Chapter 28 - Battle of Life And Death

    Chapter 28 - Battle of Life And Death

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    Yu Wen Xiang's expression changed. He hurriedly withdrew his right foot as he also punched out towards Qin Feng and roared, "Hmph, your elder's going to break your arm with this punch."

    The two fists collided, resulting in an intense sound.

    Qin Feng maintained his punching-pose, while Yu Wen Xiang stumbled back a few steps. His arm felt numb and his face was covered with shock.

    This scene caused the sports field to erupt into noise. Contrary to all expectations, Qin Feng had actually come out on top in an exchange of fists between himself and the Taekwondo club's captain.

    Not too far away, on a viewing platform, two elegantly-dressed young men sat at a large, round table under an umbrella. They drank cold, freshly squeezed juice as they casually watched the fight.

    These two people were the other two young masters of Acropolis University's 4 Young Masters - Li Shao Jie and Hua Ming.

    "Big brother Li, that kid Qin Feng was pretty good at pretending. He actually knew how to fight." Evidently, Hua Ming was also completely dumbfounded to see that Qin Feng could fight.

    Li Shao Jie ignored Hua Ming. When he saw Qin Feng's vigorous and mighty punch, his eyes flashed as he smiled. "Interesting."

    Feeling the looks of derision from all around him, Yu Wen Xiang almost became insane with anger, his face turning cold and savage. He never would have thought that Qin Feng would have also learned an external fighting technique.

    However, that was all there was to him. He had simply underestimated his opponent, which had allowed Qin Feng to gain the upper hand in that bout. With his strength as a Stage 3 expert, he could release four times' a normal person's strength. From the exchange just then, he concluded that Qin Feng was at most at Stage 2, which was nothing to him.

    Yu Wen Xiang suddenly roared and charged at Qin Feng. The cold aura he emitted caused many students to take a few steps backwards.

    It was obvious that this time, he was fully serious!

    Qin Feng narrowed his eyes as he saw Yu Wen Xiang charging towards him like an enraged beast. He felt a sense of danger and didn't dare to be negligent, putting all of his strength into his punch as he struck out.

    This time, the sound from the collision was much louder and scared many people.

    Qin Feng felt a wave of energy blast through his entire arm, which then spread through his whole body as he was sent flying.

    As soon as he hit the ground, Qin Feng spat out a mouthful of blood. Everyone around exclaimed in shock and many of the timid females covered their eyes, not daring to look at the bloody scene. This battle had turned out to be exciting, like the battles between experts from wuxia novels.

    Lin Bei Bei was so scared that she turned white as a sheet. She hurriedly ran over to Qin Feng and frowned as she asked, "Qin Feng, are you alright? Don't keep fighting; I'll take you to the hospital."

    Qin Feng waved his hand and sat up, indicating to Lin Bei Bei that he was fine. That punch had been too powerful, and although Qin Feng had used the Thunder Tiger Fists which unleashed three times' a normal person's strength, he still felt as though his internal organs had all been shifted.

    However, inwardly, he still felt incredibly excited. This was because his body had completely absorbed the Rank 2 Strength Potion and was now filled with power. He felt like he was going to explode.

    Unknowingly, Qin Feng had broken through the limit. He had truly stepped into the realm of the Stage 1 experts and had officially stepped onto the path of martial cultivation!

    Having completely absorbed the Rank 2 Strength Potion, Qin Feng's strength, combined with the Thunder Tiger Fists, could unleash 4 times' a normal person's strength.

    Qin Feng was completely confident in facing Yu Wen Xiang in such a condition!

    "Ding... congratulations to Host Qin Feng for breaking through the first layer of your body's limit. You have received the reward of 200 Hedonist Points."

    "Ding...the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: break through the second layer of your body's limit!"

    "Quest time limit: 1 month."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 500 Hedonist Points; failing will result in the Host's body staying in Stage 1 for 1 year."

    As he saw the 300 Hedonist Points he had in the system, Qin Feng's lips slightly curved upwards. He would be able to exchange them for more goodies.

    "Qin Feng, it's not too late to apologise and beg for mercy." Yu Wen Xiang's furious expression finally lightened up with satisfaction as he smiled, "After all, I'm sure you're used to being loose and sensualistic - only playing with women but not emotions. You're definitely chasing after Miss Lin for her body."

    Yu Wen Xiang looked towards Lin Bei Bei. He wanted to expose his motives and make her see his true nature so that she would stay away from him.

    However, all he could see was disgust in her eyes. How could she not be disgusted by him? He had hit Qin Feng until he had spat out blood - this was simply contemptible.

    As for saying that Qin Feng was only after her body, that was impossible. He had many opportunities to take her body, but he had done nothing.

    Even last night, Lin Bei Bei had gone to Room 888 at the Royal Clubhouse using the room card he had given her. She had waited for him for an entire night, but he hadn't come.

    "Young master Yu, we're all fellow students here. I think you hitting him to this state is enough." Lin Bei Bei stood in front of Qin Feng and mustered her courage as she spoke out.

    "Hmph... Qin Feng, you're a man, right? Why are you hiding behind a woman?" Seeing that Lin Bei Bei was determined to stand by Qin Feng, Yu Wen Xiang was so infuriated that he felt like he was also going to spit out blood.

    Yu Wen Xiang didn't waste any words. He went around Lin Bei Bei and quickly stepped in front of Qin Feng, wanting to hit him while he was down. It seemed that Yu Wen Xiang wasn't going to stop if he didn't turn Qin Feng into a cripple.

    "Haha, I'm going to have to disappoint you. This time, this young master has really gotten involved with emotions!" When Yu Wen Xiang's fist came close, Qin Feng coldly laughed and suddenly jumped up. He was almost twice as fast after breaking through the limit and as he nimbly avoided Yu Wen Xiang's attack, he counterattacked with his own punch.

    This punch hit Yu Wen Xiang in the waist, with four times' a normal person's strength.

    Two hundred kilograms of force struck Yu Wen Xiang's body, causing him to fly like a broken kite.

    Yu Wen Xiang landed heavily on the ground as blood burst out from his mouth. His two lackeys hurriedly propped him up as they hatefully glared at Qin Feng.

    "Well? It's your turn to beg for mercy." Qin Feng patted the dust off himself as he calmly looked at Yu Wen Xiang.

    Yu Wen Xiang's Tang suit was now covered with dirt and he looked like a sorry figure. His eyes flashed with amazement - he was completely shocked by Qin Feng's sudden explosion in strength. This guy had evidently just stepped into Stage 2 and yet was able to release the power of a Stage 3 expert, making it impossible for him to completely defend.

    Of course, if he knew that Qin Feng was only at Stage 1, it would be impossible to imagine what his reaction would be like.

    Yu Wen Xiang looked as if he had just eaten a fly. After remaining silent for a while, he gritted his teeth and said, "Qin Feng, this fight was a draw. I want to have a 'battle of life and death' with you in 1 month at the Taekwondo dojang."

    After saying this, Yu Wen Xiang angrily left.
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