Chapter 31 - Actually, I Have The Heart Of A Buddha

    Chapter 31 - Actually, I Have The Heart Of A Buddha

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Lin Bei Bei now felt nervous to death. There were people hunting down Qin Feng? And they seemed to be powerful bad guys as well. Her delicate hands grabbed on to Qin Feng's arm.

    Feeling the cold sweat on Lin Bei Bei's hands, Qin Feng smiled and patted her head, indicating for her to relax. He then looked back to Tie Meng and tried to get more information out of him.

    "Baldy, I can't believe such a thing. I'm sure you people in the underworld are just boasting to seem scary."

    Tie Meng was quite pleased with his boasting. These university girls all liked violent and manly boyfriends, and yet Qin Feng had spat water on him and doubted him repeatedly. He was now itching to kill Qin Feng. He unhappily replied, "You think I'm boasting? Hmph... I  might as well tell you. We have a high-ranking member of the Flying Dragon Gang as our spy who gave us this information. If this information is false, your elder will behead himself."

    Tie Meng seemed adamant that he wasn't lying, and it seemed that he was telling the truth. Qin Feng realised that it was possible that after the masked person had killed Ma De Hu, the blame had been put on him.

    This act of getting someone else to do one's dirty work seemed to be quite effective.

    If Qin Feng hadn't met this idiot, Tie Meng, and didn't find out that he was being hunted down by the Flying Dragon Gang, it could have been quite dangerous. Although the Flying Dragon Gang was nothing to him, a sudden ambush could cost him his life.

    Because the young master Qin was present, after chatting for a short while, the dishes Qin Feng had ordered were quickly brought up. The attendant had especially told the chefs to prepare his meal first.

    The large table was quickly filled with many delicious dishes, and there were still many dishes that couldn't fit. They were all put on a separate table.

    Looking at the dazzling array of food, Tie Meng didn't have any appetite. Instead, he felt so angry he felt like exploding.

    All of this had been bought with his money!

    "Open that bottle of red wine!" Qin Feng waved his hand, signalling the attendant to open the '82 Lafite.

    While Tie Meng was in no mood for food, Qin Feng was in a fabulous mood.

    "Wait!" Seeing that the attendant was about to open the '82 Lafite, Tie Meng was so scared that he almost fell off his chair.

    He had never tasted this wine before, but he knew that a single bottle costed more than $50,000. Adding on all this food, this meal would definitely cost more than $100,000.

    Tie Meng's intestines were green with regret. He shouldn't have brought this idiotic boy along with them.

    "Don't open this bottle of red wine; your elder's already sick of it. It tastes the same as red wine you can buy for tens of dollars. Plus, it's not strong enough - go and bring a bottle of white wine. White wine tastes way better."

    Since they had come and spent so much money, Tie Meng was determined to make his plan succeed. He was planning to use a bottle of white wine to make Qin Feng and Lin Bei Bei completely drunk. The one who should be beaten up would be beaten up, and the one who should be screwed would be screwed!

    Tong! Just as Tie Meng spoke, Qin Feng had already opened the red wine with practiced ease. He poured a glass for Lin Bei Bei and himself.

    He had already started treating Tie Meng as air.

    "Bei Bei, have a taste. This wine is $50,000 per bottle, so a single mouthful is thousands of dollars!" Qin Feng said as he smiled at Tie Meng.

    Lin Bei Bei was frightened. She knew that the Royal Hotel was extremely expensive, but she never expected a bottle of red wine would cost $50,000. Her hands trembled as she held the wine glass, looking at the bright wine, but she didn't dare to drink it.

    Her mother's operation had costed $100,000, and this bottle of wine was worth half of that. Lin Bei Bei simply couldn't understand the upper-class lifestyle.

    "Baldy, since you said you're already sick of this wine, I won't pour any for you. Bei Bei, cheers!"

    Since the wine had already been opened, Tie Meng had nothing to say. He had never tried this sort of wine before, and he was hoping to have a good taste this time. However, Qin Feng's words almost made him furious to the point of passing out.

    Qin Feng smiled as he looked at Tie Meng, then touched his glass with Lin Bei Bei's. he knew Lin Bei Bei was reluctant to drink such an expensive wine, so he took the lead.

    Seeing Qin Feng drink the wine, Lin Bei Bei stopped hesitating. She was quite curious as to how such an expensive wine tasted, and she also took a small sip.

    Just as the wine entered his mouth, Qin Feng frowned and spat out the red wine. He used his hand to wipe his mouth and threw away the '82 Lafite, cursing, "Fudge, it tastes disgusting. It must be fake."

    Lin Bei Bei also frowned. This was the first time she had drank wine before, and she couldn't appreciate this rich wine. She felt it was acerbic and sour, and didn't taste as good as a $3 soft drink.

    "I think so too. It doesn't taste very nice," Lin Bei Bei mumbled. She was surprised such a bad-tasting wine would be sold for so much.

    Lin Bei Bei simply couldn't understand what those rich people were thinking.

    Tie Meng was completely dumbfounded. Looking at the '82 Lafite that had spilled all over the ground, he felt as if it was his blood that had been spilled on the ground. He had never had the chance to drink such expensive wine before, and now, he had been tricked into buying one then watching it go to waste.

    He simply couldn't hold back his anger anymore and his face completely twisted. He pointed at Qin Feng as he roared, "Fake wine? You're a goddamn country bumpkin! This is the Acropolis City's best 5 star hotel, and all of its patrons are extremely rich and powerful. You think the boss here would be stupid enough to sell fake wine?

    "You're goddamn dead!" Tie Meng pulled out his phone, seeming like he was going to call people over to fight.

