Chapter 32 - The Difference Between Free-To-Play Players and Pay-To-Win Players

    Chapter 32 - The Difference Between Free-To-Play Players and Pay-To-Win Players

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    After being taken down by the security officers, Tie Meng was escorted out of the private room. Before he left, Qin Feng made him pay for the bill. After all, this was his dad's property, and he couldn't allow it to make a loss.

    As for the delicious dishes that hadn't been touched, Qin Feng gave them to the beautiful attendant to share it with other attendants for lunch.

    Only now did Lin Bei Bei find out that the Acropolis City's most luxurious hotel, the Royal Hotel, belonged to Qin Feng's family.

    Lin Bei Bei couldn't help but want to laugh after thinking about all the boasting Tie Meng had done.

    After eating their fill, Qin Feng arranged for someone to drive Lin Bei Bei back to the university. He returned to Room 665, and soon, Zhang Biao hurried over.

    During the course of this lunch, Qin Feng had obtained an important piece of information. Ma Da Long had mobilised the entire Flying Dragon Gang to hunt him down, so he naturally had to retaliate.

    "Young master Qin, what orders do you have?" Zhang Biao respectfully asked.

    Qin Feng pointed at the sofa opposite him, indicating for Zhang Biao to sit down. A look of delight flashed in Zhang Biao's eyes and he carefully sat down opposite Qin Feng.

    "Ah Biao, I feel that Acropolis City's underground is full of fish and dragons mixed together; do you think we should unite them?" Qin Feng casually said as he played with an ancient jade in his hand.

    After hearing from Tie Meng that Ma Da Long was trying to hunt him down all over the entire city, he realised how powerful the mastermind was. He didn't mind killing Ma De Hu in order to frame Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng had been passive this whole time, being attacked by others. This feeling was quite uncomfortable, so he decided to take the initiative and shake the city up.

    Zhang Biao sat up straight and was so excited that he almost jumped up. He fully understood Qin Feng's meaning - he wanted to conquer the Acropolis City's underground powers, and had called him over to put him in charge of this.

    Thinking to the possibility that he could one day be the biggest gang leader in the Acropolis City and unify the Acropolis City's underworld, Zhang Biao was incredibly excited.

    Zhang Biao immediately voiced his assent. "Young master Qin, if there's anything Zhang Biao can do, I'm willing to walk up mountains of knives and go down into pans of oil for you."

    "Very good, I hope you won't disappoint me. This time, I don't want to directly clash with them - let's win by using our heads."  Qin Feng then told Zhang Biao about how the Flying Dragon Gang was hunting for him all over the Acropolis City, causing Zhang Biao to become incredibly furious. He demanded to immediately take people to take down Ma Da Long.

    Qin Feng stopped Zhang Biao, and after waiting for him to settle down, he continued to speak, "We need to use our brains, and can't be rash. In 2 days, I'll get people to spread information that I've been scared by Ma Da Long. When that time comes, I want you to contact the Wild Wolf Gang's leader, Wang Qiang and tell him that I want to help him get rid of the Flying Dragon Gang and help him become the Acropolis City's biggest gang leader.

    "When both sides have suffered heavy losses, you bring your people and unify the underworld. Any questions?"

    Zhang Biao's eyes lit up, and he felt respect for Qin Feng from the bottom of his heart. This plan of preying on the predator was simply flawless.

    Who said he was a hedonistic young master who only knew how to seduce women? Zhang Biao would execute all of them.

    Excellent, what an excellent plan!

    "If I can't conquer the Acropolis City's underworld, I'll piss off out of the Acropolis City!" Zhang Biao stood up and gripped his fists as he made this promise.

    After finalising the plan and working out the details, Zhang Biao left to make preparations.

    Qin Feng comfortably reclined against the large sofa and opened the Hedonist Sovereign System. He now had 300 Hedonist Points and wanted to see if there was anything worth buying.

    After having a look, Qin Feng's emotions plummeted. The things he was interested in costed thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Hedonist Points, and were simply too expensive for him. On the other hand, the things that he could buy were all completely useless.

    Suddenly the little pig's waxy voice sounded out, giving him suggestions, "Master, according to this little pig's analysis, there are 2 courses of action you can take. Firstly, you can save up the Hedonist Points you have now and do your best to do quests. When you have 1000 Hedonist Points, you can buy Elementary Sword Skills. Combined with the Truesteel Sword, master's strength will be able to greatly increase. Alternatively, master can spend 300 Hedonist Points to buy a Rank 1 Speed Potion and a Rank 2 Speed Potion, increasing your speed."

    "Elementary Sword Skills? It sounds quite ordinary. Why's it so expensive?" Qin Feng complained as he made a wry face.

    "You think it's ordinary? The Elementary Sword Skills includes all basics to mastering the sword. Similar to the Thunder Tiger Fists, once you learn it, you will have learned the sword arts that normal people would take 10 years of hard training to learn. Gathering qi and refining qi are all included, do you understand?" The little pig ferociously glared at Qin Feng, looking at him impatiently.

    Qin Feng frowned. Indeed, he was too unknowledgeable. This sort of sword skill was indeed powerful - it even related to gathering qi and refining qi. Could this be the 'inner qi' of the legends?

    However, looking at the number of Hedonist Points he had, then looking at the Hedonist Points required to buy the Elementary Sword Skills, Qin Feng deeply sighed.

    Thinking to the masked person in the abandoned factory, Qin Feng felt quite scared. That person was simply too fast, and if they wanted to kill him, it would be incredibly easy. He had to quickly raise his strength. Otherwise, it was likely that he would die before he could even save up 1000 Hedonist Points.

    "Forget it, I'll buy the Speed Potions first." Before making his decision, he looked to the little pig as he asked, "Why can't I spend 300 Hedonist Points to buy a Rank 3 Strength Potion?"

    "According to the determinations by earth's ancient external experts, there are 9 Stages in total. After breaking through the first layer of one's body's limit, they will have stepped into Stage 1. After breaking through the second layer of their body's limit, they will have stepped into Stage 2, and so on... a Stage 1 expert has 2 times a normal person's strength, a Stage 2 expert has 3 times a normal person's strength, a Stage 3 expert has 4 times a normal person's strength... so if master continues to break through his limit, you will naturally become stronger. The reason I suggested for master to buy the Strength Potions before was because you were still far away from breaking through the first layer of your body's limit, and couldn't fully release the power of the Thunder Tiger Fists. As such, we used the Strength Potions to raise your strength in advance."

    "So it's like that." Qin Feng seemed to understand, but didn't fully understand what the little pig was saying. He continued to ask, "In that case, wouldn't my speed increase as I break through?"

    Qin Feng was wondering that if his speed also increased, wouldn't it be unnecessary to buy the Speed Potions?

    "It will, but it's not like the increase in strength. For speed, you can increase it without any limits. For example, right now, you're at Stage 1, so your body can only withstand 3 times a normal person's strength. If you try to accumulate even more, your body will explode. However, speed is different - there's almost no limit for it."

    After the little pig's patient explanation, Qin Feng realised that most martial artists could only increase their speed and strength by breaking through their limits.

    However, he could drink Speed Potions, and could increase his speed without being limited. Similarly, with the Thunder Tiger Fists, he could release even more strength than a person at the same stage.

    This was the difference between free-to-play players and pay-to-win players. This was the first time Qin Feng had felt that the Hedonist Sovereign System was quite humanistic.
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