Chapter 29 - Incredible Boasting

    Chapter 29 - Incredible Boasting

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    Editor: Master Shadow

    Yu Wen Xiang had not said those words out of blind anger. He had put in much hard work to reach Stage 3 in external techniques and could break through at any time. It was likely that with his family's support, he would be able to break through to Stage 4 in external techniques within a month.

    When that time came, he would be able to unleash 5 times' a normal person's strength. That would be the date of Qin Feng's death...

    Although Yu Wen Xiang had already exited the sports field the words he left were like a thunderstorm that sent everyone into a frenzy.

    A battle of life and death meant that both sides signed a waiver agreeing that if one party killed the other, they would not take any responsibility.

    Only bloody vengeances would instigate such battles.

    "Goddamn, a battle of life and death. Big brother Li, Yu Wen Xiang's gone crazy." Even on the viewing platform, Hua Ming, who had seemed like he was on a holiday, couldn't stay calm. "However, this Qin Feng guy is becoming more and more interesting. Big brother Li, should we go play with him?"

    Li Shao Jie's unfathomable eyes looked at Qin Feng from afar for a while and he suddenly said, "If you want to play, go play. I' not interested."

    The fight had concluded and Qin Feng had broken through his limit. He didn't need to continue to run around the sports field, so the spectating students all dispersed and it became empty again.

    "Young master Qin, are you really alright?" When most of the people had left, Lin Bei Bei mustered enough courage to run over to Qin Feng and ask while holding his arm.

    Standing so close together, Qin Feng could smell Lin Bei Bei's fragrance and he smiled, saying, "Don't call me young master Qin. Call me Qin Feng, like just then. Did you sleep well at the Royal Clubhouse last night?"

    After finding out that Lin Bei Bei didn't have anywhere to stay, Qin Feng had given her the room card to Room 888 at the Royal Clubhouse. As such, he had no further intentions in asking this, but Lin Bei Bei's face suddenly became red, confused as to why Qin Feng had inquired.

    However, she shyly nodded her head and answered, "The environment there's really nice and it's very quiet, so I slept quite well. Qin Feng, you... last night, why didn't you come to sleep?"

    In the end, Lin Bei Bei had summoned all of her courage to ask that question. As soon as the words left her mouth, her cheeks became as red as an apple and she felt like diving into a crack in the ground.

    "Eh?" Qin Feng was a bit surprised by this question, but quickly realised what she meant. Lin Bei Bei must have misunderstood him. She probably thought that he had given her the room card because he wanted her body.

    He felt slightly bitter, wondering why he had recently been misunderstood by so many beauties. First, it was the beautiful teacher Yun Xiao and now even Lin Bei Bei thought this way as well.

    Qin Feng could only accept this, however, as he thought to his loose and sensualistic nature.

    "Bei Bei, you can have that room to yourself. When I've sorted out your compensation, you can move back," Qin Feng said while bitterly smiling.

    Lin Bei Bei looked at him in shock as a complicated look arose within her eyes. She couldn't help but stare at Qin Feng dumbly. It turned out... he didn't do this because he wanted her body, but had simply wanted to help her.

    Suddenly, a strange feeling grew within it Lin Bei Bei's heart that she was unable to control. It was so faint that even she didn't notice it.

    "Thank you, Qin Feng!" Lin Bei Bei said in a small voice.

    "Heh, no need to thank me. After all, we're desk mates right? I've taken advantage of you many times in the past, so this is something I should be doing.

    "Alright, come have lunch with me."

    When Qin Feng mention taking advantage of her, she thought back to how many times he had touched her legs and cheeks, and her cheeks burned hot again.

    As the two of them walked through the Acropolis University's campus, countless students looked at them strangely and discussed among themselves in soft voices. Qin Feng had long since become accustomed to being the centre of attention and his expression didn't change in the slightest. On the other hand, Lin Bei Bei walked with her head lowered the entire time and her fists were gripped so tightly that there was no strength in them.

    "Beauty Lin, you've finally come out. We've waited so long for you. Are you free for lunch? Big brother will take you to have a big feast!" Just as the two of them walked out of the campus, a bald-headed man wearing sunglasses walked over. When his gaze fell on Lin Bei Bei's body, his eyes almost became green.

    The man was in his early forties and was quite muscular. He was wearing a singlet with beach shorts and thongs on his feet. A wild wolf was tattooed onto his thick arm and there were 4 people standing behind him. They were dressed fairly similarly and looked like young hooligans.

    "Do you know him?" Qin Feng slightly frowned and looked at Lin Bei Bei. The instant Lin Bei Bei saw the bald-headed man, she became nervous. Her small hands tightly gripped the corners of her clothes as she inched closer to Qin Feng, gritting her teeth and shaking her head.

    "Then let's go." Since Lin Bei Bei didn't know these people, Qin Feng didn't bother with them. He held Lin Bei Bei's hand as he walked towards the parking lot.

    "Goddamn, you little brat, our big brother Meng's talking to the little beauty. Who the hell are you? If you don't want to die, piss the hell off." The lackeys behind the bald-headed man were enraged and surrounded Qin Feng, looking like they wanted to fight.

    Qin Feng calmly smiled. He had seen much in his life and these little hooligans didn't scare him in the slightest. Just as he was going to teach them a lesson they would remember, he felt Lin Bei Bei's small hand that was covered in sweat suddenly pull him.