    The beautiful attendant saw all of this and maintained a calm expression as she reminded, "Sir, this is the Royal Hotel, please dine in a civilized manner. Otherwise, I'll have to call the security."

    Normally, it didn't matter how much of a ruckus the guests made in the private rooms. However, the young master Qin was here, so she couldn't allow this person to behave too atrociously.

    "You..." Tie Meng savagely glared at the attendant, but couldn't say anything. The Royal Hotel was simply too powerful, and wasn't an entity that a little thug like Tie Meng could take on.

    He furiously sat down and secretly started to send a text to order people to come over. Since he couldn't make a ruckus in the Royal Hotel, he would arrange for people to wait outside.  He didn't believe that this brat could hide in here forever.

    "That's right, baldy, what are you getting so angry about? It's just a bottle of wine, right? If I had the opportunity to treat Bei Bei to a meal, I wouldn't mind how much money I spend," Qin Feng said without changing his expression.

    Tie Meng was so angry that he gnashed his teeth. It's not like we're spending you're money; of course it doesn't hurt for you.

    However, since they had already come so far, he still needed to maintain his act. He withdrew the hostility he was emitting as he smiled, saying, "It's just a bit of money; what is there to be angry about? I'm just angry that you, brat, are so unknowledgeable and spouted such nonsense. Could it be that you're saying I'd treat beauty Lin to fake wine?"

    Qin Feng laughed, but didn't say anything. Naturally, he had been acting as well. He had begun tasting wines since he was 6, and had tried nearly all of the best wines under the heavens. This was a Lafite that the Royal Hotel had imported from a French vineyard, and he had personally identified it, so he was sure it was real.

    "Baldy, this is the first time I've met such a generous person before. In that case, I won't hold back anymore." Qin Feng smiled as he made a loud click with his fingers, and the beautiful attendant quickly came to his side. "I heard that the Royal Hotel invited the 'Caesar Band' from France. Call them over to play something for us. Just eating isn't very fun, so we should find something interesting while we dine.

    "Baldy, I'm sure you wouldn't mind spending a bit more money, right?" Qin Feng said as he smiled at Tie Meng.

    When Tie Meng had organised the leader's birthday dinner, they had eaten here, so he knew just how expensive the band was. A single piece required thousands of dollars as a tip. Just as he was about to refuse, Qin Feng looked towards Lin Bei Bei and said, "Bei Bei, you must also like the romantic atmosphere of eating while listening to live music, right?"

    Lin Bei Bei was a smart girl, and could easily tell that Qin Feng was trying to defraud Tie Meng. As such, she cooperated with Qin Feng and nodded, shyly saying, "Of course, having a band play is good. However, since it's someone else paying, I don't want to force it on them."

    This was the only thing Lin Bei Bei had asked for this entire meal, so Tie Meng wiped the cold sweat on his head, gritting his teeth as he said, "Go and bring the 'Cheater Band' to play something for us."

    "It's the Caesar Band." The beautiful attendant rolled her eyes at Tie Meng as she left to invite them over.

    Not long after, the band came over. They were a row of blue-eyed, big-breasted, foreign beauties.

    The gentle and moving melody filled the room...

    Caught in the atmosphere, Qin Feng began to gently sing in French.

    The melody was beautiful, and Qin Feng's voice was magnetic and irresistible. Very soon, Lin Bei Bei became enchanted by the music.

    She gently looked at Qin Feng. Not only his appearance, but his background and personality were all so charming. With such a flawless exterior, no wonder he was so loose and hedonistic and called the Seducer Sage.

    Even the pure Lin Bei Bei wanted to throw herself into Qin Feng's embrace and follow him for the rest of her life.

    The song ended and even the beautiful band members couldn't help but clap for Qin Feng. Even some of the French beauties began to look at him flirtatiously.

    Tie Meng felt like vomiting blood. He was spending money while Qin Feng was flirting with women and stealing hearts. Did he think Tie Meng had more money than sense?

    If they weren't in the Royal Hotel, Tie Meng felt like jumping up and killing Qin Feng in that instant.

    The band continued to perform, but Tie Meng didn't have any appetite at all. Conversely, he felt quite uncomfortable.

    After Qin Feng had sung, Lin Bei Bei's heart had been melted, and became much more active. She laughed as she ate with him, and would sometimes make some romantic gestures. Tie Meng had become a complete third wheel.

    After their 2 hour meal, Lin Bei Bei's entire person had been melted by Qin Feng. This was the most romantic and luxurious meal she had ever had, and her impression towards Qin Feng greatly improved.

    "Haha... I think we've eaten enough, we should go now." Tie Meng was desperate to leave. He stood up, looking like he was immediately going to go. When they left the Royal Hotel, he would break Qin Feng's legs.

    "Baldy, are you really going to go?" Qin Feng was also full, and slowly stood up as he clapped his hands together.

    Suddenly, a group of men in security uniforms rushed into the VIP room. As soon as they entered, they surrounded Tie Meng and pressed him to the ground. Before Tie Meng could even react, the security officer who took the lead came before Qin Feng and respectfully spoke, "Young master Qin, the offender has been subdued."

    "Very good. This person forcefully demolished homes and had ill intentions towards my friend. He caused a ruckus in the Royal Hotel and personally admitted to committing murder. Take him to the police office and have them deal with him."

    Holy fudge! Tie Meng was shocked stiff. Young master Qin? This guy was indeed acting in a commanding manner.

    After a long time, he finally realised what was happening. His eyes shone and a terrified expression appeared on his face as he stared dumbly at Qin Feng, saying, "Y-You're Qin Feng, Qin Huang's son?

    "I... I didn't kill anyone. Ah! I was just joking around with you, please don't take it seriously. Actually, I have the heart of a Buddha - I've never even killed an ant before."
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