Chapter 46 - Chinese Art Competition

    Chapter 46 - Chinese Art Competition

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    Editor: Phoobiee

    Zhao Ling Xian was wearing a snow-white lace dress, which fell to her knees. Her slim legs were incredibly straight and eye-catching, and she looked like a beautiful fairy standing in the crowd.

    Her gaze was as soft and still as water as it fell on Qin Feng. Seeing him ride the 28" bicycle around the track, a hint of warmth appeared in her eyes, and she felt an urge to sit on the bike.

    As she thought to herself, Qin Feng's bicycle stopped in front of her as he gave a dazzling smile. "Princess Ling Xian, would you like to ride on this warrior's chariot and experience travelling as fast as lightning?"

    Zhao Ling Xian spaced out for a while as she looked at Qin Feng's handsome face. After lapsing into silence for a few moments, she surprisingly nodded. She stretched out her white and delicate hand, allowing Qin Feng to pull her onto the bicycle.

    The sound of cheering, discussions and the wind...

    The sports field was instantly thrown into an uproar, and everyone was talking about Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian. Qin Feng had publicly rescinded the marriage between Zhao Ling Xian and himself not too long ago, and now he was acting close with her again. No one could tell what he was thinking.

    This was the first time Zhao Ling Xian hadn't felt angry when being talked about. All of the voices around her were blown away by the wind, and she closed her eyes, feeling like she had returned to her younger days.

    She could only experience this sort of wonderful and mysterious feeling when she sat on Qin Feng's bicycle.

    The spectators were all dumbfounded. Zhao Ling Xian was already as beautiful as a celestial goddess, and looked like a princess wearing her snow-white dress, which fluttered as she rode around the track.

    The wind blew her hair around, causing her to lose the cold aura that was normally around her.  She had a lovely look on her face, one that was rarely seen, and her skirt occasionally lifted; the onlookers had glimpses of her thighs, which caused the males to drool. Many of them wished they could use their lips to comfort her from her feet to her legs.

    Of course, Qin Feng was using one of his hands to hold down Zhao Ling Xian's skirt, otherwise many of the perverts really would have seen everything.

    Although his hand was separated from her thighs by the thin dress, the supple feeling on his fingers stimulated him to ride faster and faster...

    Qin Feng rode 30 laps before becoming so tired that he almost couldn't breathe. He stopped riding as he gulped down air and smiled, saying, "Enough, enough, princess Ling Xian, you must have gained weight. I'm so tired that I can't even ride anymore."

    "Qin Feng..."

    A wave of cold intent surged from Zhao Ling Xian's body as she glared at Qin Feng with flames in her eyes.

    Women hated other people saying they were fat; Zhao Ling Xian felt like killing him on the spot after hearing Qin Feng say this in front of so many people.

    This was especially because Zhao Ling Xian felt that she was not fat at all. In fact, she had a tall and sexy body, and there were always countless gazes glued to her. If he wasn't satisfied with such a body, just what could satisfy him?

    She got off Qin Feng's bicycle in a huff and savagely pinched his waist before turning and leaving.

    Qin Feng was completely spent, and didn't have any energy to chase after her with. However, seeing her angrily leave, he felt that she looked quite cute.

    At the very least, this was cuter than her normal icy-looking appearance.

    "Young master Li, I can't watch anymore. I want to kill that Qin Feng." In the corner of the sports field, Hua Ming and Li Shao Jie of Acropolis City's 4 Young Masters sat under a parasol as they looked at the beauties.

    Seeing the affectionate scene between Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian, Hua Ming's face turned green.

    Yu Wen Xiang was determined to make the pure beauty Lin Bei Bei his, and had fought with Qin Feng as a result. In the end, he could only shamefully run away.

    Hua Ming, on the other hand, had his eyes set on the cold and arrogant beauty Zhao Ling Xian.

    Having seen Qin Feng publicly rescind their marriage, then flirt with her in public, Hua Ming's eyes burned with flames and he wanted to slice him into pieces.

    "If you're not happy, then deal with him. Big bro here's got your back." Li Shao Jie, who had remained neutral, now sinisterly smiled as he encouraged Hua Ming to go against Qin Feng.

    Hua Ming's eyes widened - even he couldn't believe Li Shao Jie would say such a thing.

    However, very soon, an eerie smile appeared on Hua Ming's charming face. With these words from Li Shao Jie, Hua Ming felt much more confident. A cold smile flashed on his face as he said, "Qin Feng, your elder's going to savagely slap your face today, just you wait."

    After resting for a while, Qin Feng's body slowly recovered. He rode his bicycle through the university, attracting countless gazes, then went to the dining hall and ordered 3 breakfast sets. Finally, he then went to the Arts Department's lecture hall.

    Coming to the lecture hall made Qin Feng feel a bit absent-minded. The last time he had a lesson here, he had publicly confessed to Lin Bei Bei, and now, he had already become much more familiar with the Hedonist Sovereign System.

