doing morning exercise, while many more were pervs who had come to look at the long legs.

    "Holy crap, what the hell is this?!"

    A male student who was drooling while looking at the beautiful legs around him suddenly cried out as if he had seen a ghost. In his field of vision, he suddenly saw two incredibly thick legs, with calves almost as thick as the thighs.

    For a leg-fetishist, this was simply unacceptable!

    However, when he closely examined them, he found that these were a man's calves. Furthermore, it wasn't that his calves were incredibly thick, but that he had bound sand bags to them.

    "Using sand bags to lure in chicks in the morning - this guy is quite the determined one!" The male student evidently believed that the other person had bound sand bags to their legs while running to attract girls.

    The male student picked his nose as he condescendingly looked towards the face of the person. He wanted to see just how ugly someone had to be to do such a thing. However, as soon as he saw who it was, he stared with wide eyes and a gaping mouth, as his snot dried on his finger.

    "Fudge, is that the sensualistic young master, Qin Feng?" Upon seeing Qin Feng's handsome appearance, the male student fell in a daze for a few moments before screeching in a high voice.

    He was completely dumbfounded. The young master of the Qin family was indeed the Seducer Sage. He had even put his life on the line in order to seduce girls.

    His shouts attracted the other students' attention. They all looked towards Qin Feng as their jaws dropped to the ground. Even the soccer team's players, who were burning with passion, stopped playing as they stared into the distance.

    These people probably wanted to gouge out their eyeballs and give them a good clean. Otherwise, why would they be hallucinating that the sensualistic young master, Qin Feng, was doing morning exercise?

    Zhao Ling Xian was wearing a black exercise top and shorts, and looked extremely stunning. Her exposed thighs were extremely eye-catching, and her tall and sexy figure was one of the reasons why she had persisted in doing morning exercise. Just like always, Zhao Ling Xian came to the sports field in the early morning, preparing to work up a sweat.

    However, as soon as she walked onto the sports field, her pupils constricted, as a look of shock appeared in her beautiful eyes.

    "Qin Feng? Isn't he usually dropped off and picked up by a chauffeur? That hedonistic young master who can't be bothered to even walk a few extra steps has come to do morning exercise? He even has sand bags bound to his legs and each of them look they weigh at least 5 kilograms."

    Zhao Ling Xian found that Qin Feng was becoming harder and harder to understand. Ever since the cocktail party, it was as if he had become a different person. Looking at him now, she felt as if his very nature had changed.

    He wasn't seducing women, but had instead come to the sports field to do morning exercise!

    Qin Feng had long since noticed the quiet discussions going on around him. He made a wry face - if it wasn't to break through his limits and become stronger, why would this young master come so early to do morning exercise?

    A 7.5-kilogram sandbag was bound to each of his legs, so he wasn't running very fast. However, his steps were filled with power and he maintained a steady rhythm as he ran.

    Qin Feng's forehead was covered with sweat, but he didn't wipe it off. The loose muscles in his legs were slowly becoming tighter and there was a look of extreme concentration on his face. He looked into the distance, determined to persevere until he broke through.

    There were no shortcuts to break through the limit. Only by tempering himself and persisting would he have the opportunity to break through. This was the path everyone who wanted to become strong had to pass through - body refining.

    Every strong person had walked step by step on this path and Qin Feng was no exception.

    One lap, two laps, three laps...

    Qin Feng maintained a steady pace - not too fast and not too slow - and ran lap after lap on the sports field.

    Four laps, five laps, six laps...

    Now, there were more and more people coming to watch. All of them made a large circle around the sports field, looking in surprise as they talked about Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng completely ignored the spectators who had come to have some fun. By the time he was on his seventh lap, he felt incredibly lethargic, as if his body had been emptied of all its strength. However, his eyes remained resolute and he didn't even think about giving up. He continuously, inwardly muttered, "Hang on! This young master must hang on!"

    Seven laps, eight laps, nine laps...

    Qin Feng's steady rhythm slowed down, as he became slower and slower. By the end, it was as if he had stopped. However, those who were carefully observing found that he hadn't truly stopped, but was just moving at the pace of a snail. He was still taking tiny steps forwards.

    He was incredibly tired, and his eyes were almost closed. He looked as if he would fall asleep at any moment. His arms powerlessly hung by his side and his legs were bent. His entire body was leaning forwards and he looked like a zombie. However, he had never stopped, not even for a single moment.

    This was because deep in his subconscious, there was a voice continuously telling Qin Feng not to give up, that he couldn't give up no matter what...

