Chapter 53 - Tough Old Man

    Chapter 53 - Tough Old Man

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Hao Yun's smile became more and more intense. He signalled one of the employees at the bottom, then suddenly excitedly exclaimed, "Young master Qin, a good show's about to start. Make sure you don't blink and watch carefully!"

    Just as he spoke, the people in the fighting arena were replaced. A large, muscular man was pushed out.

    He had probably been locked up in a dark place and didn't seem well-adjusted to the bright fighting arena. As he looked around him, he used his hands to block the light.

    Although his hands were covering most of his face, Qin Feng immediately recognised this person. It was the subordinate who he had just taken under him, Zhang Biao.

    After recognising Zhang Biao, Qin Feng's expression became cold. He knew that Hao Yun didn't have good intentions in calling him over, but he never would have thought that he would have captured his subordinate and forced him into the fighting arena.

    "Young master Yun, what's the meaning of this?"

    Although Qin Feng was usually a lazy and careless hedonist young master, he could seem quite terrifying when he became serious.

    Only two things could make the young master Qin serious: subordinates he had accepted - they were his people - and his women.

    These two things were his triggers. Even if one was a god or a celestial, Qin Feng would fight them to the end if they messed with his people.

    "What does young master Qin mean by this? I don't quite understand." Hao Yun acted as if he didn't know what was going on, but Qin Feng knew that he was pretending.

    Zhang Biao should have been working on contacting the Wild Wolf Gang to take down the Flying Dragon Gang, so why would he come here to engage in underground fighting? Moreover, he had been pushed onto the stage. Evidently, he had been captured and forced here.

    Furthermore, he had been forced onto the fighting arena right after they had arrived. This simply couldn't be a coincidence.

    If all of this wasn't arranged by Hao Yun, Qin Feng would have run into a wall and died.

    "Young master Yun, let's not beat around the bush. Why did you call me here tonight and why did you capture my subordinate? What do you want in order to release my subordinate?" Originally, Qin Feng had planned on looking for clues relating to the mastermind behind the plan to go against the Qin family.

    However, it seemed like there were new troubles for him now.

    "Haha, young master Qin is so direct," Hao Yun loudly laughed. His expression then suddenly darkened as he viciously glared at Qin Feng and said, "Since you dared to humiliate me in front of everyone at the banquet last time, you should have prepared yourself for this. Today, your elder's going to take you down and let you know that you're not invincible in this Acropolis City, hahaha!"

    Hao Yun somewhat lost control of his emotions and started to roar with laughter. Qin Feng wanted to beat him up, but thinking to the fact that this was Hao Yun's territory, he controlled himself.

    He knew that as long as he didn't act first, Hao Yun wouldn't dare to do much to him. However, once he attacked, the situation could spiral out of control. Even if he killed him, he could say that it was out of self-defence.

    At this moment, the fight in the fighting arena began. The surroundings once again erupted with the cheers of the people who had placed bets on this fight.

    Qin Feng temporarily put the grievances he had with Hao Yun aside and leaned against the crystal railings as he looked down.

    Zhang Biao's opponent was an old man in his fifties or sixties, who was wearing a Tang suit. He was on the skinny side and his eyes glimmered, giving them an unfathomable appearance.

    Of course, only a person with sufficient strength could feel another person's strength. Having broken through to Stage 1, Qin Feng's senses had all been raised, which allowed him to tell that this old man definitely wasn't ordinary.

    He was definitely one of Hao Yun's subordinates who had been sent here to take care of Zhang Biao.

    However, it seemed that none of the spectators had placed any of their hopes in the old man. Most of them were loudly cheering for Zhang Biao. It seemed that most of them had placed their bets on Zhang Biao.

    Compared to the seemingly-ordinary old man, this muscular and well-built young man appeared much more likely to win.

    Zhang Biao had been in the underworld for more than 10 years and could more or less gauge the strength of other people. He could tell that the old man in front of him was not as simple as he seemed, as his eyes were full of wariness.

    The old man suddenly moved, with surprising speed. Qin Feng's eyes almost couldn't track his movements, let alone Zhang Biao. Before Zhang Biao could even react to what was happening, he suffered a blow to his abdomen and was sent flying.

    He landed heavily on the ground and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

    Just a simple punch, without any fancy tricks, had sent a large, muscular man flying without any chance to retaliate.

    This scene stupefied all of the betters!

    The people who had been cheering for Zhang Biao immediately shut up, looking liked they had just eaten a pile of dung. Some of them even wondered if this was a case of match-fixing.

    Perhaps only the four Princes knew that Zhang Biao and the old man weren't pretending at all. Zhang Biao wished he could beat that old man down, but he was simply unable to. He lay on the ground and wrapped his arms around his abdomen. The spot where he had been struck was wracked with pain, which was so intense that he felt like he was going to cough his internal organs out.

    The old man's nickname was Uncle Feng, which meant wind, because his speed made him seem like a gust of wind.

    After knocking Zhang Biao down with a single punch, Uncle Feng's expression did not change. An opponent like Zhang Biao was simply nothing to him. His feet lightly tapped on the ground as he came before him.

    Uncle Feng raised his foot and viciously stamped down on Zhang Biao's back.

    A powerful force swept through Zhang Biao's back, causing him to spit out yet another mouthful of blood.

    "Fudge, just kill your elder if you dare. Stop acting like a little girl and using such little strength. Are you trying to give your grandpa a back scratch?"

    Zhang Biao was not stupid. From the moment he had been captured and thrown into a car, he knew that he had offended some important and powerful figure. This important and powerful figure probably had enmity with young master Qin.

    When he was taken to the Amethyst Dragon Palace, Zhang Biao confirmed that Hao Yun was behind this. It seemed that the rumours of the young master Qin falling out with the other three Princes were true.

    Zhang Biao was a man among men; he would rather die standing than live kneeling. Since he had pledged his allegiance to Qin Feng, he would maintain his dignity even when facing death. As such, he loudly mocked Uncle Feng with his remaining strength.

    A cold smile appeared on Uncle Feng's face as he looked down at Zhang Biao, who was like an ant to him. There was not a shred of compassion in his eyes.

    He suddenly raised his foot and forcefully kicked Zhang Biao's stomach.
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