Chapter 52 - Banquet of Treachery

    Chapter 52 - Banquet of Treachery

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Within the crowd, a woman who was wearing a police uniform was especially eye-catching. It wasn't because of her uniform, but because of her voluptuous body underneath. Compounding this with her incredibly icy appearance, Qin Feng immediately locked on to her in the crowd, unable to avert his gaze.

    The policewoman was called Liu Bing Bing, and because of her family's influence, she had moved from the capital to Acropolis City. Here, she had immediately become the Acropolis City's Northern Region's Deputy Police Director.

    She was a kind-hearted person, but because she had a fiery personality, as well as a righteous and evil-hating nature, she had personally caught tens of criminals shortly after arriving at the Acropolis City.

    Seeing the luxury car crashed onto the tree and the crowd gathering around, she walked over in the spirit of professionalism.

    "Is this car yours?" Liu Bing Bing truly lived up to her name, which contained two 'ice' characters. Although she was quite beautiful, no one dared to approach her, because of the trembling her aura would cause.

    Qin Feng looked at Liu Bing Bing and found that apart from the iciness on her face, there was not a shred of emotion on it. However, it was this sort of woman that Qin Feng wanted to win the most.

    "Beautiful policewoman, this car is mine. If you like it, I can give it to you!" Qin Feng said as he smiled at Liu Bing Bing.

    Seeing the conspicuous desire in Qin Feng's eyes, Liu Bing Bing coldly glared at him and replied, "I don't care what you drive and neither do I have any say in the matter. However, I'd be more than willing to execute a hedonistic young master like you for destroying such a luxurious car just to attract attention."

    Evidently, Liu Bing Bing had misunderstood Qin Feng. She had thought that he destroyed the car just to show off.

    "Immediately find someone to clear out this scrap metal. If it's still here within 30 minutes, I'll arrest you for public nuisance and make you squat in a jail cell for 2 days."

    This woman was simply too cold, even for the Seducer Sage. At this moment, an old man collecting scrap metal squeezed through the crowd. He looked at the ruined car as he flabbered his lips and asked, "Whose car is this? Do you want to sell it to this old man as scrap metal? Hurry, don't miss this opportunity."

    Qin Feng was just thinking about how to get rid of this ruined car and seeing that there was someone collecting scrap metal, he hurriedly gifted it to the old man. The old man became delirious with joy and repeatedly praised Qin Feng for being a good young man.

    When she saw that the scrap metal had been taken care of, Liu Bing Bing coldly glared at Qin Feng before turning and leaving. At this moment, the old man came to the 28" bicycle and patted it as he yelled, "Whose crappy bicycle is this? If no one wants it, this old man will take it as well!"

    Qin Feng hurriedly ran over and chased the old man away. He said his farewells to Yun Xiao before riding off on the bicycle.

    The crowd had seen Qin Feng destroy a race car, then leave on an ancient bicycle. They were all completely perplexed.

    Who knew what went on in the heads of rich people...

    Qin Feng rode the bicycle back to the Royal Hotel and slept in one of the rooms until night-time, when he was woken up by a call.

    After picking up the call, he heard Hao Yun's voice.

    "Young master Qin, us Acropolis City's four Princes haven't met up in a while. You've always been missing, you busy person. Us brothers are at the Amethyst Dragon Palace having fun. I've reserved the whole place to shout everyone today; hurry up and come."

    "Haha, alright, I'll go over when I have time."

    After hanging up, Qin Feng frowned. Hao Yun, who had called him over at night, definitely didn't have any good intentions. Last time at the banquet of the rich and powerful, he had publicly humiliated him. He had been wondering why that guy hadn't made any trouble for him recently, but now the trouble had come.

    Attending this kind of Banquet of Treachery was simply bringing trouble upon himself. However, Qin Feng had other ideas.

    After Ma De Hu had been killed, he still hadn't been able to find any clues relating to who the mastermind behind that whole ordeal was. Qin Feng had tried to work on Bai Qing, but it seemed that he still needed some time. He suspected that it was likely that the mastermind was one of those three other Princes.

    After all, how could one have the guts to oppose the Qin family without sufficient backing,?

    Half an hour later, an elegantly dressed Qin Feng walked into the Amethyst Dragon. This was a private clubhouse that looked like an emperor's palace, and belonged to Hao Yun's family.

    Compared to the Qin family's Royal Clubhouse, the Amethyst Dragon Palace was only about half as big. However, its design was much more magnificent, while it also had some dirty dealings hidden away within it.

    Qin Feng had come here to have fun a few times, but ever since obtaining the Hedonist Sovereign System, he hadn't come here at all. With the four Princes all gathered here, it seemed that a night of entertainment was ahead of him.

