Chapter 42 - Intercepted Halfway

    Chapter 42 - Intercepted Halfway

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    After a while, a man in a suit and tie walked out. It was the Royal Clubhouse's Customer Manager, Wang Qi.

    After making the phone call, Liang Sheng had been on the lookout the entire time. Seeing Wang Qi walking over, he hurriedly went up to him and said, "Brother Wang, I hope you've been well."

    "Haha, young master Liang, I never thought that you would have the time to come here and play today. If you need anything, please let me know."

    In his previous visits to Acropolis City, Liang Sheng had heard that the Royal Clubhouse was the highest-class entertainment facility. He had visited there a few times to play, and had gotten to know Wang Qi. Wang Qi saw that this person was quite generous and could count as a big shot. Every time, he received quite a bit in tips, so he always treated Liang Sheng quite well.

    When he saw that Liang Sheng had come to play again, it was as if he had seen rolls of new banknotes.

    "Haha, there's a small matter I'll need to trouble brother Wang with," Liang Sheng said as he smiled, "Tonight, I came with a few friends to have some fun. However, the lady at the reception said that all of the rooms were booked. Would it be possible for brother Wang to arrange a luxurious room for us? Money is no problem, as long as we don't lose face, right?"

    Wang Qi frowned when he heard this. Indeed, there were often luxurious rooms reserved for important people. There was also Qin Feng's Room 888, that was never open to the public, as it was Qin Feng's private room.

    As of now, there were still two luxurious rooms that were open to public. Why had the receptionist said that the rooms were all full?

    Wang Qi took Liang Sheng and angrily came to the reception. Liang Sheng pointed out the receptionist who hadn't given him a room and Wang Qi looked at her while coldly asking, "What's going on? There's a guest who wants to hire a room, but you told him that all the rooms are full? Aren't there still 2 rooms?"

    The receptionist didn't expect Liang Sheng to know Manager Wang. Under normal circumstances, she definitely would have followed Manager Wang's orders. However, she wasn't fearful at all, as it was young master Qin who had personally given her this order. Even if there were 10 Manager Wangs questioning her, she wouldn't be afraid.

    "Manager Wang, all of the rooms are booked," the receptionist calmly said as she blinked at Wang Qi, trying to signal at him.

    However, Wang Qi didn't notice this and instead became angry. "You're still saying they're all booked? Do you want me to take you to see those two empty rooms yourself? What's wrong with you? Do you not want to work here anymore?"

    Upon seeing Wang Qi become so angry, the receptionist felt a little wronged and had to explain herself. "Manager Wang, the higher ups said that those two rooms aren't for hire."

    Wang Qi was surprised. He wasn't sure who she was referring to by the 'higher ups'. Apart from the General Manager, he had the most power at the Royal Clubhouse. Since General Manager Liu had taken leave today, could there be someone even higher?

    "Who was it? Tell him to come over here. I want to see who it is that is so rich and powerful that they don't want more business. I'll have you know, I want those rooms opened, even if young master Qin comes," Wang Qi angrily spoke as he pointed at the receptionist.

    However, the beautiful receptionist didn't seem anxious at all. Instead, she revealed a gloating smile, because the person standing right behind Manager Wang was young master Qin.

    "Ah, lil Wang, you're quite right. It's me who gave the order. Is there anything you're not happy about?" Qin Feng's voice suddenly rang out from behind Wang Qi.

    Wang Qi felt that this voice sounded quite familiar. When he turned around, he was so shocked that he almost fell to the ground.

    Liang Sheng still hadn't realised what was happening. When he saw that Qin Feng had come over, he felt like his intestines were going to explode from anger. Since this brat was determined to make trouble for him, he would definitely make him pay for it.

    "Yoh, kid, you're acting quite big. You're the boss of this Royal Clubhouse eh? You think you can stop your elder from getting a room?" Liang Sheng looked at Qin Feng with an expression of mockery. He pointed at Wang Qi and condescending said, "Look here, brat, this is my good brother. He's the General Manager of the Royal Clubhouse. He's the top gun around here; who do you think you are?"

    Noticing that Qin Feng's bicycle had taken up two spaces, and that he could enter the Royal Clubhouse by himself, Liang Sheng guessed that he knew someone here.

    At the very most, he probably knew a Supervisor or Deputy Manager. Now, with Wang Qi standing next to him, he wanted to stick it to Qin Feng's face.

    You want to steal your elder's woman? You're too naïve!

    "General Manager Wang, give me a luxurious room now. I want to see what this brat can do. You came here riding on a crappy 28" bicycle and you're trying to act all high and mighty? Your elder's going to whip your face open."

    Liang Sheng released all of the savage words he had pent up inside of him. However, despite waiting for a while, he didn't see Wang Qi doing anything. When he looked over, he saw Wang Qi staring Qin Feng with a look of terror. His mouth opened and closed many times, without being able to say anything.

    "Brother Wang, are you alright? Hurry up and find me a room. You know there'll be a big tip for you," Liang Sheng once again urged Wang Qi.

    Wang Qi still hadn't completely recovered from his shock. Qin Feng laughed and said, "Yoh, General Manager Wang, when did you get promoted to General Manager? Even I didn't know."

    Wang Qi felt like running into a wall and dying.

    He had been blinded by greed and had wanted to open a luxurious room for Liang Sheng so he could earn a tip. As for his claim that he wouldn't give Qin Feng face, that was simply him talking big.

