Chapter 54 - Finish The Fight Within 10 Minutes

    Chapter 54 - Finish The Fight Within 10 Minutes

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    A 'bang' sounded out as Zhang Biao's body flew out like a leaf within a gust of wind.

    This time, Uncle Feng had kicked much harder, causing Zhang Biao to fly quite far. He smashed into the electric cage, which caused crackling and sizzling sounds. After dropping to the ground, Zhang Biao's body violently trembled as he foamed at the mouth and fainted.

    The spectators all cried out in horror. Those who thought that the match had been fixed quickly dispelled that thought - no one wanted to use their own life to take part in such an act.

    The crowd now started to become interested in this hunchbacked old man. This underdog was a hidden and mysterious expert. It was uncertain whether Zhang Biao was dead or alive, but no one cared about him anymore.

    Zhang Biao caused more than half of the betters to lose money; he was already gaining face since they were not cursing him. That was typical of the coldness displayed by those in the upper-class society.

    Qin Feng felt a wave of coldness pass through his heart. His fists were tightly gripped together, and he wished he could smash Hao Yun's head with a punch. However, he controlled himself. After seeing how loyal Zhang Biao was to him, Qin Feng was much more concerned about him right now.

    "Young master Yun, Zhang Biao won't be able to last very long. I want you to send him to the hospital right now," Qin Feng said to Hao Yun with a dark expression.

    Hao Yun felt delighted after seeing Qin Feng angrily begging him to send Zhang Biao to the hospital. He played with the jade ring on his thumb as he unhurriedly replied, "Young master Qin, I don't think I can allow that. This arena has its rules - before the fight ends or a fighter surrenders, the fight must continue."

    Before the fight ends or a fighter surrenders? Zhang Biao was already unconscious - how was he meant to surrender?

    Qin Feng could tell that Hao Yun didn't dare to openly attack him. However, tonight he was determined to get rid of Zhang Biao as a show of strength.

    Qin Feng simply couldn't watch anymore after seeing Uncle Feng walking towards the unconscious Zhang Biao. He roared, "Hao Yun, Zhang Biao's just a pawn. Aren't you just using him to get at your elder? Forget it, you don't need to make things so complicated - I want to replace Zhang Biao and fight that old man."

    This took Hao Yun by surprise. The Acropolis City's 4 Princes were quite familiar with each other, but he had no idea Qin Feng could fight.

    Apart from seducing women, what else could that hedonistic young master do?

    "Are you sure you want to replace Zhang Biao?" Hao Yun suddenly sat up straight in excitement. If Qin Feng really wanted to go and fight, Hao Yun was more than willing.

    He had kept a grudge against Qin Feng after being humiliated by him at the banquet of the rich and powerful. However, because of Qin Feng's family, he hadn't dared to go too far. Now that Qin Feng was asking to fight, even if he was killed, it would have nothing to do with Hao Yun.

    After all, this was an underground fighting arena. Accidents were common, and one was responsible for their own life or death.

    "Your elder said it very clearly. Let me replace Zhang Biao and fight." Qin Feng couldn't wait to teach that old man a lesson and get revenge for Zhang Biao.

    Today, he wanted the other 3 Princes to know that the consequence for bullying Qin Feng's people was death!

    "Haha! Alright, very well. This young master will arrange for you to fight then. Young master Zhou, young master Sima, you also heard that it was young master Qin who personally asked to go and fight. If something happens, you can be my witnesses."

    Zhou Kai and Sima Tu expected that Qin Feng would request to go and fight. They were startled at first, but then they smiled with wicked glee and nodded, saying, "Young master Yun, since young master Qin's gotten bored of beauties and wants to feel the stimulation of fighting, just make the arrangements for him."

    The 3 of them were of one mind, and in the end, after making some arrangements, Qin Feng was allowed to fight.

    Just as Qin Feng was preparing to walk down, a familiar frame walked up the stairs. When she saw Qin Feng, her eyes flashed with surprise as she asked, "Qin Feng, you're here as well?"

    Qin Feng looked at Han Ying Ying, who was wearing a red dress. She looked extremely seductive, but he was worried about Zhang Biao's injuries, and didn't have time to talk to her. He nodded, and quickly descended down the stairs.

    Han Ying Ying stared after him for a few moments before recovering. By then, Qin Feng was already gone. She felt that there was something different about Qin Feng today - there was a rare air of coldness and anger about him. Han Ying Ying quickly ran to the third floor to see what was going on.

    When she arrived, Han Ying Ying saw the other 3 Princes. She had been invited here by Hao Yun to discuss business at the Amethyst Dragon Palace. Now, seeing that the 4 Princes were gathered, she felt that something big was going to happen.

    "Hoh, the Jincheng City's number 1 beauty is here. Quick, have a seat!" Seeing Han Ying Ying come over, Hao Yun's eyes immediately drifted over, lustfully falling on her body.