    "Young master Qin, young master Yun has reserved the entire premises and has been waiting for you. Please come with me!" As soon as he entered, a beautiful attendant wearing a red qipao greeted him and guided him inside.

    The Amethyst Dragon Palace fitted its name quite well. It was designed just like the Northern Sea Dragon King's palace in Journey To The West. The glass they walked on was transparent and they could see many different fish swimming around. There were also large glass pillars which contained many colourful bubbles.

    With the beautiful attendant leading him, Qin Feng was guided to the innermost private room. As he entered, he saw the other three Princes lazily lying on the couches, smoking as two beautiful women massaged each of them on their backs while another massaged their feet.

    "Young master Qin, we've finally invited you over." As soon as Qin Feng entered, an evil smile appeared on Hao Yun's face. He clapped his hands together and three more beautiful women walked in. They bowed to Qin Feng and prepared to help him get changed.

    Qin Feng waved his hands and dismissed the three women. Although the women at the Amethyst Dragon Palace were all beauties, they paled in comparison to Lin Bei Bei, Zhao Ling Xian, Yun Xiao and Bai Qing. Qin Feng had no interest in them.

    "Hoh, young master Qin seems to have changed. Where did the loose young master Qin go? You've become a prim and proper person, haha!"

    Seeing that Qin Feng had dismissed the women, the three Princes all teased him, but Qin Feng didn't mind. He took off his clothes as he got into the hot spring pool behind them and soaked in pleasure. There were many Kissing Gourami fish in the water massaging his feet.

    "Young master Yun, young master Zhou and young master Sima all look so happy and relaxed while gathered here. Is there going to be some entertaining show later?" Every time the four Princes gathered, there would be some fantastic entertainment. Alternatively, the four of them would race or gamble together, in order to create some excitement and pass the time.

    The four of them hadn't gathered together for a while, and Qin Feng could feel that something big was going to happen tonight.

    "Haha, don't worry, young master Qin. This young master has a big gift for you, as well as a spectacular show. Just you wait." As Hao Yun spoke, an undetectable trace of coldness flashed in his eyes. The other two Princes seemed to know what was about to happen, and all smiled at Qin Feng in wicked glee.

    Qin Feng knew that something was off, but he wasn't worried. Even if Hao Yun wanted to take revenge, he wouldn't dare to go too far. After all, they were all from powerful families. If things truly got ugly, it wouldn't be beneficial to either of their families.

    He chatted with the other three Princes every so often as he lay in the pool. When the three of them were fully rested, they got up and put on their clothes, as if they were preparing themselves for a good show.

    Qin Feng also put on his clothes and walked out of the private room with the others. They took many turns and finally stopped at a viewing platform on the third floor. Qin Feng looked down and found that the ground at the bottom was flat and empty, with the area around it surrounded by an iron cage. The iron cage was about 30 metres tall, and the buzzing sound indicated that there seemed to be an electric current running through it.

    This was evidently a fighting arena - currently, there were two, bare-chested, muscular men fighting inside. The viewing platforms on the first and second floors were filled with people who were all shouting and cheering.

    However, there was only the four of them on the third floor. The other three Princes all found places to sit, and watched the spectacle below with binoculars.

    Qin Feng also sat down. He still hadn't figured out what Hao Yun was trying to do. Just what was he up to?

    He was sure that it wouldn't be as simple as just inviting him to watch underground fights.

    "What do you think, young master Qin?" asked Hao Yun, who was sitting next to Qin Feng, smiling.

    "If I remember correctly, when I previously came to the Amethyst Dragon Palace, this underground fighting arena wasn't here." Qin Feng maintained a calm disposition as he watched the fight down below.

    "Haha, young master Qin has a good memory. Indeed, this fighting arena wasn't here before. This fighting arena is this young master's gift to you tonight. I'm sure you didn't expect this, right?"

    Indeed, Qin Feng had not expected this at all. However, he was sure that there was no good reason for Hao Yun to randomly gift him an underground fighting arena. He didn't say anything, and Hao Yun continued to speak as he laughed, "Young master Qin, today was the first day that this underground fighting arena was opened. It has been running for 2 hours now, and do you know how much money it's made so far?

    "$20 million, a whole $20 million!" Hao Yun's face was filled with excitement and his eyes almost shone with light. "This was just the profit from 2 hours. If it was a whole night, or a whole week, or a whole month, or a whole year, just how much would it be able to make?

    "Young master Qin, I don't dare to calculate all of this. Tonight, I'm gifting this ultra-profitable business to you, so let's put our disagreements from the past aside. Tonight, let's have the time of our lives!"
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