    Seeing this scene, the completely packed sports field fell silent. All of the spectators had strange looks on their faces and breathed raggedly.

    If they hadn't personally seen this, no one would have believed that the hedonistic young master, Qin Feng, had such determination.

    A small voice suddenly cheered, "Do your best, young master Qin!"

    This voice was quite weak and shaky, but in the silent sports field, everyone heard it clearly. It sounded like thunder erupting in their hearts.

    Everyone's gaze immediately fell on Lin Bei Bei. Upon seeing this beauty with her gentle and weak demeanour, everyone's eyes lit up.

    After the introverted Lin Bei Bei suddenly became the focus of attention, she tightly gripped the corners of her clothes, as an embarrassed and flustered look appeared on her face. She had heard people discussing that Qin Feng was running at the sports field, so she came to have a look in curiosity.

    Lin Bei Bei felt moved inwardly when she Qin Feng's resolute appearance. Thinking to all the help he had given her over the past few days, she suddenly raised her head and looked at Qin Feng who was slowly advancing. Her expression became determined as she yelled out.

    "Keep going, Qin Feng! You can do it, Qin Feng!"

    This voice was clear, resonant, and full of confidence!

    At this moment, there was only Qin Feng in her eyes!

    After the vast sports field fell silent, it was as if someone ignited a fuse which caused everyone to fire up. A loud shout came from Yun Xiao, like a troop of soldiers rushing into battle.

    "You can do it, young master Qin!"

    "My god... young master Qin, you're too cool! You have to hang on! I've already become your loyal fan!"

    "Young master Qin, as long as you don't stop, we won't go to class and will continue to cheer you on!"

    Qin Feng, who was completely exhausted by now, was shocked by the voices. He looked over and found that at some point, the sports field had turned into a sea of people.

    These peoples' eyes had completely lit up as they looked at him, with more excitement than himself. The treatment he was receiving was like he was an Olympic runner.

    He deeply breathed in and started to laugh, as his eyes became focused again and his pace increased.

    "Holy fudge! Look, young master Qin's speeding up!"

    "Wow... young master Qin's too cool. It'd be awesome if he could fancy me."

    "He really did get faster! Young master Qin's been continuously speeding up!"

    Qin Feng could feel his body gradually recovering its strength and the corners of his lips lifted upwards. He opened the Hedonist Sovereign System and saw that the remaining half of the Rank 2 Strength Potion was slowly being absorbed by his body.

    He felt as if he had been reborn and a sense of ecstasy washed over him that he had never experienced before. He was incredibly excited - his chance to break through had come so quickly.

    The Acropolis University's third round of classes for the day had already concluded, and all of the teachers and lecturers were incredibly confused. Practically no one had come to their classes and it seemed like these students had all agreed to skip class together.

    The massive campus was much quieter than usual, while on the sports field, emotions burned bright. It was completely packed, and those who found out late could only press against the rails outside, looking at the scene from afar.

    Everyone was holding their phones high in the air, taking photos and videos. Some students who had no idea what was going on thought that some superstar had come to the Acropolis University for a concert.

    Twenty one laps, twenty two laps, twenty three laps...

    Every time Qin Feng ran a lap, the students would count for him. The entire morning, through his sheer willpower, he had run 23 laps with 15 kilograms of sand bags tied to his legs.

    "Qin Feng, do you want to take a break and have some water?" Seeing the fire burning in Qin Feng's eyes, Lin Bei Bei felt as if this loose and hedonistic young master had become a completely different person.

    It was as if his whole body was shining, and it had a strange attractiveness to it.

    "Sure, thanks little sister Lin!" Qin Feng stopped beside Lin Bei Bei and took the bottle of water from her, as he patted her dark and glossy hair.

    This loving scene made all of the male students' faces darken, and they all sighed as they felt incredibly downhearted.

    Even the untouchable, pure goddess Lin Bei Bei was going to be seduced by him!

    At this moment, a beautiful and eye-catching woman who had seen this became so angry that she began to gnash her teeth. She was angry to the point that flames seemed to shoot from her beautiful eyes. She was holding a sports drink in her hands, hesitating as to whether she should give it to Qin Feng. However, it seemed that this was no longer necessary.

    "Stinking loose man... bastard... people like you should just thirst to death!"

    This woman was the number one beauty of the Arts Department, Zhao Ling Xian. She threw the sports drink on the ground as she silently cursed him and left in a huff.
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