    A look of disgust flashed in Han Ying Ying's eyes, but she gave a lovely smile as she said, "What sort of lucky day is it for the Acropolis City's 4 Princes to all be gathered here? Could it be that there's something big happening?"

    "Haha, of course there's something big. I'm sure Miss Han won't be disappointed." Hao Yun called Han Ying Ying over to the seat that Qin Feng had just vacated.

    He had invited Han Ying Ying here tonight to humiliate Qin Feng in front of her; he wanted to take revenge for the humiliation he had suffered at the banquet.

    Perhaps, if Han Ying Ying saw his domineering side, she might even get into bed with him. Hao Yun couldn't help but smile after thinking about that.

    "Miss Han, hurry and look below us. Qin Feng, that reckless brat, wants to fight in the underground fighting arena. I'll tell you a secret - you see that old man? Don't look down on him; he's an expert I've invited. He's the strongest out of all the fighters here."

    Hao Yun grinned as he looked down. Qin Feng had already walked into the arena. After hearing Hao Yun's words, Han Ying Ying's expression changed as she looked at Qin Feng in shock. She simply couldn't understand what he was thinking.

    "Young master Yun, this isn't very good. What if something happens to young master Qin down there? How will you deal with the consequences?" Before coming to the Acropolis City, Han Ying Ying had done her research on Qin Feng. According to her information, he didn't know how to fight at all; he was a hedonistic young master who didn't even have the strength to truss a chicken. He would definitely suffer if he fought against this old man, who was the strongest out of all the fighters here.

    Han Ying Ying had come to the Acropolis City this time to discuss business with the Qin family. She wasn't interested in Qin Feng at all, but after meeting him, she started to worry about him. Even she didn't notice this subtle change.

    "Hmph, that brat was the one who requested to go and fight. It's got nothing to do with me." Hao Yun felt quite displeased as he saw Han Ying Ying looking worried about Qin Feng.

    He ignored Han Ying Ying, his eyes almost shooting out flames as he gazed at Qin Feng in the arena. An evil smile surfaced on his lips - soon, even if Qin Feng didn't disappear from this world, he would become a cripple. What need was there to be angry?

    "Zhang Biao, are you alright? Zhang Biao, wake up!" As soon as Qin Feng entered the arena, he ran over to Zhang Biao and shook his body. However, he saw no reaction from him.

    The little pig's voice sounded out in Qin Feng's mind. "Master, Zhang Biao has taken serious damage and needs to be taken to the hospital immediately. However, there isn't enough time. My recommendation is for master to buy an Elementary Gold Sore Medicine to save Zhang Biao."

    Qin Feng hurriedly opened the system and prepared to buy an Elementary Gold Sore Medicine. However, it costed 100 Hedonist Points and he did not have a single Hedonist Point left.

    "Master, you can break through to Stage 2 through your fight with Uncle Feng. After receiving the reward, you can buy the Elementary Gold Sore Medicine. You can also obtain more Hedonist Points from the quest I'm about to give you. However, judging from Zhang Biao's injuries, he probably won't be able to last more than 10 minutes. Please be quick, master."

    Just as the little pig finished speaking, an electronic voice spoke in Qin Feng's mind.

    "Ding... The Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: defeat the Stage 4 external expert Uncle Feng."

    "Quest time limit: 10 minutes."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 500 Hedonist Points; failing will result in Zhang Biao being doomed!"

    This quest put Qin Feng in a path of no return. He didn't want Zhang Biao to die - after all, he was only in this situation because he had decided to follow Qin Feng.

    The aura around Qin Feng suddenly became cold as he furiously gazed at Uncle Feng and walked over.

    Seeing Qin Feng personally come into the arena, Uncle Feng gave him a condescending look as he stroked his beard. Young master Yun had told him that tonight was solely for the purpose of taking down Qin Feng. Now, it seemed that things were going to become much more interesting.

    "Brat, you sure have an exaggerated opinion of your own abilities; you dare to personally challenge me? It seems that you've become tired of your lazy life and want to die quickly so you can quickly reincarnate and experience what it's like to be poor." Uncle Feng didn't feel threatened at all by Qin Feng. He could take care of hedonistic young masters like him with his eyes closed while using one hand.

    "You injured my subordinate tonight so you'll have to pay the price. As for whether I have an exaggerated opinion of my abilities, we'll see whether that's true after we fight." Qin Feng did not back down either as he coldly stared at Uncle Feng.

    As the two of them shot verbal barbs at each other, the spectators were sent into a frenzy. They had all seen how strong Uncle Feng was, and most of them were betting on him now. None of them paid any attention to the tall, skinny and fair-skinned Qin Feng.

    He definitely wasn't as strong as that muscular man from before.
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