Chapter 49 - Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

    Chapter 49 - Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Qin Feng grinned as he walked over to Hua Ming. He had never shown mercy towards enemies who provoked him for no reason.

    "Young master Hua, I'm terribly sorry but it seems I've accidentally won against you," Qin Feng calmly said as he looked at Hua Ming. "Since victory and loss have already been decided, let's start dishing out the rewards and punishments. I'm sure that a famous figure like young master Hua won't go back on a bet, right?"

    Hua Ming really couldn't go back on his bet. Even if he could avoid being hit by the other students and being called trash, he would gain the reputation of being a sore loser who couldn't keep a bet in the entire university.

    That would result in a massive loss of face, making it impossible for him to lift up his head in the entire Acropolis University again.

    However, in the end, he was still one of the Acropolis University's 4 Young Masters, and he possessed a powerful background. He looked quite calm as he coolly looked at Qin Feng and said, "I, young master Hua, have always kept my word and keep my bets. Isn't it just hitting my face? Come, if anyone dares to do it, then do it."

    Hua Ming's words evidently contained a veiled threat. The students who had been looking forwards to hitting this proud young master all shrunk back.

    Facing the majestic background of this young master, no one dared to make a move.

    They were all afraid that if any of them dared to satisfy this craving of theirs, their legs would be broken as soon as they stepped out of the university!

    "Haha! See, Qin Feng, it's not that your elder doesn't accept his loss, but that these people are all cowards. Even though I've given them the chance, they don't dare to touch your elder." Hua Ming was very pleased at what he saw, and felt as if he had conquered this group of people. He looked at Qin Feng smugly as he said, "Your elder's quite busy; since there's no one who dares to touch me, I'll be going now!"

    Just as he spoke, a crisp slapping sound rang out.

    This slap completely stunned Hua Ming. He had thought that all of the students had been frightened off by him, and that no one would dare to make a move against him.

    However, after receiving this slap, he knew that he had been too naïve. He even forgot about the fiery, stinging pain on his face as he murderously stared at Qin Feng.

    This was because this slap had come from Qin Feng.

    "Who said no one dares to hit you? This young master didn't say such a thing." Qin Feng hadn't had enough after 1 slap, so he slapped out another 2 times as he laughed, "Since no one else dares to slap you, this young master will have to do a bit of toiling and labour for everyone."

    Slap slap slap!

    Slaps continuously rained down on Hua Ming's face and head, sending tremors through everyone's hearts.

    Hua Ming liked to rely on his family's background and bully other students. Most people didn't dare to express their anger towards him or retaliate, so seeing young master Qin do this greatly pleased them.

    Their eyes became like stars as they watched the scene unfold. To them, Qin Feng looked like a celestial soldier sent to punish the evil demon from hell.

    At first, Hua Ming vehemently gazed at Qin Feng, wanting to retaliate. However, Qin Feng began to slap harder and harder, faster and faster. In the end, he started to use both hands as he alternated between them.

    Hua Ming's head was like a rattle drum as he was battered by Qin Feng's hands. The pain caused Hua Ming to grimace and scream in pain. By now, he was covering his head with his hands, trying to protect himself as much as possible.

    The scene was like a parent strictly disciplining their child after the child did an awful deed. Everyone was ecstatic!

    After slapping Hua Ming tens of times, Qin Feng's hands became sore, so he finally stopped slapping. He grumbled, "In future, I'll have to find someone to slap for me instead."

    Hearing Qin Feng's words, Hua Ming was so angry that he almost vomited up blood. He had lost all face today, and was in no mood to stay behind. He covered his head as he scrambled out of the lecture hall.

    "Alright, since I've finished disciplining the wild dog, it's time for the victor to receive his prize. I'm sure everyone wants to see princess Zhao Ling Xian kiss, right?"

    Qin Feng spoke as he grinned at Zhao Ling Xian. Zhao Ling Xian was still sitting in her seat, which was unusual. Normally, she would have walked off already, because she never had an interest in such things. Moreover, the bet concerned her - she would have to kiss whoever won.

    In the past, Zhao Ling Xian would have angrily slapped that person, but she slightly looked forward to it, which was why she didn't leave.

    This was because she knew that the person who won was Qin Feng.

    "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" Qin Feng's words drew an immediate response from the crowd. Many of these people had crushes on Zhao Ling Xian. However, they all knew that they had no chance with Zhao Ling Xian. Thus, if they saw Zhao Ling Xian kiss Qin Feng, they could at least swap out Qin Feng for themselves in their minds.

    "So immature!" In the end, Zhao Ling Xian didn't have the courage to kiss Qin Feng in front of everyone else.

    She suddenly thought of Qin Feng publicly rescinding their marriage. If she went and kissed Qin Feng after all that, she wouldn't be able to keep living.

    She savagely glared at Qin Feng, then lowered her head and ran out of the lecture hall. No one saw that her cheeks were faintly red.

    Seeing this, Lin Bei Bei felt a bit gloomy. She didn't think that Qin Feng would publicly ask Zhao Ling Xian for a kiss. It seemed that young master Qin was young master Qin, sensual and dissolute. They simply lived in different worlds.

    She looked at Qin Feng, feeling a sense of loss, as she slowly walked out of the lecture hall.

    Seeing that the beauty had run off, Qin Feng decided that there wasn't much point in staying. After walking out of the lecture hall, he prepared to ride his stylish 28" bicycle back to the Royal Hotel to have a rest. However, after walking out of the university, he saw Yun Xiao and a man intensely arguing about something.

    Qin Feng hurriedly pedalled over.

    "Xiao Xiao, our families arranged our marriage half a year ago, but you've been avoiding me this whole time. You even ran from the capital to a small place like the Acropolis City. As a member of the capital's Yun family, you can't escape from this. Even if you run to the ends of the world, I'll be able to find you. Just marry me and make our families happy - that's the best thing for everyone."

    Standing opposite Yun Xiao was a tall and handsome man. He was wearing expensive-looking clothing as he elegantly stood there, catching the attention of many girls.

    However, Yun Xiao didn't look too happy to see this man. She looked away as she coldly replied, "That marriage was forcefully arranged by our families, and I never agreed to it. Wei Xiao Lei, I don't feel anything towards you, so please stop harassing me."

    After speaking, Yun Xiao turned to leave. An icy glint appeared in Wei Xiao Lei's eyes as he reached out to grab Yun Xiao, when suddenly a person blocked him.
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