    Compared to the person he was before, Qin Feng had changed greatly. Although only a few days had passed, it felt like many centuries to him.

    Class hadn't started yet, and looking around, Qin Feng saw Lin Bei Bei and Zhao Ling Xian. The 2 of them were both good students, and were already seated at the front row with the walkway in between them. Qin Feng smiled and walked over, and placed a breakfast set in front of each of them.

    "Little sister Lin, princess Ling Xian, you haven't eaten breakfast yet, right?" Qin Feng was desk mates with Lin Bei Bei, so he sat down next to her as he began eating.

    After training for an entire morning, Qin Feng had expended much energy, and felt completely ravenous.

    All of the other students were completely flabbergasted. They had long since heard that Qin Feng had made Lin Bei Bei his, but who would have the gall to flirt with 2 goddesses at once?

    This young master Qin's appetite was simply too big. This was simply what was called 'eating the food in his bowl while eyeing the food in the pot'. Didn't he fear being killed by the cold and arrogant goddess, Zhao Ling Xian?

    The 2 women didn't mind the discussions about them, and both of them sat there quietly, looking a bit spaced out.

    After seeing Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian cuddling together the previous night, Lin Bei Bei found it difficult to sleep. She had hoped that Qin Feng truly did like her, and that they could walk together forever.

    However, Lin Bei Bei now knew how dumb she was. Qin Feng was still Qin Feng - romantic, dissolute and sensual. Why would be interested in a poor girl like her?

    And even if he was interested, it wouldn't be for anything good, nor would it last very long.

    On the other hand, Zhao Ling Xian was thinking about Lin Bei Bei. Zhao Ling Xian found that she was starting to like Qin Feng more and more, and realised that she would always feel incredibly happy and forget the time when she was with Qin Feng. However, whenever she thought to the fact that Lin Bei Bei was staying at the Royal Clubhouse, she would angrily gnash her teeth.

    However, despite thinking those things, neither woman said or did anything, causing all the other students to feel shocked. They had both silently accepted the breakfast Qin Feng had given them.

    The crowd that had been waiting for Zhao Ling Xian to explode in anger was disappointed to see her remain silent. However, this only increased the respect they felt for Qin Feng.

    In the end, young master Qin was young master Qin. He actually dared to flirt with both goddesses in public, as well as cause them to interact harmoniously. There was not a single person who didn't marvel at this.

    Hua Ming, who just walked into the lecture hall, did not feel a shred of admiration at all. He gnashed his teeth as he glared at Qin Feng, wanting to smack him.

    After hesitating for a moment, Hua Ming mustered up his courage and strode over to Qin Feng. He gloomily spoke, "Qin Feng, what a lucky man you are. I can't help but admire how you can flirt simultaneously with the two goddesses of our Arts Department."

    Despite talking about admiring him, there was not a hint of admiration in his eyes. Instead, there was only icy coldness.

    "Young master Hua, do you have any business with me? If not, don't disturb my flirting." Qin Feng hated hypocrites, and liked to be direct.

    As such, no matter if it was the Acropolis City's 4 Princes or the Acropolis University's 4 young Masters, all of them excluded Qin Feng and disliked him. Seeing Hua Ming come over and say such things, Qin Feng knew he was up to no good.

    "Qin Feng, it's best to leave a way out for yourself. You angered young master Yu over Lin Bei Bei a few days ago, so you'd best keep yourself out of trouble," Hua Ming threateningly said to Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng knew about Hua Ming wanting Zhao Ling Xian, but because he was an insidious and dissolute person, he didn't want to see his little sister Ling Xian fall into his hands.

    "You're threatening me, eh?" Qin Feng smiled as he said, "That day at the sports field, Yu Wen Xiang also threatened me, and what was the result? That brat was beaten by me. Are you also looking for a beating today?"

    "You..." Hua Ming was so angry that he felt like coughing up blood. However, thinking to Qin Feng's skills, he felt a bit scared, and calmed himself down.

    "Hmph, fighting is the most low-class way of resolving conflict. This is a university, and we're all educated members of the upper-class society. Do you dare to compete with this young master using brains?"

    "What do you have in mind?" Qin Feng casually asked.

    Brains? Before, Qin Feng would have been worried. However, he had drawn Calligraphy, Piano and Art skills from the Lottery.  He could not be called a master of literature.

    "We're all from the Arts Department, and our major is in Chinese Art. As such, we'll keep it simple: each of us will pick a person and paint that person using Chinese Art. We'll ask teacher Yun Xiao to adjudicate, and whoever paints the better painting will be the winner." Hua Ming was completely confident. Before making this challenge, he had made sufficient preparations.

    Although Qin Feng and Hua Ming were both hedonistic young masters and liked to play around, Qin Feng came to the Arts Department because there were many beauties here. On the other hand, Hua Ming was extraordinarily talented in Art, and liked painting.

    In the Arts Department, he was one of the top students, and the depths of his paintings were unrivalled. Even some of the professors publicly praised his works.
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