Chapter 41 - Rather Be Struck To Death By Lightning 100 Times

    Chapter 41 - Rather Be Struck To Death By Lightning 100 Times

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Han Ying Ying's expression didn't change, but Zhao Ling Xian was so furious that she wanted to vomit blood. One couldn't help but admit that this woman was quite vicious and savage. Her lovely upturned eyes seemed to be able to see a person's weak points, and every word she spoke could cut into other people's hearts.

    "Han Ying Ying, aren't you selling your body just for some money? What right do you have to speak badly of me?" Zhao Ling Xian was so angry that she stood up. If it wasn't for Qin Feng blocking the two women, they probably would have started fighting.

    Once women went crazy, even the heavens and earth could not tolerate it!

    "Hmph!" Han Ying Ying's smile disappeared. Indeed, in order to do business, she often went to many cocktail parties and banquets to flirt with the sons of the wealthy and noble. However, no one knew how much pain and bitterness she put up with in order to develop her family's business.

    She was willing to flirt, but would never actually do the deed. In the end, she was a woman who valued purity.

    And now, hearing Zhao Ling Xian say such things, a flame burned in her eyes. She looked at Zhao Ling Xian as she said, "Miss Zhao, you're from the upper-class society, so please show some restraint when speaking. Have you personally seen me get into bed with a man? Or could it be that when I got into bed with a man, you were also there? Otherwise, how could you know?"

    As soon as Han Ying Ying said this, Qin Feng knew that things were spiralling out of control. These two women both had powerful family backgrounds; even Qin Feng would feel scared if they started to fight.

    At this moment, an even more terrifying, cold, electronic voice sounded out in his mind.

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest, make Zhao Ling Xian and Han Ying Ying interact harmoniously for 10 minutes!"

    "Quest time limit: 24 hours."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 100 Hedonist Points; failing will result in the Zhao family and Han family engaging in an intense business war."

    Qin Feng's mouth twitched. He would rather be struck to death by lightning 100 times.

    On the other hand, Liang Sheng had been quite angry the whole trip as he drove in his Porsche 911 to the Royal Clubhouse. Business was excellent tonight, and the large parking lot was filled with many luxury cars.

    He went around the parking lot a few times, and finally found 2 free spaces. Just as he was about to park into one of them, a man wearing a security uniform and holding an electric baton angrily walked over.

    "Apologies, sir, but you can't park here."

    Liang Sheng was already furious, and now he had been stopped from parking by a security officer. He angrily got out of the car and came in front of the security officer, pointing at him as he started to loudly curse, "Are you goddamn blind? There are 2 parking spaces there; why can't I park there? I'll have you know that your granddaddy is the Royal Clubhouse's VIP. If you anger your granddaddy, a single phone call from me is enough to get you fired."

    After being cursed at like that, the security officer's expression became cold. Normally, if a visitor cursed at time, he would simply endure it. After all, everyone who came here were extremely wealthy and powerful.

    However, tonight, he was filled with confidence. He was looking after young master Qin's ride. He pointed back at Liang Sheng and cursed back at him, "Open your dog eyes and have a good look, these 2 parking spaces are already occupied."

    Liang Sheng had never been cursed at by a security officer. He stared at the security officer in shock before looking at the 2 seemingly empty parking spaces. Only then did he find that there was an inconspicuous 28" bicycle parked there.

    It had even taken up 2 parking spaces in an extremely overbearing manner.

    Moreover, this bicycle looked extremely familiar. It seemed to be the one that Zhao Ling Xian and her fake boyfriend had left on.

    Although he was angry, Liang Sheng was more shocked by far. He never would have thought that Qin Feng would arrive faster than him on an old bicycle. After all, he was driving a Porsche.

    He even started to suspect whether this bicycle was really Qin Feng's. Maybe they just looked similar.

    "Was this brought here by a man and a beautiful woman?" Liang Sheng asked with a darkened face.

    "Hmph, why do I need to tell you? Anyways, these 2 parking spaces are taken, so go park somewhere else. Otherwise, I won't be courteous anymore."

    The security officer acted extremely arrogantly towards Liang Sheng, as if he disdained even speaking with him.

    He patted the electric baton in his hands and viciously looked at Liang Sheng. Because young master Qin had personally given him this bike to look after, he had reserved 2 parking spaces for it.

    If some blind driver accidentally ran over this old 28" bicycle, or scraped some paint off it, he wouldn't know what to say to young master Qin.

    Liang Sheng and the security officer faced off for a while, after which Liang Sheng angrily drove away. He found a good parking space near the Royal Clubhouse and quickly walked in.

    When he saw Qin Feng standing in between the 2 beauties trying to pacify them, Liang Sheng became certain that the old bicycle that had overbearingly taken up 2 parking spaces was definitely Qin Feng's.

    It seemed that he didn't have an ordinary background if he was able to enter the Royal Clubhouse and take up 2 parking spaces. However, so what? No matter how influential someone was in the Acropolis City, they would still be nothing to the capital's Liang family.

    Liang Sheng walked over to the three of them as he gave a gentlemanly smile. "Miss Zhao, apologies, I had something important to do on the way so I ended up coming a bit late."

    Naturally, he wouldn't admit that he had driven at his fastest speed to the Royal Clubhouse. Liang Sheng felt like coughing up blood after thinking that he had been beaten by an old bicycle.

    Zhao Ling Xian and Han Ying Ying had just finished having their fight, and neither had a pleasant expression. They sat down and turned away from each other.

    As such, no one paid any attention to Liang Sheng.

    "Haha, seeing that you've been sitting out here, you probably haven't reserved a room yet. I'll go arrange it now - after all, not just anyone can book a room here." Liang Sheng awkwardly smiled, looked at Qin Feng condescending then elegantly walked over to the reception.

    Han Ying Ying looked at Liang Sheng's back in slight confusion. Even though she didn't know where he had come from and his relationship with Qin Feng, his words sounded quite funny.

    Qin Feng had finally calmed down the two women when Liang Sheng, that little scumbag, had come over and tried to look cool. He felt quite annoyed, and took out his phone to call the reception, telling them not to give Liang Sheng a room.

    Not too long after, Liang Sheng came back with a darkened face, angrily cursing, "Hmph... what a crappy clubhouse. Their elder is a Silver Card Member, and yet they told me that all the rooms are fully booked. Lucky for them, this is the Acropolis City. If it was the capital, I would have ordered people to smash the place.

    "Ling Xian, just wait for a moment, I have a good brother here. He's the General Manager, and I'll give him a call to get him to come over and arrange a Presidential room for us."

    Liang Sheng ran off to the side to make a call, and neither Zhao Ling Xian and Han Ying Ying could be bothered to pay any attention to him. Both of them knew Qin Feng's background and status, and knew that Liang Sheng trying to act big simply made him look like a little clown.

    Before anything happened, they already knew what was going to happen to him.
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