    Upon seeing Lin Bei Bei's anxious expression, Qin Feng deduced that she did indeed know these people. She had probably been bothered by these hooligans in the past.

    Thinking to the other 2 quests related to Lin Bei Bei - solving the issue about the compensation for the demolition of her home and making her his girlfriend - Qin Feng calmed down. He could feel that Lin Bei Bei wasn't as resistant to him as before and if he put in some effort, she would definitely be his.

    "Lunch? Alright, count me in as well," Qin Feng smiled, looking expectantly towards the bald-headed man.

    Inwardly, he laughed. If you want to treat this young master to lunch, you'd best prepare a few cards.

    The bald-headed man glared at Qin Feng but didn't say anything. Just as his lackeys were about to push Qin Feng away, he nimbly avoided them, causing the afro-headed one to curse loudly.

    "Fudge, you dare to dodge your elder? And who the hell are you? Big brother Meng's inviting this beauty for lunch; why are you still here?"

    "Ah Bao, shut up!" Just as the afro-head called Ah Bao was about to attack, the bald-headed man yelled out and stopped him.

    Noticing the frightened expression on Lin Bei Bei's face, the hostility on the bald-headed man's face quickly disappeared. A wide smile leapt across his face as he said, "This is the entrance of our Acropolis City's best university and yet the first you do is curse and swear.

    What has your big brother told you? Read books in your free time and culture yourselves. What have you all been doing all day?

    "All of you piss off, your elder gets annoyed just from looking at you!"

    The lackeys looked at the bald-headed man in surprise, wondering why he had suddenly become a different person who valued education so much. Normally, he was the complete opposite - he'd scratch his feet and curse with swear words. This was the image that the lackeys had of him in their hearts.

    However, since their big brother had said this, they didn't dare to disobey and quickly left.

    After they left, Tie Meng's expression changed as he gave Lin Bei Bei a gentlemanly smile and said, "If you please, beauty Lin. My car's this way."

    Qin Feng almost threw up at the sight of a bald-headed, tattooed man whose body was covered with muscles giving such a smile. He said to Lin Bei Bei, "Let's go. Since there's someone paying, why not?"

    Seeing that Qin Feng was shamelessly determined to come, a hostile look flashed in Tie Meng's eyes and he coldly smiled. Since this brat wanted to die, he would use him as a stepping stone for his boasting. He'd use this brat to show Lin Bei Bei his status and wealth, snatching her over in an instant.

    As for that brat, he would find a few brothers to give him a vicious beating after the meal. How much you eat will determine how much your elder will beat out of you.

    At this point, Tie Meng was in awe of his own intelligence and wisdom, and he began to show off.

    The trio happened to be passing by an incredibly cool-looking Lamborghini Batmobile. Tie Meng suddenly stopped and patted his chest, proudly saying, "Beauty Lin, look at this. Big brother bought this Lamborghini Batmobile just this year. It wasn't that expensive either - someone I knew gave me a discount of over $6 million. We'll pick a night for big brother to take you out for a ride."

    Tie Meng didn't even bat an eyelash when he boasted. He had thought that Lin Bei Bei's eyes would shine with a golden light, and that she would run over to hug his arm and cutely flirt. However, all he could see was her desperately suppressing her laughter.

    How could Lin Bei Bei not want to laugh? Although she didn't know much about cars, she still recognised this unique and cool-looking Lamborghini Batmobile because it belonged to Qin Feng. The first time he had driven it to the university, it had caused a massive ruckus and Lin Bei Bei still remembered it.

    "Haha, who would have thought that you're quite rich? You know what - why wait? How about you take beauty Lin for a ride right now," Qin Feng suggested and laughed.

    Tie Meng's face darkened. He awkwardly coughed a few times and said contemptuously, "Brat, you don't understand anything. This sort of luxury car is best driven at night; why would you want to ride around it during the day? Plus, the keys were carried off by my subordinates, so we can only wait until another day.

    "Alright, alright, let's get in my other car. I'm already hungry, so let's go and eat now." In order to prevent further questioning from Qin Feng, Tie Meng hurriedly brought the two of them over to his car, which was a second-hand Buick.

    Tie Meng drove as Qin Feng and Lin Bei Bei sat together in the back. During the trip, Tie Meng continuously tried to chat with her, but was ignored by her every time. However, Qin Feng was able to make her laugh repeatedly.

    During the drive, Qin Feng was able to find out the relationship between the bald-headed man and Lin Bei Bei.

    It turned out that Tie Meng was a big-time gangster who was part of the number one gang in the north-west of Acropolis City's underworld - the Wild Wolf Gang. Recently, the Wild Wolf Gang had been involved with a development project. They were responsible for helping Eternal Abundance Real Estate forcibly demolish homes and relocate the residents of the place Lin Bei Bei was living at.

    The first time Tie Meng had seen Lin Bei Bei, he had vowed to make this beautiful girl his. Lin Bei Bei had not been phased by his earlier tricks, so he decided to use more forceful tactics. Lin Bei Bei happened to be staying at the Royal Clubhouse for the past few days, so he hadn't been able to see her. As such, he had specially come to the Acropolis University's entrance to wait for her.

    After understanding what was going on, the corners of Qin Feng's mouth tilted upwards. He had been planning to spend some time to take care of the compensation for the demolition of Lin Bei Bei's home, but who would have thought that the opportunity would have presented itself to him?
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