Chapter 35 - Mysterious Hatred

    Chapter 35 - Mysterious Hatred

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    Rao Xue Qing was furious. She coldly laughed as she stretched out her hand and slapped Zhu Da Niu's face, thinking to herself, "Ring them if you want. Your granny here won't be afraid even if you report me to the Royal Group's Director. I'll have you know your granny follows young master Qin."

    A crisp sound rang out and Zhu Da Niu stood frozen, with a look of disbelief on her face.

    "You dare to hit me?"

    As she came back to her senses a while later, she dove into Chao Yang's embrace and wailed, "Darling, that stinking woman dared to hit me. Quickly call some of your brothers to violate this slut."

    When she heard this, Rao Xue Qing felt like spitting out blood and slapping this woman a few more times. However, she was stopped by Qin Feng.

    He walked over to Chao Yang, revealing a faint smile as he said, "General Manager Chao Yang, I'll apologise for this lady if that's alright."

    Chao Yang had felt annoyed by Qin Feng's presence for a while now. Bai Qing being with him was like a flower being stuck in a pile of dung. He gave him a contemptuous sideways glance as he replied, "Hmph! If you want to apologise, you have to do as my darling said - by kneeling on the grou-"

    Before he could finish his sentence, a slap made his face bloom like a flower. The strength that the slap contained directly sent him flying.

    "This is this young master's apology. Is it to your pleasing?"

    "J-Just you wait."

    Chao Yang was dazed by Qin Feng's slap and was now completely furious. He quickly took out his phone, preparing to call his lackeys to make Qin Feng a cripple. At this moment, a group of uniformed security officers ran over to Qin Feng, respectfully asking, "Young master Qin! Would you like us to throw out these pair of dogs?"

    Young master Qin?

    The hand that Chao Yang was using to dial a number froze. Just then, he had been so furious that he had not been thinking clearly. Now that he had calmed down, looked at Qin Feng closely and searched through his memories, his entire body became petrified and his jaw almost fell to the ground.

    The Royal Jewellers' security officers treated him so respectfully and the female manager had wanted to gift him a necklace worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    'Young master Qin' - apart from Qin Huang's son, Qin Feng, who else could it be?

    "Y-You're Qin Feng? Young master Qin?" Qin Feng name was like a thunderclap. Although Chao Yang had never met him in person, he quickly ran in front of him.

    "You know me? Ah, to be recognised by the General Manager of the Eternal Abundance Real Estate is my honour!" Qin Feng sarcastically said as a cold smile flashed on his face.

    He couldn't help but marvel at his luck. In just a single day, he had met two people who had been acting incredibly cocky.

    "Darling, hurry up and call your people. I want to kill these dogs personally." After being slapped, Zhu Da Niu was mad with fury and didn't notice how the atmosphere had completely changed. She was still pointing at Qin Feng and the others and furiously cursing. However, very soon, she was given a big slap by Chao Yang.

    "Stop goddamn babbling, you slut. Open your dog eyes and look who that is - it's the Acropolis City's biggest young master, young master Qin. Hurry up and apologise! You're just begging to be slapped!"

    After confirming Qin Feng's identity, Chao Yang was so scared that he began to break out in cold sweat. When he thought to how cocky and condescendingly he had been acting, he wanted to run into a wall and die.

    Chao Yang released all of his unhappiness on Zhu Da Niu, only stopping after giving her multiple slaps.

    Zhu Da Niu was completely dumbfounded. How could a shallow and pretentious woman like her not have heard of Qin Feng before? Before hooking in Chao Yang, she had investigated Qin Feng, wanting to be his mistress.

    However, after comparing the women that Qin Feng had been with to herself, she completely gave up on that.

    And now, Qin Feng was right in front of her. Although she had been slapped quite a few times in front of everyone else, Zhu Da Niu put on a big smile as she bent at her waist and said, "Aiya, so it's young master Qin. Looks like the water has rushed into the Dragon King's temple, haha. A great person should show great magnanimity; please don't hold it against lowly people like us. I deserve death for angering you; I'll slap myself to death."

    Without Qin Feng needing to do anything, Zhu Da Niu began to continuously slap herself. When she saw her swollen face, a look of worry flashed on Bai Qing's face. After all, they were high school classmates and she didn't want to see things like this.

    She grabbed Qin Feng's arm, softly saying, "Young master Qin, please let this go. It's not that big of a deal."

    Qin Feng was preparing to ignore Zhu Da Niu, but this woman had started slapping herself, so he didn't really care. He waved his hand, saying, "Alright, that's enough. Both of you piss off, you're an eyesore."

    Chao Yang was finally able to relieve the large weight in his heart. He bowed to Qin Feng and ran out of the jewellers as if he was running for his life. He didn't even bother to look at Zhu Da Niu.

    He decided that from today onwards, he would cut off ties with her. Having a woman like her by his side would only bring him disaster.

    When the two of them left, the people who had been spectating all gradually walked off as well. Qin Feng didn't take any of this to heart and picked up the necklace worth $890,000. He smiled as he looked at Bai Qing and said, "Beauty Bai Qing, let me put this on for you."

    Bai Qing felt a bit shocked when she saw Qin Feng's handsome smile. Before she could refuse, Qin Feng had already come over and carefully put it on for her.

    A faint masculine scent wafted into her nose, which made her feel a bit uncomfortable. She suddenly thought of something and her eyes became cold. Even the atmosphere around her cooled down.

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest, resolve Bai Qing's hatred towards the Host!"

    "Quest time limit: 1 month."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 500 Hedonist Points; failing will deduct 1000 Hedonist Points from the Host."

    Resolve Bai Qing's hatred towards him?

    Qin Feng frowned. There didn't seem to be any conflict between Bai Qing and himself, so why would this woman hate him? Could she be secretly helping someone deal with Qin Feng because she hated him?

    A wave of questions came flooding into his head, but he simply couldn't understand what was going on. He stabilised his emotions and gave a calm smile as he said to Bai Qing, "So pretty. I'm sure that no one else would be able to display the same beauty with this necklace."

    "Haha, young master Qin, I'm sure you've said this to every girl you've slept with before, right?" Bai Qing coldly laughed as she walked out of the jewellers with a darkened face.

    Qin Feng felt a bit awkward and chased after her. Bai Qing wasn't in the mood to continue shopping, so Qin Feng drove her back to the hotel.

    They spent the entire trip in silence.

    After returning to the Royal Hotel, Bai Qing didn't see Qin Feng. She returned to her position and took off the necklace.
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