Chapter 36 - Visiting The Zhao Family

    Chapter 36 - Visiting The Zhao Family

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    Editor: Master Shadow

    Qin Feng returned to Room 666. After that ordeal, he had still received some clues. He now knew that Bai Qing hated him for some reason. As long as he found that reason, he could resolve her hatred towards him. Perhaps, after he gained her favourability, she would tell him who was behind all of this...

    At night and under strict orders from Qin Huang, Qin Feng came with him to the Zhao family's villa to apologise about the matter of rescinding the marriage.

    Zhao Ling Xian's father was called Zhao Da Hai and was one of the top businessmen in the Acropolis City. His Hai Medical Group almost monopolised the Acropolis City's medical industry.

    Twenty years ago, when Qin Huang had arrived at the Acropolis City, he had become acquainted with Zhao Da Hai. He had received much help from Zhao Da Hai and with his own business mind, he walked step by step to where he was today.

    The two of them were not related by blood, but were closer than brothers.

    "Brother Huang, Feng'Er, you've come. Hurry and come in." Just as Qin Feng and his father arrived outside the villa, the chubby Zhao Da Hai came over.

    He knew that Qin Huang was coming tonight, so he had been waiting outside for them.

    "Brother Hai, you actually waited outside for us. Do you want to make your brother Huang feel guilty forever?" Qin Huang felt incredibly guilty about the rescission of the marriage. However, Qin Feng was simply too loose and sensualistic.

    Perhaps rescinding the marriage was a good thing for Zhao Ling Xian.

    Zhao Da Hai had an appearance that seemed to be blessed by the heavens. He smiled like a buddha as he said, "Brother Huang is older and is my senior, so I should be waiting to welcome you. As for the matter regarding Feng'Er and Ling Xian, that's in the past now. Brother Huang, you don't need to feel bad about it; this won't affect our friendship of 20 years in the slightest."

    "No, of course not."

    They laughed as the spoke and walked into the main hall. Qin Huang and Zhao Da Hai started to talk about business, politics and the economy, which made Qin Feng want to fall asleep.

    Qin Feng felt bored, so he took a stroll through the large villa. Thinking to the quest regarding Zhao Ling Xian's favourability towards him, he decided to go and talk to her to restore their relationship.

    Her door wasn't locked, so he gently opened it and walked in. It was as if he had walked into a small palace.

    The large room was covered with pink wallpaper and had European-style decorations on the ceiling. There was a large, pristine, princess-style bed with white muslin around it and a yellow Spongebob blanket covering it. The blanket was slightly raised, telling Qin Feng that its owner had just left the bed.

    There was no one in the room, so Qin Feng sat down at the desk. An opened diary greeted his eyes.

    6/1, clear.

    Today was bright and sunny, but my emotions felt like wind and rain. That accursed, loose young master rescinded his marriage with me in front of everyone in the class. I felt like killing him on the spot.

    Although I didn't really want the marriage and would have been delirious with joy for its cancellation, I was devastated to be thrown away like that. Doesn't that bastard know that a woman's reputation is important to her?

    Finally, I want to curse Qin Feng to be killed by a car, a hundred times.

    6/7, cloudy.

    Today that idiotic young master went crazy and publicly announced he was going to chase Lin Bei Bei. Who knows what he's thinking? I thought that I would ignore him after the incident about the marriage, but I couldn't help but be affected by that. What's going on with me?

    Finally, I want to curse Qin Feng to die from choking on water, a hundred times.

    6/9, clear.

    Tonight at the cocktail party, Qin Feng tried to be nice to me and played a nice piano piece. Did he forget to take his medicine? What was he doing before? I hate him to death.

    However, the current Qin Feng seems to be different and has changed a lot.

    Finally, I want to curse Qin Feng to die by being struck by lightning, a hundred times.

    Qin Feng didn't dare to continue reading. This was Zhao Ling Xian's diary and just by casually reading through a few pages, he had died 300 times already. He hurriedly closed the diary and was about to escape from this room of death when suddenly, the door to the bathroom opened.

    A beautiful woman with a wonderful body walked out. Her hair was still damp and there were still a few water droplets on her snow-white skin.

    They key thing was that she wasn't wearing anything.

    "Ah... you, you perverted bastard, how did you get in here? What are you trying to do? Ah, I-if you dare to continue looking, your granny will gouge out your eyeballs and trample on them."

    Zhao Ling Xian had just taken a shower and was drying her hair with a towel, while waiting for her body to completely dry before putting on her clothes. However, when she was halfway through doing this, she suddenly froze.

    The man who she cursed to die 100 times every night was now standing right in front of her. His eyes were green as he ogled her body, which made her want to cut him into a thousand pieces.

    Qin Feng gulped down his saliva as he hurriedly turned around. However, the image of Zhao Ling Xian's curvy body remained in his mind. Her skin was snow-white and held a faint hint of rosiness after the shower, which made it appear sleek and taught.

    Her long legs didn't have a bit of fat on them and were slim and straight. Her chest was also surprisingly large and he hadn't actually noticed this before.

