Chapter 47 - Astonishing Performance

    Chapter 47 - Astonishing Performance

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    Editor: Phoobiee

    Hua Ming challenged Qin Feng to his specialty and attracted the attention of many people; he knew that Qin Feng had almost no skills in that area.

    After all, most people knew that apart from seducing women, Qin Feng didn't seem to have any other skills.

    "Well? Don't tell me you're too scared to compete with this young master?" Hua Ming started to mock Qin Feng after seeing that Qin Feng hadn't replied.

    If their positions were reversed, Hua Ming definitely wouldn't agree to such a one-sided competition. That would simply be suicide.

    However, Qin Feng definitely was not scared. His motto was 'life is filled with continuous challenges'. It was just that he had only drawn the Intermediate Art Skills the previous night, and he didn't think he would be able to use it so quickly.

    Various classic masterpieces appeared in Qin Feng's mind. A multitude of art techniques, as well as experience from masters like Qi Baishi, surfaced within his memories.

    Qin Feng couldn't help but laugh. He looked at Hua Ming as he said with relish, "Alright, lets compete in Chinese Art. However, before competing, we should set a punishment for the person who loses."

    Hua Ming was a bit shocked, but he quickly recovered and gave a pleased smile.

    He was worried that Qin Feng wouldn't dare to compete with him, but he had agreed so readily, and even suggested to set a punishment for the loser. Hua Ming was so excited that he almost cried out.

    However, he maintained a calm exterior as he smiled and said, "Since I chose the rules for the competition, young master Qin can decide on the punishment."

    "Alright, how about this. You challenged me to a Chinese Art competition because you wanted to slap my face in public. In that case, whoever loses must allow all the other classmates to hit them on the head while saying 'you are trash'. What do you think?" Qin Feng said as he chuckled and looked at Hua Ming.

    Hua Ming was immediately blown away by Qin Feng's confidence. Since that guy knew that he was trying to publicly slap his face and humiliate him, why did he set such a harsh punishment? Was he completely confident in his victory?

    However, very soon, Hua Ming felt quite relieved.

    Although Qin Feng had defeated Yu Wen Xiang, and caused everyone to be completely dumbfounded, Chinese Art was not as simple as fighting.

    It was possible that because Qin Feng was the child of a big family, he had been forced to learn self-defence techniques when he was younger. Coupled with some luck, it wasn't impossible for him to defeat Yu Wen Xiang.

    However, Art required many months and years of practice. Without 5 or 6 years of practice, it was impossible to draw a good drawing or painting. Moreover, mere hard work was not enough. Art required more talent - without a natural understanding of colours and lines, no matter how hard one worked, it was impossible for them to become a master.

    Hua Ming was an Art genius, and was completely confident that no one could defeat him.

    He was just as confident as Qin Feng was confident in seducing women!

    "Alright, we'll go with that then," Hua Ming said in a pleased manner. "However, the winner should have a prize. How about the winner gets to kiss goddess Zhao Ling Xian in front of everyone else. And it must be a kiss on the mouth."

    A kiss on the mouth!

    Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian's hearts thumped, and they thought of the intense scene in Zhao Ling Xian's room the previous night. Qin Feng looked over at Zhao Ling Xian and licked his lips as he casually replied, "Sure."

    Qin Feng now felt quite grateful to Hua Ming. This guy was quite a good brother - he had suggested the thing that Qin Feng wanted to suggest, as Qin Feng was too scared to say it.

    Zhao Ling Xian's cold face immediately became red. After looking at Qin Feng, she coldly glared at Hua Ming as she said, "Moron, you can bet whatever you want, but don't drag me into it."

    Qin Feng and Hua Ming looked at each other without saying anything, silently confirming the conditions of the competition.

    As for whether Zhao Ling Xian would agree or not when the time came, it wasn't the first time Qin Feng had forced a kiss on her anyway.

    "Let's begin then." Hua Ming was incredibly eager to win against Qin Feng.

    He desperately wanted to see the whole class hit Qin Feng and mock him, then kiss Zhao Ling Xian's lips.

    The spectating classmates couldn't help but feel incredibly excited. By this time, there were already 2 spots prepared for them, with fine paper, Chinese Art colours, brushes, palettes, Chinese ink, etc.

    As soon as Hua Ming sat down, his aura completely changed. He calmly lifted his brush and quickly started mixing colours. His brush then flew over the fine paper with vigour, yet elegance. He was indeed quite skilled.

    Qin Feng didn't move for a while, and instead watched Hua Ming paint. After obtaining the Intermediate Art Skills, he could very easily find flaws in pieces of art.

    Hua Ming's art style was quite unique, and he was indeed quite skilled. However, in the eyes of Qin Feng, who could now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with giants like Qi Baishi, his skills were nothing.

    Lin Bei Bei couldn't help but cry out after seeing Qin Feng sit unmoving for a while. "Qin Feng, why aren't you painting yet? It doesn't matter whether you win or lose - you should at least try."

    Although she believed in Qin Feng, she knew just how talented Hua Ming was. As such, she didn't expect Qin Feng to win.

    This was even more so for the other students. They all started to quietly talk amongst themselves. Most of them were saying that Qin Feng wasn't doing anything because he knew that he had definitely lost, so he didn't even have the courage to paint anymore.

    However, the most worried out of everyone was Zhao Ling Xian. Before, if someone dared to use her as a bet, she would have given them a furious slap.

    Especially if the bet concerned kissing her.

    However, because Qin Feng was participating, she strangely wanted Qin Feng to win. Thinking back to the passionate kiss from the previous night, Zhao Ling Xian felt her body become a bit numb. She still couldn't get over that marvellous feeling.

    "Alright, I'm going to start now."

    Qin Feng suddenly started to move. His hand swept out, and it seemed like the brush in his hands possessed a soul of its own. It started to dance around in his hands with great precision and freedom.

    Not only did he have Intermediate Art Skills, he also had Elementary Calligraphy Skills. The 2 skills combined together gave full play to Qin Feng's brilliance.

    Everyone present was completely shocked. No matter if Qin Feng truly painted a great piece of art or not, just his actions and the aura around him was enough to impress everyone.

    Colour mixing, lifting the brush, lowering the brush, painting...

    He was like a sovereign of art, and he gave off the air of a maestro. His eyes were focused and in stern concentration as he gazed at the fine paper, and wherever his hand moved, it would leave behind mesmerising colours.

    At this moment, the spectators, whose hearts were already beating quickly, felt as if their eyes were going to pop out.

    Qin Feng's proficient use of the brush made it seem like it was a fish swimming in water. However, he suddenly grabbed a brush with his left hand and he started to paint on another sheet of fine paper, simultaneously painting 2 paintings.

    His right hand and left hand were just as nimble as each other, and the brushes seemed to come alive. Wherever the brushes landed, flowers seemed to bloom!

    Even Hua Ming, who had been working in stern concentration, put down his brush and stared at Qin Feng's performance.
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