Chapter 50 - Ill Give You A 5 Minute Headstart

    Chapter 50 - I'll Give You A 5 Minute Headstart

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    When Wei Xiao Lei looked at Qin Feng, who had suddenly come over, his eyes were filled with hostility. He said in a sinister voice, "Brat, this is none of your business; it's best that you don't make trouble out of nothing."

    Yun Xiao was also surprised to see Qin Feng. However, after seeing how outrageously Wei Xiao Lei had spoken to Qin Feng, she glared at him and said, "This is my student; please speak with some tact."

    Wei Xiao Lei sized up Qin Feng as the coldness in his eyes became stronger and stronger. "Student? Yun Xiao, could it be that you came to a little place like the Acropolis City for a pretty boy like him?" he laughed.

    Yun Xiao's chest heaved, and she couldn't even be bothered give Wei Xiao Lei an explanation. As she began to leave, she grabbed Qin Feng's hand and said, "Qin Feng, let's go; don't worry about him."

    Seeing this, Wei Xiao Lei's eyes almost shot out fire. He had known Yun Xiao for more than 20 years, but this was the first time she had taken the initiative to hold a man's hand. Moreover, she seemed to cherish this student a lot.

    Wei Xiao Lei definitely wouldn't believe that there was nothing going on between Yun Xiao and Qin Feng.

    He strode over and blocked the path in front of them, giving them a cold stare while saying, "Yun Xiao, you'd best re-evaluate what you're doing. If our families found out about this, what do you think will happen to this brat? Heheh, if I were you, I wouldn't want to drag down a student whose facial hair hasn't even grown out yet. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying."

    Yun Xiao's face became bright red. Of course, she could hear the thinly-veiled threat in Wei Xiao Lei's words. If she didn't do as he wished, he would slander her and Qin Feng in front of their families, causing Qin Feng to suffer the consequences.

    Yun Xiao didn't care about her status or reputation; Wei Xiao Lei could say whatever he wanted about her. However, she didn't want to cause trouble for Qin Feng.

    Although she knew that the Qin family was quite powerful in Acropolis City, she knew that the Yun family and Wei family in the capital were no pushovers either. As such, she truly began to worry about Qin Feng.

    "What do you want?" Yun Xiao angrily asked.

    When he saw that Yun Xiao had given in, Wei Xiao Lei smiled with glee as he said with relish, "I don't really want anything; I just want to complete the marriage arranged by our families. Tell this brat to piss off so I can take you back. There are some matters I want to discuss with you in private between ourselves."

    As he spoke, Wei Xiao Lei's eyes flashed with an evil light, which made Yun Xiao feel disgusted. However, she had no other choice, and she turned to Qin Feng to ask him to leave.

    At this moment, Qin Feng started to speak. After listening to the conversation for so long, he understood the general gist of what was happening.

    Yun Xiao's family and Wei Xiao Lei's family had arranged a marriage for them. However, Yun Xiao did not like Wei Xiao Lei, so she chose to escape to Acropolis City to teach. Despite this, he wouldn't stop pestering her, and had come to the university to bring her back.

    Qin Feng was also from a big family and had almost been forced into a marriage by his father. After the incident with Zhao Ling Xian, Qin Huang had once again arranged a marriage for him, with a woman he had never even met before.

    Qin Feng also despised this sort of thing.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, it's pretty hot today. There's an annoying fly that keeps buzzing around. Do you want to buy some buy spray and kill it?"

    After being called an annoying fly by Qin Feng, Wei Xiao Lei became so angry that his face darkened. He fiercely looked at Qin Feng with eyes that shot daggers with each word he spoke. "Brat, don't be too arrogant. Otherwise, you'll die without even knowing how."

    "Oh, really? I'll worry about that when I'm dead."

    Qin Feng smiled as he glanced at Wei Xiao Lei. In order to anger him even more, he wrapped his arm around Yun Xiao's waist and affectionately said to her, "Teacher Yun Xiao, I'll take you back."

    "Sure." Feeling Qin Feng's arm around her, Yun Xiao's face flushed red in embarrassment. She could tell that Qin Feng was trying to help her, so although she felt a little uncomfortable, she went along with him.

    "You stinking brat, you'd better get your dirty hands off her immediately. Otherwise, you'll never be able to use that arm again." Wei Xiao Lei's menacingly threatened.

    He ran over once again and stopped Yun Xiao, saying, "Yun Xiao, I hope you've thought about this carefully."

    Qin Feng impatiently waved his free hand, as if he was shooing away a fly. "Hurry up and go away; our teacher Yun Xiao is very busy. I'm sure you're not as fast as I am, so I should be the one to take her back," he interjected.

    When he heard this, Wei Xiao Lei laughed in surprise. Qin Feng saying that he could drive faster than him was an absolute joke.

    As a hedonistic young master, Wei Xiao Lei had no skills in finance, business or management. However, his skills in seducing women, racing and gambling were all superb.

    This was especially so for racing - he was one of the top racers in the capital and was nicknamed the "Ghost Mountain God Racer" by other racers. This was because he had never lost while racing on a certain ghost mountain in the outskirts of the capital before.