    Suddenly, Qin Feng felt slightly regretful that he had cancelled their marriage.

    This was no less than expected from the Acropolis University's Art Department's number one beauty! She completely deserved this title!

    "What are you still standing there for? Piss off already!" Zhao Ling Xian hurriedly covered her body with a towel and gnashed her teeth at Qin Feng's back. This was the first time a man had seen her body, and it was Qin Feng, that beast. As she thought about it, her eyes grew misty.

    After suppressing the fire in his heart, Qin Feng hurriedly ran downstairs. His father and Uncle Zhao were still heartily chatting, unaware of what had happened upstairs.

    Qin Feng couldn't help but think to himself that even if he violated Zhao Ling Xian, they probably wouldn't have realised.

    After sitting downstairs and feeling bored, he heard footsteps on the stairs. Looking up, he saw that Zhao Ling Xian had changed into a white dress and was elegantly walking down. Her calves could be seen, which caused Qin Feng to think of that shocking scene from before.

    Zhao Ling Xian looked at Qin Feng's shining eyes as she gnashed her teeth and glared at him, then sat down next to Zhao Da Hai. She angrily asked, "Dad, why did you let Qin Feng come to our house?"

    If the Acropolis University's males saw Zhao Ling Xian acting in such a coquettish way, they would probably scratch out their own eyeballs. Was this really that cold, aloof, glacier goddess?

    Seeing that his daughter had come downstairs, Zhao Da Hai lovingly stroked her head before saying seriously, "This girl really doesn't know how to speak. Haven't you seen that your Uncle Huang is here? And you didn't even greet him."

    Although she was extremely unhappy towards Qin Feng, Uncle Qin Huang had always been very good to her and treated her as if she was his own daughter. She immediately looked over and greeted him, "Uncle Huang, you've come!"

    Qin Huang also patted Zhao Ling Xian's head, smiling as he said, "What's wrong, Ling Xian? You look so angry. Did Feng'Er bully you again? When we go back I'll give him a good lashing."

    When Qin Huang said this, Zhao Ling Xian pouted again, looking quite unhappy.

    Zhao Da Hai squeezed her nose and said, "All you know how to do is be angry. Just then, I saw Feng'Er go up to find you. Are you still putting on the act of a big miss?"

    It would have been better if Zhao Da Hai hadn't mentioned that. Zhao Ling Xian once again remembered that Qin Feng had seen her naked body and the anger on her face increased. She suddenly stood up and said, "Hmph, I don't care. I just don't like to see Qin Feng. I welcome Uncle Huang to come to our home, but I won't tolerate Qin Feng at all!"

    After saying this, Zhao Ling Xian angrily ran upstairs again.

    "I've truly spoilt this girl rotten!"

    Qin Huang and Zhao Da Hai looked at each other and laughed, both feeling a little awkward.

    "Feng'Er, go and cheer up Ling Xian. The two of you grew up together and even if you're not getting married, you can at least be friends, right? There's no need to act like enemies." Zhao Da Hai looked at Qin Feng and smiled, "As a man, you need to be magnanimous and sometimes give in. That child has a kind heart, but has Princess Syndrome because I've spoilt her too much."

    Qin Feng nodded and hesitantly walked upstairs.

    If Uncle Zhao knew that he had just seen Ling Xian's naked body, he definitely wouldn't have asked him to go upstairs and cheer her up.

    This was simply suicide!

    "Little sister Ling Xian, are you wearing clothes? I'm coming in now." This time, Qin Feng didn't dare to just swagger in.

    "Go and die! Piss off!" Zhao Ling Xian was lying on her bed and was feeling quite miserable. When Qin Feng came in, a pillow flew over. Luckily, he had stepped into Stage 1 and had drank Speed Potions, which gave him the speed and reaction time to catch the pillow.

    "Hmph! I told you to piss off - are you deaf?" Seeing that the pillow hadn't hit Qin Feng, Zhao Ling Xian became even angrier.

    As a hedonistic young master, one of his key strengths was that his face was as thick as a wall.

    Qin Feng pretended not to hear her and smiled as he sat down next to her on the bed. He needed to obtain her favourability, so if he could reduce her anger towards the rescission of the marriage, his job would be much easier.

    "Little sister Ling Xian, don't be angry. I came specifically to apologise about the rescission of the marriage."

    As soon as he mentioned the rescinded marriage, Zhao Ling Xian became even angrier. She coldly replied, "No need, hurry up and leave. If you have all this time and energy, go and be intimate with your little sister Lin. I'm disgusted by this act of yours."

    Qin Feng felt a little surprised and could almost smell jealousy in the air.

    Could it be that Zhao Ling Xian had fallen for him? After all, he was simply too handsome and savvy.

    Zhao Ling Xian could tell Qin Feng had misunderstood and hurriedly explained, "Don't have any stupid thoughts. Even if I became a monk, I wouldn't like you. I just pity Lin Bei Bei - why would such a nice girl fall for such a bastard?"

    "Princess Ling Xian, don't say such things. I remember when we were younger, a certain someone would always follow me around, "Qin Feng proudly replied.
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