Chapter 34 - A Woman Who Deserved A Spanking

    Chapter 34 - A Woman Who Deserved A Spanking

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    The woman who had been acting cute skipped over to Bai Qing and said in surprise, "Bai Qing, it really is you. Aiya... I've already changed my name to Angel, as in the beautiful winged beings in heaven. Don't you think it really suits my personality?"

    After confirming that the other person was Zhu Da Niu, Bai Qing also revealed a surprised smile. This was her old classmate from Year 12 and they hadn't met in over 4 years.

    To suddenly see an old classmate from high school within a sea of unfamiliar faces, they were naturally happy to see each other.

    "Bai Qing, are you shopping while taking a break from your job?" After exchanging a few greetings, Zhu Da Niu looked up and down Bai Qing. Seeing her uniform and the name badge on her chest, she didn't try to conceal the scorn in her tone. She covered her mouth as she lightly laughed, "Haha, I should tell you that this jeweller is very expensive. Even if you like anything here, you won't be able to afford it."

    As she spoke, she turned around and waved to the man in the suit, sweetly saying, "Darling, come over. I'll introduce you to my classmate from high school."

    Of course, she wasn't introducing Bai Qing, but blatantly showing off in front of her!

    The man in the suit smiled as he walked over. When he was close enough to see Bai Qing's beautiful appearance, his body slightly trembled and a look of lust flashed in his eyes.

    However, he was able to calm his expression almost immediately. He stretched out his hand, smiling as he introduced himself, "Hello, I'm Chao Yang, the General Manager of Eternal Abundance Real Estate."

    Chao Yang was quite eager to be able to hold Bai Qing's white and delicate hand.

    "Aiyo, I already said she's my old classmate. You don't need to be so formal." Before Bai Qing could shake his hand, Zhu Da Niu stepped in between them. She condescendingly looked at Bai Qing as she said, "Darling, my pretty classmate was the dux of our Acropolis City's graduation exam. Back then, she was extremely popular at school. However, as the saying goes, it's better for a woman to marry well than to score well, right, darling?"

    It's better for a woman to marry well than to score well!

    This phrase stabbed into Bai Qing's heart like a poisonous thorn. Her face darkened and her eyes dimmed, as painful memories came flooding back.

    In high school, Bai Qing's results were all excellent, and it seemed as if going to the best university, finding a good job and marrying a good man were all guaranteed. However, the night she received her results for her graduation exams, something had happened which completely changed the course of her life.

    Because of that, she had given up on going to university and started out as an attendant at the hotel. She had climbed up step by step until she had become a manager at the Royal Hotel.

    However, this was just the beginning of her revenge...

    "Miss Zhu Da Niu, Mr Chao Ying, hello. I'm Bai Qing's friend, Ah Feng."

    Qin Feng had been watching from the side and saw that Zhu Da Niu had come over to show off and belittle Bai Qing.

    However, Qin Feng couldn't help but smile upon hearing Zhu Da Niu's boyfriend introduce himself.

    "Aiyo, who is this? So annoying! I already said my name is Angel - it means princess. Don't call me other names, alright?" Zhu Da Niu hatefully glared at Qin Feng, then arrogantly said, "Heheh, you're Bai Qing's boyfriend? You look pretty ordinary and don't seem very rich. You must be a playboy leeching off Bai Qing, right? Who would have thought, Bai Qing, you're actually a cougar!"

    Zhu Da Niu's looks were alright and she seemed like the petite type. However, she was loud-mouthed and showed no restraint when talking, which gave off an aura of arrogance.

    She had lived in the same dormitory as Bai Qing for her 3 years in high school. Her grades weren't as good as Bai Qing's and she didn't look as good as her either. The bit of light she had was completely dwarfed by Bai Qing's and she resented her from the bottom of her heart.

    Now, seeing the difference between them, she felt incredibly pleased and wanted to savagely show off.

    "Miss Bai Qing, if you're not happy with your company, we would welcome you at the Eternal Abundance Real Estate anytime. With a single word from me, I can guarantee you'll make twice as much as you are making now."

    Chao Yang acted as if he didn't even see Qin Feng and completely ignored his self-introduction. His gaze lingered on Bai Qing's body and didn't shift at all. He even began to subtly seduce her.

    These sorts of exquisite beauties were rare, even in the Acropolis City. Chao Yang had almost had his soul stolen.

    Zhu Da Niu's face darkened in anger when she saw the light in her boyfriend's eyes, which were fixed on Bai Qing. "Aiyo, how could an arrogant person like Bai Qing accept a handout from someone else? Darling, don't make a fuss. Otherwise, we might be misunderstood to be looking down on her like giving out handouts to a beggar."

    Bai Qing's face slightly paled. Before, she had been quite happy to see an old classmate, but she had not expected her to become such an unpleasant person. She was about to ask Qin Feng if they could leave, but saw that he was walking towards Chao Yang with a look of shock on his face.

    "Hoh, isn't this the Eternal Abundance Real Estate's General Manager? I heard that the Eternal Abundance Real Estate belongs to the Royal Group. So incredible!"

