Chapter 51 - Wouldnt It Have Been Great If It Was Gifted To Them

    Chapter 51 - Wouldn't It Have Been Great If It Was Gifted To Them

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    "Qin Feng, Wei Xiao Lei's gone now, so I'll get off and get a taxi." Seeing that Wei Xiao Lei had driven off, Yun Xiao wanted to leave.

    She knew that Qin Feng never planned to race Wei Xiao Lei and was only chasing him off. She was quite impressed with how smart that plan was.

    Qin Feng never thought that someone would gift him a luxury car just like that, so why wouldn't he accept the wager? Seeing that the time was nearly up, he started pedalling as he said to Yun Xiao, "Teacher Yun Xiao, hang on tight - I'm going to speed up!"

    Yun Xiao was scared stiff. Her mind went blank as the bicycle accelerated to an incredible speed. She almost felt like she was sitting on a rocket, instead of a bicycle.

    Qin Feng could feel Yun Xiao's body start to tremble, so he put his free arm behind his back and around her waist. He knew that Yun Xiao was probably scared from riding so fast on a bicycle.

    As she felt the arm around her waist, Yun Xiao started to tremble even more. Her eyes were filled with fear and she began to struggle.

    Perhaps it was the trauma from seeing Qin Feng kill people, but she would become incredibly anxious whenever she saw anything red. She couldn't stay with other people in small, enclosed spaces, and she felt incredibly anxious, being so close to Qin Feng.

    It wasn't because she was shy about Qin Feng touching her, but because she had developed a strong resistance to people touching her.

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest; help teacher Yun Xiao get rid of her fear and social anxiety!"

    "Quest time limit: 1 month."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 1000 Hedonist Points; failing will result in teacher Yun Xiao never being able to interact with other people again!"

    Qin Feng was currently riding at more than 200 kilometres per hour. When he received the quest from the system, his hands shook, almost causing the bicycle to fly.

    He couldn't understand what was going on. Teacher Yun Xiao seemed perfectly fine, so where did this fear and social anxiety come from? The punishment of her never being able to interact with other people was simply too cruel.

    Could it be that she had been traumatised after seeing him kill people? Thinking to the possibility that it was because of him, Qin Feng took the quest to heart and decided to help cure Yun Xiao as soon as possible.

    Qin Feng shortly arrived at Yun Xiao's unit. Throughout the entire trip, Yun Xiao's body had been shaking uncontrollably, so she hurriedly got off when she saw that Qin Feng had stopped. She maintained some distance between Qin Feng and herself, and patted her perky chest as she gulped down air.

    After a while, she finally calmed down and looked at the familiar scenery around her. "Qin Feng, we're here?!" she cried out in shock.

    Yun Xiao hurriedly looked at her phone and found that from when they had left the university until now, less than 10 minutes had passed. The fastest she had ever arrived home was in 30 minutes.

    She continued to look around and found that she still couldn't see Wei Xiao Lei's GranTurismo. Only then did she accept the reality that Qin Feng had beaten Wei Xiao Lei.

    Of course, Qin Feng didn't dare to tell Yun Xiao that in order to help her overcome her fear and social anxiety, he had chosen the longest route. This was so that he could stay close to Yun Xiao for as long as possible and try to help her get used to it.

    Otherwise, it would have only taken Qin Feng 5 minutes to arrive.

    The two of them stood there for a few minutes before Wei Xiao Lei's limited-edition GranTurismo entered the district, heralded by its booming engine.

    What was amusing was that after entering the district, Wei Xiao Lei didn't directly go to Yun Xiao's unit. He thought that he had won, so he completed a victory lap around the district, then did a 360-degree spin as he stopped in front of Yun Xiao's unit.

    Wei Xiao Lei's control over the car made Qin Feng slightly smiled. This guy was indeed quite skilled. After obtaining the Intermediate Racing Skills, Qin Feng could immediately tell how skilled someone else was at racing and driving.

    However, after some careful observation, Qin Feng knew that Wei Xiao Lei's skills were far from his Intermediate Racing Skills.

    The car's doors slowly lifted up and Wei Xiao Lei got out, radiating with a sense of victory. He looked up towards the sky at a 45-degree angle, with an incredibly proud expression. After standing there for a while, he turned to look towards Yun Xiao's unit.

    When he saw Qin Feng and Yun Xiao standing there, he became completely petrified.

    After staring at Qin Feng in bewilderment, he turned to look at Yun Xiao, vigorously rubbed his eyes, looked back at them, and almost ran into a wall.

    He couldn't believe that Qin Feng had beaten him here while riding on an old bicycle and taking Yun Xiao as well.

    Wei Xiao Lei's expression was as if he had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

    "Well? You bet, you pay. This showy GranTurismo is this young master's from now on." Qin Feng ignored the petrified Wei Xiao Lei as he snatched the keys from his hand and came back over to Yun Xiao.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, I'm used to riding on my 28" bicycle, so I'll give this limited-edition GranTurismo to you." Qin Feng still wanted to use the 28" bicycle to train his body and wasn't interested in this grandiose car.

    However, Yun Xiao shook her head. She didn't want to use such a luxurious race car, much less one that used to be owned by Wei Xiao Lei.

    Seeing that neither of them wanted this limited-edition race car, of which there were only 12 in the entire world, Qin Feng could only shake his head in frustration. He walked around and found a big brick, then opened the GranTurismo's car door, turned on the engine and put it on the accelerator.


    The sound from the car's engine almost deafened Qin Feng.

    Subsequently, the GranTurismo shot out like a starving beast and crashed into a thick Osmanthus tree with a 'bang'.

    The sound of the collision was incredibly loud and by the time the car landed, two of its wheels had flown out, while the remaining two that were still attached spun in the air. The car was flipped over and smoke billowed out from it. The incredibly flashy exterior was almost unrecognisable; the luxury race car worth tens of millions of dollars had been reduced to a pile of scrap metal.

    As Wei Xiao Lei had stood watching on, he had wanted to stop Qin Feng many times, but there seemed to be something stuck in his throat, which prevented him from speaking.

    His favourite luxury car had been destroyed in an instant, which caused his eyes to burn with fire as a savage expression appeared on his face. He stared at Qin Feng's back as he vowed, "Your elder will definitely find people to finish you and make you completely disappear from this world."

    Soon after, Wei Xiao Lei left, but the massive collision drew out many of the residents. Seeing that such a luxurious car had been reduced to such a state, they all felt incredibly shocked and that it was a great pity.

    Wouldn't it have been great if it was gifted to them!
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