Chapter 44 - Unparalleled Under The Heavens

    Chapter 44 - Unparalleled Under The Heavens

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    Qin Feng had completed 3 quests tonight and now had 800 Hedonist Points. He felt indescribably excited and was in a rush to spend them. However, he had to clean up the scene first; he couldn't let the Liang family find out that he had done this.

    Even if he was going to destroy the Liang family, it was still better to strike from the darkness while they were completely unprepared.

    After all, the capital's Liang family was a large and powerful family, and couldn't be taken lightly.

    Qin Feng scratched his head while looking at Liang Sheng's body. He had killed people before, but had never cleaned up corpses.

    "Master, let this little pig out. I can help you clean up the corpse and any remains." Suddenly, the little pig began to excitedly jump around in Qin Feng's mind.

    With a slight thought from Qin Feng, the cute and chubby little pig came out and began to madly run about.

    Qin Feng decided that he would let this snotty pig out more. Seeing how excited it looked, it had probably been almost bored to death.

    "Lil piggy, surely you didn't ask me to let you out just so you could play, right? You said you would help me clean up, so what the hell are you doing chasing that female cat? You're not even the same species."

    Hearing Qin Feng's complaint, the little pig ran over to him, then looked at Liang Sheng and proudly said, "Cheh, no big deal. Leave it to this little pig. I'll get this done in a few seconds."

    As it spoke, the little pig revealed a serious expression that it had never shown before. It looked at Liang Sheng gravely as it suddenly raised its head.


    "Fudge, did you have to make such a big deal out of a sneeze?" Qin Feng was quite impressed by the little pig's demeanour and had expected it to do something shocking. However, it had simply sneezed.

    Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!

    The little pig ignored Qin Feng and continuously sneezed while looking just as serious.

    Qin Feng couldn't bear to watch this anymore. Just as he was going to drag the little pig back into the system and make it reflect on its actions, a wave of hot air rushed over.


    This time, the little pig didn't sneeze, but released a large fireball. The fireball flew over and landed on Liang Sheng's body.

    In the blink of an eye, flames that burned as tall as a person shot up, causing Qin Feng to take a few steps back in fear. He looked at Liang Sheng and found that he had already been disintegrated to ashes.

    "Holy crap... little pig, what sort of animal are you? You were probably originally a dinosaur, right? Someone probably threw you into a pig sty and you grew up there."

    Qin Feng was completely dumbfounded. This entire time, he had believed that apart from being cute and proud, this little pig was just a useless fighter. However, he now realised that he was completely wrong.

    "Cheh, it's no big deal. Master, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as my abilities go. After I break through and evolve, and enter the Intermediate grade, spitting fire will be a piece of cake," the little pig proudly declared in its usual manner.

    "How do you evolve? And how can you spit out fireballs even though you haven't evolved yet?" Qin Feng excitedly asked.

    "There are two ways to evolve. The first is to let me loose, and allow me to train and break through by myself. It's more or less like master's own training. The second method is for master to buy evolution potions so I can quickly evolve. However, the potions are quite expensive. The potion to evolve from Elementary to Intermediate costs 2000 Hedonist Points. With master's personality, you definitely won't be willing to buy it for me."

    "Haha, can't we just all get along?" Qin Feng awkwardly scratched his head and evilly smiled as he looked at the little pig and said, "To be honest, I feel like getting you to train by yourself is a pretty good idea. You're probably bored to death staying in the system every day. The world is so big; you should go out and have a look."

    Thinking back to the fireball that the little pig just released, Qin Feng's eyes lit up. Once it broke through, he would keep it by his side. If he wasn't happy with anyone, he could destroy them with a fireball.

    This sort of low investment, high return opportunity was something that Qin Feng loved.

    The little pig condescendingly rolled its eyes at Qin Feng as it coldly harrumphed, "Master, make sure you think this through properly. I can only produce 1 fireball per month, and I can't use it perfectly yet. Just then, I had to try a few times before I could release it. If master really wants to throw me out to fend for myself, even a wild dog would be able to bite me to death."

    "Haha, I was just joking."

    Qin Feng hurriedly dispelled the little pig's thoughts. He had bought this pig for 50 Hedonist Points and couldn't let it just die like that.

    Of course, it was mainly because Qin Feng remembered that the little pig had saved him quite a few times. It simply wouldn't be very humane for him to leave it to fend for itself.

    "So, it turns out that firing fireballs for you is like an aunt visiting - it only happens once a month. If I knew that was the case, there's no way I would let you go out by yourself. The outside world is incredibly dangerous, and I would worry about you," Qin Feng guiltily laughed.

    The little pig coldly laughed along with Qin Feng. Evidently, it didn't believe him.

