Chapter 45 - Godly Body Refining Equipment, Flying Dragon Armour

    Chapter 45 - Godly Body Refining Equipment, Flying Dragon Armour

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    However, that wasn't the most important thing. When he ranked up from a Hedonist Mortal to Hedonist Warrior, what sort of interface would be unlocked? Qin Feng almost didn't dare to imagine what it would be.

    Perhaps he would be able to obtain weapons and skills from myths and legends!

    "I should probably level up the Elementary Thunder Tiger Fists into Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists." After thinking for a while, Qin Feng finally calmed down.

    He could predict that the equipment and skills from the wuxia interface definitely wouldn't be cheap. He would have to slowly advance step by step.

    There were no shortcuts in the path to becoming a powerful figure!

    With a slight thought from Qin Feng, the 750 Hedonist Points he had were reset to 0. Immediately, a large wave of foreign memories flooded into his mind. His Elementary Thunder Tiger Fists skill had become Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists.

    Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists:

    Skill Rank: Yellow Rank Top Grade (Rank Divisions: Sovereign, Heaven, Earth, Black, Yellow)

    Adds another 2 times of strength upon use (for example: if the Host has 3 times a normal human's strength, the Thunder Tiger Fists will allow the Host to unleash 5 times a normal human's strength).

    System Price: 1500 Hedonist Points.

    Qin Feng hurriedly opened up his stats page.

    Host Qin Feng:

    External Technique Stage: Stage 1

    HP: 1.1 times a normal person's lifespan (Stage 1= 1.1 times, Stage 2= 1.2 times...)

    Strength: 3 times a normal person's strength. Combined with the Thunder Tiger Fists, can release 4 times a normal person's strength.

    Speed: 1.3 times a normal person's speed. (Stage 1= 1.1 times, Stage 2= 1.2 times...)

    Agility: 1.1 times a normal person's reaction time.

    Inner Technique Stage: None.

    Qi Refining Stage: None.

    Five times a normal person's strength was equivalent to a punching-force of 250 kilograms. He could probably smash a small hole in a car with that sort of strength.

    Qin Feng was ecstatic. External techniques focused on speed and force, and he had an extra 2 times of strength with the Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists. Moreover, after drinking the Speed Potions, he now also had an advantage over others in terms of speed.

    Currently, he even had sufficient strength to give a Stage 4 expert, who would exceed him by 3 Stages, a good battle.

    "Ding... congratulations Host Qin Feng for spending 1000 Hedonist Points in total and becoming a Rank 4 Hedonist Mortal. The system has awarded you with 3 Lottery chances. Would you like to draw for prizes?"

    "I'll draw!" Upon hearing the long-awaited system announcement for the Lottery, Qin Feng didn't hesitate.

    The familiar screen appeared in his mind and the spinning wheel began to rotate.

    "Ding... congratulations Host, you have drawn Intermediate Art Skills!"

    Qin Feng shook his head in disappointment. This skill was completely useless. He pumped himself up as he yelled, "Again!"

    "Ding... congratulations Host, you have drawn Intermediate Racing Skills!"

    "Fudge, my racing skills are already top-notch; can't you give me any useful things? Again!" Qin Feng started to feel worried. He wasn't sure if he would be able to obtain something he wanted with this final draw.

    "Ding... congratulations Host, you have drawn a White Grade equipment, Flying Dragon Armour."

    "The 3 Lottery Chances have all been used; please continue to work hard and complete quests. Please come again!"

    The electronic voice stopped speaking and a domineering-looking armour flashing with white light appeared in Qin Feng's mind. With a slight thought, the armour appeared on his bed, as a chain of information whirled through his mind.

    Flying Dragon Armour:

    Equipment Grade: White Grade Equipment (Equipment Grades: Sovereign Gold, Purple, Blue, Orange, White)

    Upon equipping, will apply 150 kilograms of weight onto the Host's body, helping the Host to quickly break through his limit. After taking off the armour, the Host's speed will explosively increase, creating unimaginable results.

    System Price: 2000 Hedonist Points.

    The Flying Dragon Armour's description left Qin Feng dumbfounded. This armour had come in quite a timely manner - he was in need of a method to quickly break through, and this godly training equipment, the Flying Dragon Armour, had been drawn by him.

    The Flying Dragon Armour lay on his bed. It was quite compact, stylish and shaped like a vest. A silvery-white light emanated from it, as if it was a warrior that was awaiting its owner to put it on and rush into battle.

    Qin Feng caressed the Flying Dragon Armour. It didn't feel cold and metallic as he had expected, but was instead soft and comfortable, as if it was made of silk. However, although it looked quite compact and light, it was so heavy that it required all of Qin Feng's strength to lift it up.

    Qin Feng hurriedly put on the armour, which distributed the 150 kilograms of weight across every part of his body. Having just put it on, he wasn't quite accustomed to it and found it difficult to even breathe.

    "Master, the Flying Dragon Armour is incredibly tough, but also soft and comfortable. It also has a stealth function which will prevent other people from seeing it." Qin Feng was walking around in his room, trying to become accustomed to the extra 150 kilograms of weight on his body, when the little pig spoke.

    Qin Feng felt delighted - this piece of armour was simply too powerful. It would be quite awkward for someone to see him wearing this, so he quickly turned on the stealth function. He looked down, and found that he couldn't see it at all anymore.

    However, the overwhelming pressure on his body told Qin Feng that it was definitely still on his body.

    Bang bang bang!

    Wearing the Flying Dragon Armour while practising with the Thunder Tiger Fists made Qin Feng's actions seem incredibly unwieldy and slow. However, the might in his fists was not to be looked down upon.

    The sound of air exploding rang out around the room. Because of the additional 150 kilograms, Qin Feng's actions were much slower than usual. By the time he had finished going through half a set of exercises, he was already breathing raggedly and his back was covered in sweat.

    Despite this, he did not stop. Qin Feng gritted his teeth as he continued to practice. Ever since he had broken into Stage 1, he hadn't felt his body quickly strengthening and being refined. He knew that his body was rapidly developing towards Stage 2.

    Qin Feng knew that with the Flying Dragon Armour, it wouldn't be too long before he would break into Stage 2.

    He pushed himself into training for 1 hour with the Thunder Tiger Fists, but his body had reached its limit. Although he felt that he would faint if he took even a single step, he was still quite far away from breaking into Stage 2. He couldn't help but stop training and collapse onto the bed. Qin Feng didn't even have the strength to take a shower as he fell into a deep sleep.

    In the early morning of the next day, as the bright sunlight fell on the vast sports field, the crowd erupted into yelling and cheering.

    Following the crowd's gaze, one could see an impressive-looking, handsome young man speeding around the sports field on an old 28" bicycle.

    Needless to say, this young man was the hedonist young master, Qin Feng.

    Currently, Qin Feng was wearing the Flying Dragon Armour while riding the bicycle. Sweat poured down his body as he furiously pedalled.

    This attention-catching new ride of his was simply too shocking. He once again caused a massive crowd to gather around the sports field, with everyone itching to see what this young master Qin was up to today.

    Qin Feng didn't pay attention to the yelling and cheering, but spotted a familiar person within the crowd.

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