Chapter 33 - Coincidentally Meeting An Acquaintance

    Chapter 33 - Coincidentally Meeting An Acquaintance

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Qin Feng spent 300 Hedonist Points and bought a Rank 1 Speed Potion and Rank 2 Speed Potion. After drinking down the 2 potions, they were quickly absorbed by his body.

    He then opened his stats page.

    Host Qin Feng:

    External Technique Stage: Stage 1

    HP: 1.1 times a normal person's lifespan (Stage 1 = 1.1 times, Stage 2 = 1.2 times...)

    Strength: 3 times a normal person's strength. Combined with Thunder Tiger Fists, can release 4 times a normal person's strength.

    Speed: 1.3 times a normal person's speed. (Stage 1 = 1.1 times, Stage 2 = 1.2 times...)

    Agility: 1.1 times a normal person's reaction speed.

    Inner Technique Stage: None.

    Qi Refining Stage: None.

    Qin Feng felt very pleased as he looked through his stats. After obtaining this system for half a month, he had turned from a hedonistic young master who didn't even have the strength to truss up a chicken into an expert whose stats surpassed a normal human's greatly. He believed that this was only the beginning.

    "Master, you've spent a total of 700 Hedonist Points now. If you spend another 300 points, you can level up into a Rank 4 Hedonist Mortal and will receive another 3 Lottery Chances. Master, work hard and earn more Hedonist Points."

    Hearing that he could soon obtain more Lottery Chances, Qin Feng felt quite excited. He had previously drawn the Thunder Tiger Fists and Truesteel Sword; maybe this time he would be able to obtain something even more heaven-defying...

    Not too long after he finished absorbing the 2 Speed Potions, Uncle Fu walked over and handed some freshly-printed documents to Qin Feng, saying, "Young master, this is all of the information on the Eternal Abundance Real Estate's General Manager, Chao Yang. It's enough for him to eat prison food for the rest of his life."

    Qin Feng had arranged for Uncle Fu to take care of the demolishing compensation long ago. Not only did it concern a quest, but also holes in the management of the Royal Group, so Qin Feng wouldn't let it go easily.

    After casually looking through the documents, he inwardly rejoiced. Completing this quest would bring him yet another 100 Hedonist Points. He desperately craved for the Elementary Sword Skills, as well as the 300 Hedonist Points to spend to become a Rank 4 Hedonist Mortal. That way, he would have another 3 Lottery Chances.

    As such, he had to think of how to do as many quests as possible.

    Qin Feng asked Uncle Fu to send those documents to the police station, then came to the main hall of the Royal Hotel. Since he was free, he decided to find Bai Qing to talk and see if he could gain any information.

    In the empty hall, Bai Qing was wearing a professional-looking skirt with black stockings. Although only a small portion of her legs were revealed, she still looked quite alluring.

    She was 25-years-old this year, and was 175 cm tall. When she stood with the other beautiful attendants, she still looked like a crane among chicken. On her round, white face were a pair of pleasant-looking, long eyebrows. There was a hint of iciness in her beautiful eyes, and her body was quite curvy. Her entire body emanated an air of pride.

    Her eyes were staring into the distance, seeming to space out.

    What a cold and arrogant-looking older-sister type!

    Qin Feng couldn't help but marvel inwardly. If she wasn't secretly working against the Qin family, he would have taken her to bed long ago!

    "Manager Bai, what are you doing spacing out here?" Qin Feng came over to Bai Qing and gave a handsome smile.

    "Welcome, young master Qin!"

    As soon as the row of beautiful attendants saw Qin Feng, they all hurriedly bowed and greeted him. Bai Qing also quickly returned to her senses. When she saw Qin Feng, a look of disdain flashed in her eyes before she gave a beautiful smile, softly hitting Qin Feng's chest as she coyly said, "I was thinking of young master Qin and spaced out. Young master Qin, you need to take responsibility." Her cold and imposing aura was completely gone.

    If he didn't know about Bai Qing, he wouldn't have thought anything. However, with this knowledge, seeing her flirt with him, he couldn't help but feel amazed.

    She was even better at acting than him!

    "Of course I'll take responsibility. This young master will naturally take responsibility for a peerless beauty like Miss Bai." Qin Feng didn't show any weakness, and acted like his hedonistic self as he smiled lewdly while looking at her 'twin peaks'.

    Bai Qing covered her mouth as she laughed, and a cold look flashed in her eyes for a brief moment. "How is young master Qin going to take responsibility?"

    "Heheh! Let's go, this young master is going to take you shopping, and we'll have a candle-lit dinner at night. Finally, we'll go to the Royal Clubhouse and hire a room, and... heheh, you know!" Qin Feng gave an evil smile as he lifted up her chin with his index finger. Bai Qing hurriedly swatted Qin Feng's hand away and she laughed while she scolded, "Aiyo... there are too many people here. Young master Qin, let's talk outside."

    Under the admiring and envious gazes of the other beautiful attendants, the two of them left the Royal Hotel. They all wished that they were the one Qin Feng took a fancy to. If that happened, they would be able to rise up like a phoenix.

    The Royal Clubhouse, Royal Hotel and Royal Jewellers were the Royal Group's 3 main assets.

    Currently, Qin Feng was taking Bai Qing to the Royal Jeweller's' main store.

    He believed that just as women were irresistible to men, jewellery was irresistible to women.

    In this room filled with gold, silver and other treasures, he didn't believe Bai Qing could keep her rationality and not make any mistakes.

    "Young master Qin, you finally have time to come over!" As soon as Qin Feng entered, the beautiful manageress Rao Xue Qing smiled as she hurried over.

    "Haha, I'm here to pick out some jewellery for this beauty." Qin Feng laughed as he put his hedonistic side on show, "Manager Rao, pick out some of the best upper-market jewellery for us to have a look."

    Rao Xue Qing furtively stole a few glances at Bai Qing. Women were by nature jealous creatures. It could be said that it was a great fortune for many women to be fancied by Qin Feng, and they would obtain immeasurable glory and wealth. Who wouldn't want such a life?

    However, after comparing herself to Bai Qing, Rao Xue Qing could only pout and inwardly complain as she went to pick out some jewellery.

    Qin Feng and Bai Qing found a place to sit. At this moment, a young, devilish woman wearing heavy make-up and revealing clothes walked in on the arm of a young man in a western suit.

    "Darling, you promised that you would buy me a big, sparkling, beautiful diamond necklace today. You won't break your promise, right?"

    The woman spoke in a sickly sweet voice, causing many people to look over. Qin Feng's body trembled and almost felt like vomiting.

    "Darling, this Royal Jeweller is the biggest jewellery store in the Acropolis City. They have a good reputation and have promised that they will never sell fakes. I heard that they just received some diamond necklaces from the French designer, Victoire de Castellane. I really, really want one, okay?" As she spoke, the woman pouted and twisted her hips, trying to act cute.

    Qin Feng scratched his tortured ears. He was just about to stand up and kick this woman out when, unexpectedly, the woman suddenly stopped acting cute and looked in his direction in shock.

    "Bai Qing?" Seeing Bai Qing, the woman's face was filled with surprise.

    Bai Qing looked at the other person for a while before hesitantly and curiously replying, "Zhu Da Niu?" [TLN: Her name means 'big girly']

    Hearing this name, Qin Feng's mouth violently twitched.
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