    Qin Feng's flattery caused Bai Qing to deeply frown.

    Not many people knew about the Eternal Abundance Real Estate, but there was no one who didn't know the Royal Group. After all, its Director was Qin Huang, the richest man in the Acropolis City.

    And now, his only son, Qin Feng, was standing right next to her. Bai Qing couldn't help but smile at the irony.

    Zhu Da Niu felt quite pleased when she saw Qin Feng's 'shock' and was so proud that she almost started flying. She looked at Qin Feng disdainfully and said, "Hmph, it's not that I'm boasting, but my darling is quite important in the Eternal Abundance Real Estate. There are nearly 1000 employees managed by him and their employment is governed by him. Ai... for a lower-class person like you, I'm sure you wouldn't understand. Just forget what I was saying."


    Qin Feng coldly smiled and replied, "He's just the Eternal Abundance Real Estate's General Manager, but has so much authority? You've got to be boasting, right?"

    "Boasting? Fudge, do you think I'd goddamn boaster?" Zhu Da Niu became enraged. The petite woman suddenly became like a ferocious tiger.

    It seemed that her cute and adorable personality was just for show. Even Qin Feng felt tired by imagining all of the pretending she did.

    "Hmph, even if I tell you, you wouldn't believe it. Lower-class people like you are destined to be poor forever and will never rise up from the bottom of society. Darling, let's go and pick some jewellery; let's not waste time on these people."

    Lower-class people? This was the first time that Bai Qing had heard someone call Qin Feng a 'lower-class person'. She suddenly felt that this situation was becoming more and more interesting.

    "What Angel said is true, but being at the top of the company is just a very slight effort." Chao Yang didn't react as extremely as Zhu Da Niu. He handed Bai Qing a card as he smiled and said, "This is my business card. If Miss Bai Qing needs anything, just let me know. I'll be free anytime."

    The two of them then turned and walked towards the counter. Before they could walk too far, Rao Xue Qing came back with a fancy-looking box and a big smile, trying to curry favour. "Young master Qin, sorry for the wait. This is the newest necklace that has just come in yesterday. Please have a look if it's good enough for your tastes," she offered.

    Before Qin Feng had even spoken, Zhu Da Niu, who hadn't walked too far away, cried out as she covered her mouth and ran over. Her eyes were fixed upon the sparkling necklace in the box and she looked uncontainably excited.

    "Darling look, this is the one I was telling you about. It's the newest 5-carat diamond necklace designed by Victore de Castellane. It's made so delicately and looks so beautiful; you said you would buy me one so you have to buy it for me!"

    Rao Xue Qing looked at Zhu Da Niu in condescension, wondering where this weirdo, who seemed to have never seen jewellery before, had come from. She was screaming like she had orgasmed, but since Qin Feng hadn't said anything, Rao Xue Qing didn't say anything either.

    Chao Yang elegantly walked over. When he saw the price tag on the box, his heart thumped. This diamond necklace costed $890,000.

    He looked at the light shone in Bai Qing's eyes and made a decision.

    It seemed that this woman was the same and could be won over by money. Spending a few hundred thousand dollars to get a woman like this in bed would be worth it.

    "This necklace is quite good and if darling wants it, I'll buy it for you. I never look at the price when buying things for my woman." Chao Yang looked at Bai Qing when he said this. He was sure that Bai Qing would be able to understand the hidden meaning in his words.

    Qin Feng ignored Chao Yang's words and his gaze fell on Bai Qing's jade-white neck. If she wore this necklace, it would be incredibly compatible.

    "Qing Qing, do you like it? If you like it, I'll buy it for you," Qin Feng softly said.

    Bai Qing felt quite surprised, but quickly calmed herself down. She looked at Qin Feng with a complicated expression before finally shaking her head, saying, "I'm a bit tired, let's go back."

    "Hmph! If you don't have money, don't pretend to be a rich young master. Leaving? You're just finding excuses!" Zhu Da Niu was certain that Qin Feng couldn't afford such an expensive necklace and her tone became incredibly mocking.

    "Miss, reserve this necklace for me. And also, you shouldn't allow anyone to just waltz into this store. If an expensive piece of jewellery goes missing, your salaries won't be enough to cover it."

    When she saw Zhu Da Niu's incredibly arrogant manner, Rao Xue Qing felt like whipping her. She glared at Zhu Da Niu as she replied, "I'm sorry, miss, but we won't sell this necklace to you. I'm planning on gifting it to this miss over here, because it would look 10 times better on her than on you."

    "What did you say?" Zhu Da Niu was completely dumbfounded. She thought that there was something wrong with her ears and she stared at Rao Xue Qing with wide eyes full of shock. After a few moments, she started to shrilly yell, "Fudge, what did you say, you loose woman? I'm a goddamn VIP here and I want you to kneel and apologise right now. Otherwise, I'll call your General Manager and have you pay the price for your actions."

    Zhu Da Niu seemed like a fishwife cursing in the streets and soon, she attracted every customer's attention.
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