    "Brat, do you dare to race with your elder and see who's faster?" Wei Xiao Lei felt incredibly confident. Despite racing for more than 10 years, he hadn't found many people who were on par with him.

    Who could he possibly fear in this tiny Acropolis City?

    Within the Wei family's carpark, there were more than 10 limited-edition race cars. The one he had driven today was his favourite limited-edition Maserati GranTurismo. There were only 12 of these limited-edition models in the world, and they could only be bought in Italy.

    In order to obtain this limited-edition car, Wei Xiao Lei had spent much effort and used his family's connections.

    Although he hadn't seen what car Qin Feng had driven, he was sure that it wouldn't be able to compare his cool and flashy his GranTurismo.

    The Retro 28" Bicycle that Qin Feng had brought was indeed not as cool or flashy as the GranTurismo. However, Qin Feng was incredibly fast on this bicycle. Hearing that Wei Xiao Lei had overestimated his capabilities and challenged him, Qin Feng smiled and agreed.

    "Since you're so desperate to race with me, I'll show some compassion and accept."

    Wei Xiao Lei was completely infuriated by Qin Feng's haughty manner. When did I show desperation to race against you? Who cares if you want to race or not.

    Just as he was about to start cursing at Qin Feng, Qin Feng continued to speak, "However, since it's a race, we need to make it interesting. Since you want to race and see who's faster, whoever loses will give their ride to the other person. Do you dare to accept this bet?"

    Qin Feng had said this quite casually. Although he hadn't seen what car Wei Xiao Lei had brought with him, he knew that even if he lost, he would only lose the 28" bicycle that he had spent a few hundred dollars on. If he won, he would win an expensive and luxurious car.

    Looking at how magnificently-dressed Wei Xiao Lei was, as well as the arrogance with which he spoke with, the car he drove definitely wouldn't be too shabby.

    "Of course. Who would be afraid?" Wei Xiao Lei cocked his head up, looking high and mighty. He didn't believe that Qin Feng could beat him, so he simply didn't care about the stakes.

    "Alright, I'll go and bring my luxury car over then." After speaking, Qin Feng went to find his bicycle, while Wei Xiao Lei went to drive over his limited-edition Maserati Granturismo.

    As he started the engine of the car, it buzzed with a low but mighty 'vroom vroom', which attracted the attention of many students. Seeing this incredibly cool-looking car, they all cried out and tried to get closer.

    Although they had not started racing yet, the reaction that his car brought caused Wei Xiao Lei to feel incredibly pleased.

    He stepped down on the accelerator, causing the car to shoot out like an arrow from a bow. As he approached Yun Xiao and Qin Feng, he flicked the car and drifted over.

    Wei Xiao Lei opened the car's door and got out, then proudly walked over. This kind of incredibly arrogant and prideful appearance caused Qin Feng to almost vomit. Even Yun Xiao looked a bit disgusted.

    "Brat, where's your car? Surely you didn't get too scared and aren't willing to race anymore? Haha!" After seeing Qin Feng act so confidently, then show up without a ride, Wei Xiao Lei couldn't help but mock him.

    Wei Xiao Lei looked around him, but couldn't see any other cars around. He thought that Qin Feng had been scared by seeing his ride and had decided to give up.

    Of course, the bicycle behind Qin Feng was completely ignored by Wei Xiao Lei.

    "Are you blind? Can't you see that my ride's right here?" Qin Feng picked at his ears as he disdainfully looked at Wei Xiao Lei. He came over to the 28" bicycle and patted the seat as he stroked its handlebars.

    It was almost as if he was stroking his precious lover.

    Wei Xiao Lei was completely dumbfounded and started to laugh. He laughed so hard that his back became arched, completely and utterly amused. He couldn't understand the audacity of this brat to bring out this antique after seeing his flashy GranTurismo.

    "Hmph, the Acropolis City really is an unimpressive, tiny city. Everyone here's crazy," Wei Xiao Lei muttered. After getting into his car, he said, "Alright, where's the finish line? If your elder wins, I want you to disappear from Yun Xiao's life. Otherwise, your elder will find people to break your dog legs."

    Even if he won, Wei Xiao Lei wasn't interested in Qin Feng's old bicycle.

    "The finish line is teacher Yun Xiao's unit. In order to be fair, I'll take teacher Yun Xiao with me and I'll give you a 5 minute headstart. Let's start now."

    Qin Feng then ignored Wei Xiao Lei as he casually pushed his bicycle over to Yun Xiao and said, "Teacher Yun Xiao, I'll take you back."

    Yun Xiao didn't know what Qin Feng was thinking. How could he race against Wei Xiao Lei with a bicycle? However, she nodded, and slowly got on.

    Upon seeing this, Wei Xiao Lei was so angry that he almost vomited out blood. He slammed his foot down hard on the accelerator, causing the car to fly out. If that brat Qin Feng still dared to stick around Yun Xiao after he won, he would make him vanish from this world forever.
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