    Qin Feng smiled and continued to speak, "Little pig, how many times can you evolve then? When you reach Intermediate grade, will you be able to fry anyone you want with fireballs?"

    "I'm a normal pet, so I can evolve 4 times: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Ultra. There's a rare type of pet that can continue to evolve after Ultra to Sovereign and unlock their special hidden skills. They're all incredibly powerful, but it costs a lot of Hedonist Points to upgrade them. It's something you wouldn't dare to think about just yet."

    The little pig looked at Qin Feng meaningfully before continuing to speak, "Even if I evolve into Intermediate grade, releasing fireballs still takes up a lot of strength. After using up all my strength, I'll need to go into hibernation.

    "Fry anyone I want? Do you think I'm a circus animal?"

    Qin Feng realised that this seemingly harmless little pet was hiding such an immense and terrifying potential.

    He decided that from today onwards, he would treat it better. It would be a shame for it to roast him when it eventually evolved.

    Firing a fireball once every month was already the little, Elementary grade pig's limit. It seemed like it wouldn't be possible for it to get rid of Liang Sheng's Porsche.

    However, Qin Feng had never come into contact with this car, so he wasn't worried about the police finding any links to him. He put the little pig on his shoulder and rode his 28" bicycle to the Royal Hotel.

    The scene of a man and his pig riding on a bicycle was quite interesting. The little pig rarely came out from the system, so it excitedly raised its head and continuously whooped in the evening breeze and the wondrous night-time scenery.

    However, it was a pity that it was a little pig and not a wolf, which would have been much more fitting for the scene. Its 'grunt, grunt, grunt' noises began to drive Qin Feng crazy.

    Not too long after Qin Feng left that road, a black shadow suddenly appeared by Liang Sheng's Porsche. The phone in the man's hand let out a blue light, illuminating his evil smile.

    The scene that was playing on the phone was of Qin Feng killing Liang Sheng.

    "Haha, Qin Feng, just you wait for someone to collect your corpse," the man coldly laughed as he disappeared into the night.

    By the time Qin Feng returned to the Royal Hotel, it was already past 11pm.

    However, he still felt quite energetic. He lay on his bed and hurriedly opened the Hedonist Sovereign System. He now had 750 Hedonist Point and could buy quite a few goodies.

    "Lil piggy, give us some suggestions." After looking through the items, Qin Feng was bedazzled by what he saw. He decided that it was safer to rely on the little pig, his levelling trainer.

    "Master, right now you have 750 Hedonist Points. I recommend that you spend 300 Hedonist Points now to rank up into a Rank 4 Hedonist Mortal so you can obtain another 3 Lottery Chances. You should save the remaining 450 Hedonist Points to buy the Elementary Sword Skills when you reach 1000 Hedonist Points.

    "You can also spend these 750 Hedonist Points to level up the Elementary Thunder Tiger Fists into Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists."

    When he began to look through the items, he had immediately seen the Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists. They were worth 1500 Hedonist Points, so spending 750 Hedonist Points to level up his current fists seemed quite worth it.

    "Master, your Hedonist Rank is too low and you haven't unlocked many of the system's functions yet. Right now, you can only level up the skills that you have. The cost for levelling up skills is half of what it would cost to buy the levelled-up skill.

    "For example, the Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists skill costs 1500 Hedonist Points in the system, but levelling up the Elementary Thunder Tiger Fists skill only costs 750 Hedonist Points."

    Qin Feng understood what the little pig was saying and nodded.

    The little pig continued to speak as it shook its head, "When master ranks up into a Rank 4 Hedonist Mortal, you'll be able to unlock the system's fusion function, which allows you to combine various equipment and skills.

    "When master has spent more than 10,000 Hedonist Points and has become a Rank 5 Hedonist Mortal, master will be able to unlock the system's wuxia interface. Any equipment, skills or medicine in wuxia novels can be bought from the system. The Little Li Throwing Knife was a test item from the system's wuxia interface.

    "As for the other hidden functions of the Hedonist Sovereign System, there are only things that master cannot imagine. There is nothing that the system cannot do. All in all, master just needs to remember this - with the system at hand, you will be unparalleled under the heavens!"

    The little pig's explanation completely shocked Qin Feng.

    He knew that this system was quite powerful, but he never thought that it would be to such a degree.

    If he could rank up to a Rank 5 Hedonist Mortal, he would be able to unlock the wuxia interface. Just thinking about this made Qin Feng feel incredibly excited.

    When he was little, he had been a massive fan of wuxia novels, such as Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, Return of the Condor Heroes and The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber.

    If he could take out weapons like the Heaven Reliant Sword and the Dragon Slayer Saber, or skills like the Nine Swords of Dugu and the Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms, and use them in the current technological age, who knew what sort of incredible things could happen?
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