Chapter 30 - Order More If Its Not Enough

    Chapter 30 - Order More If It's Not Enough

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    The Buick stopped outside the Royal Hotel. Qin Feng fought the urge to laugh as he looked at the massive hotel that seemed to extend up to the clouds.

    "The Royal Hotel is the Acropolis City's best 5 star hotel. Beauty Lin, is this good enough?" As soon as they got out of the car, Tie Meng looked at Qin Feng as he tilted his head back and spoke proudly.

    Even Qin Feng inwardly shook his head seeing Tie Meng act so pretentiously.

    The black-haired, long-legged, beautiful attendant gave a sweet smile as she greeted the 3 of them. "Welcome to the Royal Hotel, please come insi-" she said but stopped halfway through her sentence. She immediately adopted an extremely respectful tone when she saw Qin Feng.

    She started another sentence and said "Young mas-" - but was once again cut off by Qin Feng. He still wanted to watch Tie Meng show off as he found it quite amusing, so he suddenly yelled out, "Wow... no less than expected from a 5 star hotel. Look at these decorations - it looks like a palace. I'm sure it's expensive to eat here, right? Baldy, you're quite right!"


    Tie Meng's mouth twitched and his face almost turned green after hearing the name Qin Feng called him. However, seeing the look of wonder and awe on his face, he suppressed the anger and said, "Cheh, how expensive can a meal be? Seeing that you're beauty Lin's classmate, you can order what you want. Your elder will show you what the upper-class lifestyle is like."

    Seeing Tie Meng's insufferably arrogant manner, the beautiful attendant wondered if she hadn't completely woken up. She hurriedly rubbed her eyes, and looked at Qin Feng carefully. However, she was certain that this was the Royal Hotel's Director's son, Qin Feng, young master Qin!

    This was the first time the beautiful attendant had heard someone speak of the upper-class lifestyle to Qin Feng.

    "This way, please." The beautiful attendant noticed the look Qin Feng was giving her. It seemed that he didn't want to reveal his identity, so she didn't say anything else and guided the 3 of them to a private room.

    The whole way, many of the workers bowed to Qin Feng. Tie Meng was walking at the front, so he thought that these people were showing him respect. He marched on with a straight back, feeling as if he was flying.

    "Haha, see, this is what the service in 5 star hotels is like. It's worth it to spend some extra money!"

    Following the beautiful attendant, the 3 of them came to a luxurious private room on the third floor.

    "Sir, what would you like to eat?" The beautiful attendant thought the host was probably the baldy after her observations, so she presented the iPad to him.

    "Beauty Lin, you can order. Don't look at the prices; just order what you want. The thing big brother here lacks the least is money, ai... in future, if you become big brother's girlfriend, you'll be able to live in bliss."

    Tie Meng pushed the iPad over to Lin Bei Bei. He tried to bait her in, but found that she did not look at the iPad as she pushed it over to Qin Feng, shyly saying, "You order. I'm not good with these things."

    Qin Feng smiled and pushed the iPad to the side as he looked towards Tie Meng, saying, "Baldy, I'll order for us then. This is the first time I've eaten in such a high-class restaurant before; surely you won't mind if I order a lot, right?"

    "That's right, order as much as you want. Your elder's got plenty of money." Tie Meng rolled his eyes. He would allow this brat to have some fun for now. Tie Meng resolved not only to beat him up until he vomited because he dared call him 'baldy', but also to get people to shave him bald as well for running off his mouth.

    "Heheh, I'll go ahead then."

    Qin Feng gave an evil smile and leaned back on the sofa chair, casually saying, "We'll have one of each of the most expensive dishes, as well as the special dishes, recommended dishes, seafood dishes, dessert dishes, but no soup. Oh, and a 1982 Lafite please.

    "Alright, that's enough. We'll order more if it's not enough."

    After Qin Feng finished ordering in a confident and an easy-going manner, Tie Meng looked as if he had become petrified.

    He inwardly howled, "What the hell have you ordered? How can 3 people eat so much? You ordered enough for goddamn 30 people, and yet you'll order more if it's not enough?!"

    "Your elder will send you to the Western Paradise in just a bit!"

    Tie Meng's breathing became much heavier. They had come to the Royal Hotel last year to celebrate the Wild Wolf Gang's leader's birthday, and it had been incredibly expensive. After that, he hadn't dared to come here.

    Today, if he wasn't acting so big in order to trick Lin Bei Bei into sleeping with him, Tie Meng wouldn't have paid such a bloody price. However, since he had put on such an act, he couldn't give up halfway. As such, he could only grit his teeth and hang on.

    "Sir, is that alright?" Since it was Tie Meng paying, the beautiful attendant still needed his consent.

    Tie Meng's face darkened as he nodded his head.

    When the attendant left the room, Tie Meng's heart was still bleeding. He silently calculated how much all of this would cost, and found that according to his rough estimates, it would be over $100,000. He was so angry that he almost flipped the table and walked out.

    After spending so much money, if Lin Bei Bei wasn't obedient at night, he would just have to take her by force. This was what Tie Meng silently decided as he gnashed his teeth.

    "Baldy, why's there a tattoo of a dog on your arm?" Seeing that Tie Meng had fallen silent, Qin Feng took the initiative to tease him.

    "Fudge, look goddamn carefully, it's a wolf." Tie Meng was already furious, and the flames in his heart were fanned even greater by Qin Feng. He was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He savagely glared at Qin Feng, saying, "Don't think that you can run your mouth off just because you're beauty Lin's classmate. Brat, I'll have you know that your elder's in the underworld. Have you heard of the north-west's Wild Wolf Gang? The leader, Wang Qiang is my brother. I'll have you know that your elder has killed people before, so show some respect."

    The Acropolis City's underworld was split into two: Wild Wolf Gang in the north-west and Flying Dragon Gang in the south-east.

    However, these things were nothing in Qin Feng's eyes.

    "You've killed people before? No way!" Qin Feng said in mock-horror.

    Seeing Qin Feng's 'scared' expression, Tie Meng felt quite pleased. He continued to boast, saying, "In the underworld, killing people is as normal as eating. You should know Qin Feng, right? He's that good-for-nothing son of the Royal Group's President, Qin Huang. Even a hedonistic young master like him with such a background is being hunted for all over the city with a bounty of $200,000 on his head.

    Qin Feng spat out the tea in his mouth onto Tie Meng's face. This news had come too suddenly, and even Qin Feng didn't know about it.

    Before the baldy could become angry, Qin Feng asked, "Baldy, you can't say such things so casually. Surely the Flying Dragon Gang wouldn't dare to kill Qin Feng."

    "Hmph, brat, you haven't even grown out all of your hair; what do you know? Qin Feng killed Ma De Hu, so do you think his dad wouldn't dare to kill Qin Feng?" Tie Meng resisted the urge to kick Qin Feng as he wiped his face with a serviette.

    Qin Feng knew that the leader of the Flying Dragon Gang was Ma Da Long. However, saying that he killed Ma De Hu was rubbish. He had been killed by that masked person.
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