    Now, with Qin Feng in front of him, Wang Qi's expression was sombre, as though his entire family had died. He half-cried as he spluttered, "Young master Qin, this lowly one truly didn't know it was your order. Otherwise, even if it was the Mayor of Acropolis City, I definitely wouldn't give him a room, let alone some crappy young master Liang.

    "Young master Qin, the ignorant should not be held responsible; please forgive this lowly one this time."

    A thirty-year-old man was pleading and begging in public. Liang Sheng felt quite shocked at the sight of this.

    He suddenly realised that the Royal Clubhouse was owned by the Acropolis City's richest man, Qin Huang, and that Wang Qi was addressing this young man as young master Qin.  He was acting like he would even go so far as to kneel down and lick his boots. Apart from Qin Huang's only son, Qin Feng, who else would be able to wield such power?

    Thinking to the fact that he had requested to come to Qin Feng's family's clubhouse to have fun, and had mocked Qin Feng the entire way, Liang Sheng's face almost turned green. He wanted to dice Qin Feng up into small pieces.

    "Hmph, so what if you're Qin Feng? Brat, just you wait and see. I'll have you know that you're just a young master in the Acropolis City. Before the capital's Liang family, you're just like an ant." Liang Sheng had lost all of his face today and had none left to continue to stay here. After spitting out some savage words, he stormed out of the Royal Clubhouse.

    "Ding... congratulations Host Qin Feng for completing the quest to make Zhao Ling Xian and Han Ying Ying interact harmoniously for 10 minutes. You have received 100 Hedonist Points."

    Just as Liang Sheng left, a cold, electronic voice rang out in Qin Feng's mind.

    He looked towards the sofa in dismay and saw that the two women with completely different personalities, but who were both as beautiful as celestial goddesses, were sitting back to back. They both looked spaced out, and he had no idea what they were thinking.

    Quests could be completed just like that? Qin Feng almost couldn't believe it.

    "Ling Xian, Liang Sheng stormed off in anger. Do you want to get some food?" Qin Feng came over to the two women and asked.

    At the beginning, the two women were inwardly cursing at each other, but after a while, they both lapsed into each other's thoughts.

    Zhao Ling Xian was wondering what the relationship between Qin Feng and Lin Bei Bei was. Normally, after Qin Feng had his way with a woman, he wouldn't meet her for a second time. However, Lin Bei Bei seemed to be an exception, which made Zhao Ling Xian feel quite unhappy.

    Han Ying Ying was plotting how to make Qin Feng hers. From the information she had, Qin Feng was just a sensualistic and hedonistic young master. Before, Han Ying Ying was completely confident that she could win him over, but she slowly found out that he wasn't exactly as her information had described.

    Just like that, lost in their own thoughts, the two women had interacted harmoniously for ten minutes, which allowed Qin Feng to complete the quest.

    "No, it's alright. A certain someone has ruined my mood tonight, so I want to go home." Zhao Ling Xian stood up and coldly glared at Han Ying Ying, then walked out of the Royal Clubhouse.

    "Miss Han, I'll be taking Ling Xian home. We can talk more if we meet again in future."

    Qin Feng smiled at Han Ying Ying, then chased after Zhao Ling Xian.

    When she saw Qin Feng leave, Han Ying Ying's eyes were filled with anger and reluctance. She silently vowed, "Qin Feng, just you wait. I'll definitely make you mine someday, and make you completely obedient to me."

    Just like how they had come, Qin Feng speedily took Zhao Ling Xian back on his 28" bicycle.

    Perhaps it was because she wasn't in a very good mood, but Zhao Ling Xian spaced out during the entire trip and didn't speak to Qin Feng.

    When they reached the Zhao family's villa, Zhao Ling Xian gave a simple greeting to her father and Qin Huang, then went upstairs. Seeing that Qin Huang and Uncle Zhao were still in high spirits and wouldn't be finished talking for a while, Qin Feng left first and rode to the Royal Hotel on his bicycle.

    After completing two quests tonight, Qin Feng had obtained 300 Hedonist Points. He was anxious to spend them and obtain another 3 Lottery Chances.

    He pedalled faster and faster, and his Retro 28" bicycle shot through the streets like an arrow. As he sped forwards, Qin Feng began to sweat profusely. He suddenly found that riding the bicycle was a pretty good way to exercise, and decided to replace his incredibly flashy Batmobile with it.

    In order to reach the Royal Hotel as quickly as possible, Qin Feng had gone through quite a few small roads. At the end of the small road he was riding on, a pair of headlights suddenly lit up, forcing him to stop as he couldn't see.

    Qin Feng left the bicycle on the ground and held his hands in front of him. He squinted through the gaps in his fingers, trying to see what was going on.

    A skinny and tall figure stood in front of the car's lights. Qin Feng couldn't see his features, but could see that he had his right hand raised. Within that hand was something black, which was pointed at him.


    Suddenly, a wave of wild laughter echoed out. As soon as Qin Feng heard this voice, he realised what was going on. It was Liang Sheng.

    "Qin Feng, young master Qin," Liang Sheng laughed for a while before speaking, his voice dripping with sarcasm, "You think you're really cool, right? Your hands can cover the sky in Acropolis City and no one dares to offend you. Haha, your elder's seen many hedonistic young masters like you - you're just a frog in a well. Your elder has said it before. You're still too tender to fight with me!"
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